How’s my CV? A self-assessment exercise.


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How’s my CV? A self-assessment exercise.

  1. 1. in conjunction withHow’s my CV? A self-assessment exercise.Thank you for requesting your CV self-assessment form. By completing this comprehensive self-assessment, you will be taking positive steps to ensure that your CV is fit-for-purpose for thecurrent job market. This self-assessment tool is based on extensive research and is highly accuratein calculating a score that indicates the true effectiveness of your CV.Section A Yes No • Except for your name and telephone number, have you included all your personal details on page one? • Have you included your date of birth? • Have you included a photo of yourself? • Have you included company logos? • Is your CV written in the 1st person • Does your profile mention behavioural skills such as communication and working in a team? • Is your Personal Profile / Executive Summary longer than 7 lines long? • Is the CV more than 3 pages? • Is the CV less than 2 pages? • Have you dated your education? • Have you included referees or written ‘references available upon request’? • Have you pulled the achievements out of the Career History section and left them as short bullet points?Please add up your Yes and No answers. You score one point for each No in this section as these are thethings you shouldn’t do on your CV.
  2. 2. in conjunction with My score:Section B Yes No • Have you provided both a landline and mobile telephone number? • Is the CV 100% free of grammar errors, misspellings or typos? • Have you included any testimonials / recommendations? • Do you tweak the CV for each application? • Have you provided descriptions of each company that you worked for? • Have you provided a role summary before the duties and responsibilities of each role? • Have you mentioned how your role is measured i.e. your KPIs? • If you manage a team, have you said how large the team is and given job titles of direct reports? • Have you indicated who you report to? • Have you provided at least 6 bullet points for each of your last 2 / 3 roles? • Have you only listed in detail your last 10 years or 3 jobs? • Is anything more than 10 years ago summarised in an early career section? • Have you provided details of training courses? • Have you used active tense e.g. Managed rather than Management of? • If you have been in a job less than 2 years, have you given a reason for leaving? • Have you made it clear which roles were contract and which were permanent? • For those who got a degree grade of 2:2 or higher, have you included the grade in the CV? • Is the career history section bullet pointed opposed to one big block of text?Please add up your Yes and No answers. You score one point for each Yes in this section.
  3. 3. in conjunction with My score:Section C Yes No • Have you included a Personal Profile / Executive Summary at the top of page one? • Does your Personal Profile indicate what you are / what profession you are in? e.g. a Project Manager • Does your Personal Profile highlight your top 4 job-based skills (opposed to behavioral skills)? • Do you know the top 4 ‘hot’ skills in your profession? • Does your Profile capture your value proposition and explain how an employer will benefit from hiring you? • Is your CV content at least 30% based on achievements? • Are your achievements focused on outcomes rather than tasks and backed up with statistics (e.g. £s & %ages)?Please add up your Yes and No answers. You score two points for each Yes in this section. Section A Section B Section C TotalWhat your score means: • If you scored over 35 then your CV is good and you can attack the job market with confidence • If you scored between 26 and 35 then your CV is average and could be improved • If you scored below 25 then your CV is poor and needs some attentionIf your score was below 35 then don’t panic, there is help at hand. Simply Jobs has developed apartnership with one of the UK’s leading CV Writing companies, The CV & Interview Advisors. They offer arange of services including the following:
  4. 4. in conjunction withCV Critique - a detailed CV appraisal, provided by a highly experienced CV Consultant: £15.00 This is a more in-depth CV appraisal service than some of the free services on the market. It is provided verbally rather than via email and you will be talking to an experienced career Consultant who will have either senior management experience or have operated at a senior level within recruitment or HR. This service will tell you in detail exactly where your CV is falling down.CV Masterclass - a one hour crash course on how to write a great CV: £34.99 This is a one hour telephone based workshop which will provide in-depth and specific guidance on how to write your own CV. It aims to cut through the masses of information that is available on CV Writing and tell you exactly what you need to do and most importantly, how to do it. At the end of the session, you should be confident that you know exactly what you need to do towrite a great CV. The session is accompanied by a training document that contains lots of examples specificto your profession / area of work. If at the end of the session you feel that the task is still too daunting thenyou can upgrade to one of the full CV Writing packages and pay the difference.Basic CV Writing Service - your CV will be written for you (from scratch) based upon a detailedquestionnaire: £99 + Vat The Basic Level CV Writing Service is based on you completing a detailed questionnaire that is emailed to you to complete. This form is designed to draw out all the relevant information that is needed to write a high-impact CV. You will be assigned a highly-experienced Career Consultantwho will be responsible for helping you to complete the form. Once the form is returned, your Consultant isable to call you to clarify any key points and then personally write your new CV for you.Professional Level CV Writing Service - your CV will be written for you (from scratch) based upona detailed 2 hour fact find session with an experienced Career Consultant: £199 to £299 + Vat. The Professional Level CV Writing Service is based on an in-depth fact-finding session with a highly-experienced Career Consultant, who use their extensive experience to help you define your value proposition, underpinning skills, career highlights, achievements and key areas of your career to date. Your new CV is based around these selling points to create a powerful businesscase as to why a future employer should hire you. Because the CV Consultants have reached seniorpositions within their own careers, they are well placed to challenge customers and make sure that thecontent of your CV is commensurate with the roles that you are seeking.How to book: Please call Matt Craven at The CV & Interview Advisors on 01274 408 222 or to make an order or talk through the options in more detail.Please quote S03 to claim a 5% discount on the above prices.