OpenSolaris On EeePc at Osc Spring


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I had a time to give a speech at OpenSource Conference in Tokyo

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OpenSolaris On EeePc at Osc Spring

  1. 1. OpenSolaris on ASUS Eee PC for GEEKS:-) (Using OpenSolaris 2009.6 snv 106+ on Eee PC as a quot;GEEKSquot;) Masafumi Ohta OpenNSUG / OpenSolaris Users Group OpenSolaris Core Contributer 2/21/2008
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Preparing for using OpenSolaris 2009.6 snv106+ on Eee PC OpenSolaris Installation with some tips. Installing additional Interesting applications Demonstrating some applications Appendix:introducing OSUM for student SNS pg 2
  3. 3. Introduction I wrote the article quot;OpenSolaris on Eee PCquot; in the Feb. issue of “Software Designquot;,I wrote about OpenSolaris Installation on Eee PCs for OpenSolaris beginners I omitted some tips some GEEKS would like to know,I guess many of YOU GEEKS would have some complaints to my article So I would like to introduce some tips(about the Installation and applications) for YOU GEEKS:-) For beginners I've uploaded some videos about how to install to YOUTUBE pg 3
  4. 4. About Project “OpenSolaris on EeePCquot; Project quot;OpenSolaris on Eee PCquot; is the world-wide project in The founders are Masafumi Ohta,Robert Sohigain of Sun ERI,and Tim Foster of Sun Ireland The purpose is expanding OpenSolaris through Eee PCs – the most famous netbook all over the world We have a mailing list( in and wiki in C) Please join our project subscribing to our mailing list:-) pg 4
  5. 5. Preparing for Using OpenSolaris 2009.6 snv106+ on Eee PC Prepare those items for the using OpenSolaris External USB CD-ROM It's the easiest choice, almost all CD-ROM units work well with the Eee PC USB sticks Used for making an OpenSolaris LiveUSB for OS installation and adding extra application SDHC Card You can also use SSDs which is used for Linux or Windows XP for Eee PC. Choose high-quality and high-speeded SDHC like TOSHIBA and Panasonic for good to install OpenSolaris Format SDHC as FAT32 using format tool on the Windows OS before the installation pg 5
  6. 6. Preparing for Using OpenSolaris 2009.6 snv106+ on Eee PC (*cont'd) Update the latest BIOS Check the installation mode as 'Finished' in BIOS menu(in Eee 701 and 900 which are intel-based Eees) pg 6
  7. 7. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *making LiveUSB for Eee PC You know delivers LiveCD and LiveUSB iso images in their site But OpenSolaris LiveCD doesn't have any tools making LiveUSB and there are no any other tools making it for OpenSolaris running on Windows and MacOS (The tools should have quot;installgrubquot; so that we could boot OpenSolaris from an USB stick.I’ve heard it is not good only to burn the iso images onto USB sticks like LiveCD) So I tried to make it using the account quot;jackquot; in LiveCD pg 7
  8. 8. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *making LiveUSB for Eee PC(*cont'd) You should upgrade 2GB memory in your Eee for making LiveUSB Before making,you should download LiveUSB image and quot;usbcopyquot; shell script from with Windows XP on your Eee and then you should copy them to your USB stick USB image: Usbcopy: slim_source/usr/src/cmd/install-tools/usbcopy pg 8
  9. 9. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *making LiveUSB for Eee PC(*cont'd) Boot your Live CD,and copy two files above to /jack directory Plug USB stick for LiveUSB then type quot;usbcopyquot; Type the usbcopy command; opensolaris-0906-106a-x86.usb Check my video to see how to make it pg 9
  10. 10. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *making LiveUSB for Eee PC(*snaps;making LiveUSB) pg 10
  11. 11. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *adding new internal ralink rwn driver for 901 Ralink driver for Atom-based Eee have released on Jan 23rd.but It hasn’t worked well yet. I now working with Felix Feng,who is making the ralink driver for is getting better day and day. It can connect to APs but its signal is weaker than the one using Windows I can’t move it from one AP to another APs using NWAM,that is,when I do it,I can’t get dhcp address. The workaround is disable nwam and configure it manually. NWAM doesn't show serving status, it remains 0 packets checking rwn properties pg 11
  12. 12. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *adding new internal ralink rwn driver for 901(*Cont'd) It sometimes gets crashed and dumped core Sometimes I cant get dhcp addresses You might better wait for fixed one.Felix said it will be relerased soon.(He now having some test for it) If you try it,you can download from website rwn driver; wireless/rwn/ How to install; pg 12
  13. 13. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *adding new internal ralink rwn driver for 901(*Snaps;Setting wifi) pg 13
  14. 14. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *adding new internal ralink rwn driver for 901(*Snaps,rwn Working) pg 14
  15. 15. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *updating atge driver for 901 Murayama-san made atge NIC drivers for Eees. (Thanks a lot,Murayama-san!) I worked with him to make it.It was a great time... You can download from his website quot;Free NIC drivers for Solarisquot; How to install v=7eh9KOEQbPQ pg 15
  16. 16. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *updating atge driver for 901(*Cont'd) Its binaries has debug mode because its release as beta use.You can see the connection logs in /var/adm/messages/ If you don't need debug mode,you can rebuild his driver First of all,you should add SUNWgcc and related files using packagemanager. Rebuilding and updating the driver; pg 16
  17. 17. OpenSolaris installation with some tips; *updating atge driver for 901(*Editing Makefile.config) pg 17
  18. 18. Installing additional applications (*Introduction) I’d like to introduce some interesting apprications running on OpenSolaris. It works good though some of apprications works partly on Eees. But we OpenSolaris user must be happy to use that:-) It is supposed to use them on Atom-based Eees like 901,because they take lots of resources in OpenSolaris. pg 18
  19. 19. Installing additional applications (*Google Gadgets) I heard from Italian Friend Google Gadget working well on OpenSolaris.Alfred Peng blogged about it. gets_on_opensolaris I tried to build it but it needs something libraries and customized Firefox for it and more it took so much time to build (almost two days and I failed to build because of lacking spaces of SSD memories for building:-() So I asked for him to give the binaries,he kindly to gave them to me:-) pg 19
  20. 20. Installing additional applications (*Google Gadgets (*Cont'd)) He gave three files for it: SUNWlibstdcxx4,SUNWfirefox(Customized Firefox) and SFEgoogle-gadgets SFEgoogle-gadgets needs related pkg “SUNWcurlquot; I had to remove SUNWfirefox-l10n-ja-JP,I guess SUNWfirefox(Customized) can work only in an English environment. First I had to remove old SUNWFirefox using “pkg uninstall -r” then Installed customized SUNWFirefox using pkgadd. And then installed SUNWlibstdcxx4 and SFEgoogle gadgets on my Eee 901 pg 20
  21. 21. Installing additional applications (*Google Gadgets (*Cont'd)) I've uploaded using quot;Google Gadgetsquot; on Eee 901 Now they hasn't been delivered by Alfred, because he tried to build it with his friends.. So,should I asked him to deliver you all? pg 21
  22. 22. Installing additional applications (*Google Gadgets (*Snaps;working Google Gadgets on my Eee 901)) pg 22
  23. 23. Installing additional applications (*Songbird) Alfred told me another intersting applications for Eee 901 He likes the project “Songbird” – Free Media Player In OpenSolaris you should get MP3 codec and set / usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/plugins/ for using songbird. Fluendo MP3 Codec; mp3-decoder/ pg 23
  24. 24. Installing additional applications (*Songbird(*cont’d)) If you want to use Songbird as a Flash player,you should install Adobe Flash Player to $LIBDIR/plugins and $LIBDIR/components/ If you want to use Songbird in the environment running Google Gadgets,you should use the package from the songbird community. title=Developer/Articles/Builds/Contributed_Build s&highlight=contributed+build SUNWsongbird relates SUNWfirefox so installing SUNWsongbird removes Customized SUNWFirefox:-( pg 24
  25. 25. Installing additional applications (*Songbird(*snap as music player)) pg 25
  26. 26. Installing additional applications (*Songbird(*snap as FLV video player)) pg 26
  27. 27. Installing additional applications (*Firefox ubiquity) Alfred introduced Firefox ubiquity as an demonstrations at Developer Summit in Tokyo You know it is addon for Firefox ubiquity/ Latest beta we can input Japanese. beta.xpi I've uploaded the video using ubiquity on my Eee pg 27
  28. 28. Installing additional applications (*Firefox Ubiquity(*snap)) pg 28
  29. 29. Installing additional applications (*Justplayer PPPdialer) Yasushi Taki,who is the president of Justplayer,contributes some packages for OpenSolaris users: He made PPPdialer for those who would like to use their OpenSolaris on 3G networks: 1/JPCpppdialer- 1.0beta,REV=2009.02.17J06.pkg.gz pg 29
  30. 30. Installing additional applications (*Justplayer PPPdialer(*cont’d)) Before installing PPPdialer,We should install chototsu-san's usbser and usbsacm patches Usbser patches,it is for when using usb-serial on multi-cored CPU; r.tar.bz2 Usbsacm patches;it is for using modem with hot- plugging; hinp/42923584.html You should replace old ones for patched ones. On Eee 901,I can't use hotplug and have to add usbsacm entry for my modem(emobile D02HW) pg 30
  31. 31. Installing additional applications (*Justplayer PPPdialer(*cont’d)) In Eees,I have to unplumb rwn and atge drivers,before using PPP network(I made ip-up and ip-down scripts for it I now asking for taki-san to add them to PPPdialer package. Something is wrong in using NWAM with rwn often get panic..I guess rwn would be wrong...hmm..I have to investigate.. I have upload the video how pppdialer works on my Eee 901. v=ANkmW58pEWY pg 31
  32. 32. Installing additional applications (*Justplayer PPPdialer(*snap)) pg 32
  33. 33. Installing additional applications (*Secondlife on OpenSolaris ) I tried to use Secondlife viewer on my Eee 901 Dana-san builds the SL viewer binaries for OpenSolaris _1 It can't use voice-chat Streaming sounds doesn't work on my Eee 901 Something wrong are there so I now asking Dana-san to fix them. Environment Sounds like woods burning works good I haven't tried any Streaming videos on the viewer. pg 33
  34. 34. Installing additional Interesting applications (*Secondlife on OpenSolaris (*cont’d)) It crashed is not fixable for Eee 901. I have to configure customized setting for such a poor-powered PC for Secondlife(I have to edit multi- core CPU setting and view settings using settings.xml) I can’t type some Japanese in the is only for English... pg 34
  35. 35. Installing additional applications (*Secondlife for OpenSolaris (*snap)) pg 35
  36. 36. Installing additional applications (*Secondlife for OpenSolaris(*snap(setting to use multi-core CPU in SL Viewer)) pg 36
  37. 37. Installing additional applications (*Secondlife for OpenSolaris(*snap(Setting Graphics for SL viewer)) pg 37
  38. 38. Demonstrating some applications pg 38
  39. 39. Conclusion rwn driver haven't worked well yet,I hope it will be fixed soon... I asked lots of thing to Alfred...Daner...and many many Sun's employee using the comments in their blog...they kindly reply to me...Thanks again a lot! I hope many of you GEEKS would use OpenSolaris more and more:-)and if you have any questions,please don't hesitate to ask me and Sun's engineers through mailing lists and so on. HOPE YOU ENJOY WITH OPENSOLARIS pg 39
  40. 40. Thank you! Masafumi Ohta OpenNSUG / OpenSolaris User Group /OpenSolaris Core Contributer You can see the latest information about Eee or something quot;Netbookquot; “open” artwork and icons by chandan: