OSC 2012 Tokyo Spring (English version)


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OSC 2012 Tokyo Spring (English version)

  1. 1. Eucalyptus 3.next Osamu Habuka @habuka036NTT DATA INTELLILINK CORPORATION Japan Eucalyptus Users Group 2012/03/17
  2. 2. about me
  3. 3. about me...● "Introduction to Eucalyptus" as a series on cloud- computing news site "Cloud Watch". ◇ http://cloud.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/column/eucalyptus/ ◇ Recently, I cannot publish next article because Im busy... :-(
  4. 4. about me...●On May 25th last year, we published Japanese book "Deployment of private cloud that begins with Eucalyptus" ◇http://amzn.to/lnArJF
  5. 5. about me...●I open a site that distributed the Machine image of Eucalyptus, that name is "Machine Image Studio". ◇ Now, I try to translation to English...
  6. 6. released ?
  7. 7. it looks like it...●"Eucalyptus 3.0 is enterprise edition" like I keep saying●milestone named "3.0.99" on launchpad...●rpms of 3-devel ◇http://downloads.eucalyptus.com/devel/packages /3-devel/nightly/
  8. 8. Eucalyptus communitybooming in the U.S.A.
  9. 9. in the U.S.A. (or the world)●Until now, most information source is Launchpads bugs and forum only... In the future, you will be able to get many information from mailing list "Eucalyptus", "Image" and more.●The contents of projects site are enriched day by day. ◇https://projects.eucalyptus.com/redmine/pro jects●Apparently, the U.S. community is continually doing meetup.
  10. 10. The tools of Eucalyptus are to github. Now, Eucalyptuss source code is on the Launchpade. However, the tools relevant toEucalyptus are on the github.● eutester Automated Test Framework for Eucalyptus● ami-creator Basic tool to create AMIs for EC2 based off of a kickstart config● faststart Rapid POC installer for Eucalyptus● Eucalyptus-Scripts Contains various scripts used with Eucalyptus● pigeons_on_a_euca Pigeons on a Euca● silvereye A generalized installer for Eucalyptus that provisions from bare metal to cloud!● eucabot Code for the Eucalyptus Telepresence Robot (I dont know... T^T)● euca2ools you know
  11. 11. in the Japan● Recently, I was not able to community activities...● Zembutsu-san replaced old site with new style design. wow great! ◇ Zembutsu-san is one of the founders of JEUG. The other one is Arai- san (aka Kimotsuki-san).● We would like to open meetup in next month or month after next...● I try to make a new LiveDVD include Eucalyptus3 with Gentoo Linux.
  12. 12. schedule for first half
  13. 13. schedule for first half●I plan to restart "Introduction to Eucalyptus" with Eucalyptus3. ◇In the last article, I did write "next theme is aeolus with Eucalyptus", but aeolus was not able to support Eucalyptus... :-(●On Jun, I and Nakai-san give a lecture at TopSE project of National Institute of Informatics(NII). ◇http://www.topse.jp/en/
  14. 14. reference
  15. 15. reference -1-●Eucalyptus Systems, Inc. ◇http://www.eucalyptus.com●OpenSource editoin ◇http://open.eucalyptus.com●Eucalyptus Users Group Japan (JEUG) ◇http://eucalyptus-users.jp●mailing list of JEUG ◇http://ml.eucalyptus- users.jp/mailman/listinfo/eucalyptus-users ◆ Please feel free to ask us :-)●Twitter ◇@eucalyptuscloud ◇@jEucalyptusUG
  16. 16. reference -2-● Deployment of private cloud that begins with Eucalyptus ◇ I dont know suitable English title of this book... ◇ http://www.impressjapan.jp/books/3025 ◇ errata => http://bit.ly/qvGZAP● Introduction to Eucalyptus ◇ Japanese http://cloud.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/column/eucalyptus ◇ English (contents vanished...orz) http://bit.ly/qr4gFH● tAWS Tanacasino (GUI Client) ◇ http://sourceforge.jp/projects/eclipse-aws/● Machine Image Studio ◇ http://eucalyptus.machine-image.com/en/