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Finding a Job in the Social Media Era


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Short presentation of the contents of HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era.Focuses on methods used to find a job in today's Social Media Era. What works and doesn't.

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Finding a Job in the Social Media Era

  1. 1. Let’s Get Back to Work!
  2. 2. Does Your Job Search Feel Like…?
  3. 3. You Were a Good Employee
  4. 4. Resume
  5. 5. Job Boards
  6. 6. Career Events
  7. 7. Traditional Search Methods • • • • • • Resume LinkedIn Job Boards Posted Job Applications Recruiters Traditional Networking
  8. 8. Job Boards Resume & Cover Letter Traditional Networking LinkedIn
  9. 9. Resumes, Job Boards, Networking, Recruiters, Posted Jobs… Hidden Jobs, Positioning, Targeting, Branding , Social Media, QR Codes Marketing Plan, Interview Training, Negotiation, Marketing Brochures, Keyword Loading
  10. 10. JOB
  11. 11.