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Handing in Class Work


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Handing in classwork and assignments in Mrs. Willis's class.

Published in: Education
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Handing in Class Work

  1. 1. Handing in Class Work
  2. 2. Where do I turn in assignments? Turn in all homework and classwork into the hand in box labeled with your class period on the counter near the window.
  3. 3. Never, Ever, Ever, EVER put anything on Mrs. Willis’s desk! You may never see it again! Mrs. Willis’s desk now: Mrs. Willis’s desk most of the time: AKA: The BLACK HOLE! And this is a GOOD day!
  4. 4. Turning in Class work. • ALWAYS turn in all work to the hand in box for your class period! • Never hand Mrs. Willis any homework, classwork, or other important information, unless she directly tells you – “I will take that from you.” • Never, ever, ever, put anything on Mrs. Willis’s desk. It will likely get buried and won’t be found until spring cleaning in May!
  5. 5. You are responsible for handing in All of your work if it did not get picked up with the other assignments in class! • you were absent • you didn’t have the assignment done when it was due • you didn’t have the assignment in class when it was picked up When you complete your assignment or bring it to class, turn it in ONLY to the hand in box!