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Ram Pumps - Using No Fuel, No Electricity


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Ram Pumps - Using No Fuel, No Electricity

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Ram Pumps - Using No Fuel, No Electricity

  1. 1. Hydraulic Ram Pumps Hydraulic ram pumps are a time-tested technology that use the energy of a large amount of water falling a small height to lift a small amount of that water to a much greater height. In this way, water from a spring or stream in a valley can be pumped to a village or irrigation scheme on the hillside. Depending on the difference in heights between the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe, these water pumps will lift 1-20 percent of the water that flows into it. In general, a ram can pump approximately one tenth of the received water volume to a height ten times greater than the intake. A hydraulic ram pump is useful where the water source flows constantly and the usable fall from the water source to the pump location is at least 91 cm (3 ft). Since ram pumps can only be used in situations where falling water is available, their use is restricted to three main applications: 1. Lifting Drinking Water from springs to settlements on higher ground. 2. Pumping Drinking Water from streams that have significant slope. 3. Lifting Irrigation Water from streams or raised irrigation channels. Ram Pump Advantages include: 1. Inexpensive 2. Very simple construction and easy to install yourself. 3. Does not consume petrol, diesel or electricity. 4. Minimum maintenance. 5. Pollution free. 6. Quiet pumping 24 hours per day. LINKS BELOW - Web Browser Problems with Microsoft Internet Explorer Links shown below do no work properly with the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser. Please consider using one of the following web browsers listed below to obtain perfect results: Mozilloa Firefox Web Browser, Safari Web Browser, Google Chrome Web Browser, Opera Web Browser. Also try out the Web Browser shown at Wikipedia: List of web browsers. Also you can download the PDF file of this web. After you open the PDF File, you can click on the Links to access the related information and the related web sites.
  2. 2. ~ WEBSITES Green and Carter Ram Pumps Rife Ram Pumps The Ram Company Journey to Forever The Source for Renewable Energy Hydraulic Ram Pump Book List Hydraulic Ram Pumps: A Guide to Ram Pump Water Supply Systems; by T.D. Jeffrey allbookstores bookfinder yahoo bing google All About Hydraulic Ram Pumps: How and Where They Work; by Don R. Wilson allbookstores bookfinder yahoo bing google
  3. 3. ~ Pumps and Hydraulic Rams: With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams; by Paul Hasluck ~ Kindle book allbookstores bookfinder yahoo bing google A Manual on the Hydraulic Ram for Pumping Water; by Simon B. Watt allbookstores bookfinder yahoo bing google Atlas Ram Pump E-book: Hydraulic Ram Pumps, How and Where They Work Hydraulic Rams: Their Principles and Construction; by James Wright Clarke ~ Nook book ~ Google Electronic book allbookstores bookfinder yahoo bing google Surviving Off Off-Grid: Decolonizing the Industrial Mind; by Michael Bunker ~ Kindle book allbookstores bookfinder yahoo bing google How to Build a Wind Pump; by Jim Barr bing google Windpumps: A Guide for Development Workers; by Roy Barlow bing google Windpumping Handbook; by Sarah Lancashire bing google
  4. 4. ~ The Fundamentals of Wind Driven Water Pumpers; by J. A. C. Kentfield bing google Windmills and Wind Motors: How to Build and Run Them; by F. E. Powell ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book ~ Google Electronic book allbookstores bookfinder yahoo <> A Hydraulic Ram for Village Use; by Ersal W Kindel bing google A Manual of Information on the Automatic Hydraulic Ram for Pumping Water; by Simon B. Watt bing google A Particular Case of Hydraulic-Ram or Water-Hammer; Charles P. Florent Baillairgé bing google A Ram Pump Demonstration; by Stephen J. Winter bing google A Training Manual in Conducting a Workshop in the Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Hydrams; by Peace Corps bing google A Theoretical Computer Based Model for Use in Design of Hydraulic Ram Water Pumps; by Walter C Eshenaur bing google
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  7. 7. ~ Rife Hydraulic Engine Will Do what No Ram Will Do: The Perfected Hydraulic Ram; by Power Specialty Company bing google Rife Hydraulic Ram for the Water Supply of Towns, Villages, Mansions, Estates, Cottages, Farm Houses, Railroad Tanks, Irrigation bing google Rife Hydraulic Water Rams: Manual of Information; by Rife Ram and Pump Works bing google Tests on Rife Hydraulic Ram with Theory and Improvements; by Geo. R. Guernsey, bing google The Automatic Hydraulic Ram: Its Theory and Design; by J. Krol bing google The Construction of a Hydraulic Ram Pump; by Allen R. Inversin bing google The Development of Hydraulic Ram for Village Use in Developing Countries; by Tay Hock Joo bing google The Farm Water Supply - Part 2. the Use of the Hydraulic Ram; by Frederick Gardner Behrends bing google
  8. 8. ~ The Hydraulic Ram: An Efficient Engine-Less Water Pump; by New South Wales bing google The Hydraulic Ram: Its History and Principles, with Instructions for Putting it in and Keeping it in Running Order; by Allen Gawthrop bing google The Hydraulic Ram: Some Suggestions as to how the Flow of Springs and Creeks May be Used to Pump Water to the Country Home; by William C Davidson bing google The Hydraulic Ram for Use in Public Water Works Systems; by Daniel Webster Mead bing google The Hydraulic Water Ram: The Theory And Practice of a Great Invention Which Has Been Forgotten; by Peter Weinmann allbookstores bookfinder yahoo bing google The Perfected Hydraulic Ram; by Power Specialty Company bing google The Use of the Hydraulic Ram; by Frederick Gardner Behrends bing google Use of Hydraulic Rams in Nepal: A Guide to Manufacturing and Installation; by Mitchell Silver bing google
  9. 9. ~ More Information about Hydraulic Ram Pumps All About Hydraulic Ram Pumps An Introduction to Hydraulic Ram Pumps Construction and Performance Testing of the Hydraulic Ram Pump Designing a Hydraulic Ram Pump 2005 Design and Construction of a Hydraulic Ram Pump - Warwick DIY PVC Hydraluic Ram Pump Fitting Ram Pump 1 Inch PVC Building Plan Fitting Ram Pump 2 Inch Steel Building Plan Folk Ram Pump Home-Made Hydraulic Ram Pump 2005 Hydraulic Ram Pump
  10. 10. ~ Hydraulic Ram Pump Hydraulic Ramp Pump (Hydram) Hydraulic Ram Pump: Community Water, Silay City Philippines Hydraulic Ram Pump Instalation Hydraulic Ram Pump Report Hydrualic Ram Pumps Textbook- Pitao Hydraulic Water Ram Pump Designs Hydraulic Water Ram Pump - No Electricity Required - Plans -Homemade Mothers Hydraulic Ram Pump New Developments in Hydraulic Ram Pumping OG Hydraulic Ram Pump Pump: includes Hydraulic Ram Pumps
  11. 11. ~ Ram Pump Ram Pump Ram Pump Ram Pump: Hydraulic Ram Pump Ram Pump 25mm Ram Pump Brochure Spanish Ram Pump DTU S1 Ram Pump Notes Ram Pump System Design Calculator Ram Pumps Ram Pumps for Moving Water
  12. 12. ~ Setting Up and Using a Ram Pump Soalr Ram Water Hydraulic Ram Pump - PM1604 Water Pump Blues. Condider the Trusty Ram Pump <> Hydraulic Ram Pump 314979-1 Manual Hydraulic Ram for Fuel Free Water Lifting; by Roberto Alaban Photocollage Promotion of Ram Pump Ram Pump Modeling - Colorado State University Ram Pump Project in the Philippines - Northwest University Ram Pump Users Manual <>
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