Customer Case Study: Awareness Customer Profile-Kodak


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Customer Case Study: Awareness Customer Profile-Kodak

  1. 1. Awareness Customer Profile-Kodak Awareness-Powered Communities: A Thousand Words: Plugged In: Grow Your Biz: About Kodak Kodak is the world’s foremost imaging innovator. With sales of $10.3 billion in 2007, the company is committed to a digitally oriented growth strategy focused on helping people better use meaningful images and information in their life and work. Consumers use Kodak’s system of digital and traditional products and services to take, print and share their pictures anytime, anywhere; businesses effectively communicate with customers worldwide using Kodak solutions for prepress, conventional and digital printing and document imaging; and creative professionals rely on Kodak technology to uniquely tell their story through moving or still images. Awareness-Powered Communities • A Thousand Words is a consumer- focused blog with content about the “soul” of Kodak, in other words, how the people who work at the company think about photography and imaging in their own lives. Posts vary widely in subject from how one Kodak employee is organizing her photos on her new iPod Touch, to an interview with renowned photographer John Sexton, to sharing the excitement around Kodak being featured on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” 1
  2. 2. Awareness Customer Profile I Kodak • Plugged In (previously 1000 Nerds) is a place where Kodak employees share insights about the products they make that enable people to express themselves through photography and imaging. The folks at Kodak love what they do, and use this blog as a way to share their expertise about digital imaging and invite readers to join the conversation with stories and experiences of their own. • Grow Your Biz: To help people grow their business Kodak created the Grow Your Biz blog as a place where Kodak employees and experts who are passionate about print and communications can share insights about products, services, technologies, and the graphic communications business. The blog also invites readers to share their passions about everything print and more. More than just LDAP or Active Directory integration, the Platform includes a robust identity layer integrated with a variety of identity, subscription, and membership systems. 2
  3. 3. Awareness Customer Profile I Kodak Background In 2006, Kodak launched two external facing blog communities—A Thousand Words and A Thousand Nerds (now Plugged In)—to enhance their communication with consumers and the imaging community in general. Before the launch, the company had been receiving feedback that the public wanted to know more about the company and their products, rather than just the corporate information announced in formal press releases and on their Website. The company was discovering that as people were incorporating Kodak products into their personal lives, they also wanted to interact with the Kodak brand in a more personal way. So the company launched their two blog communities with the purpose of giving the soul and brains of Kodak—their employees—a public voice. In addition to sharing more about Kodak, the communities also allowed for the creation and dissemination of a different kind of original information—they are written by people who work with Kodak products all day, rather than public relations professionals. Kodak has found that the blog content created by employees directly sharing their own experiences and interests is much more valuable in relating to customers. Solution To build these two blog communities, Kodak turned to Awareness and their enterprise social media platform. A major concern in launching these blogs for a company of Kodak’s size and reputation was how to do so in a way that the content being created could be monitored and controlled if necessary. The Awareness platform provided the required security controls and permissioning features, such that content being posted is in line with corporate policies but doesn’t have to be proof-read or edited. As a result, the blog content is original and fresh, straight from the mouths of the employees, and executives are completely on board and in support of the project without hesitation. Benefits/Results In the two years that the communities have been live, they have generated: • Viral Buzz: The company has done no formal marketing around their blogs. All the blog traffic is viral and a result of Kodak’s creative efforts such as linking to Plugged In from a press release announcing a new product which people can click on and immediately read more about the development of the technology straight from the engineer. In its first year, the readership of A Thousand Words grew by 15%, and by sending their Chief Blogger, along with others, to Beijing to cover the 2008 Summer Olympics on-site, the readership doubled in the two-week Olympic period. • Loyal Readership: The significant growth of the blogs’ readership over the 2008 Olympics shows that readers don’t go to the blog exclusively for information about Kodak and photography, but also for the unique perspectives, experiences and personalities. Readers went to A Thousand Words during the Olympics to hear and see what the Kodak bloggers were seeing and experiencing—it was their preferred way to get information about the Olympics. The loyalty of the readers can also be seen in comments posted to the blog such as this one: “Vera, you are great at capturing human-interest stories. The pictures are insightful—your pictures are worth 1000 words times 10. What an opportunity to use Kodak products for reaching out to others and gaining new friendships. Looking forward to your next blog.” 3
  4. 4. Awareness Customer Profile I Kodak • Industry Success: Kodak has received numerous awards for their social media efforts including a PRSA Bronze Anvil Award, a Stevie Award (American Business Award) and an Interactive Media Award (IMA). In addition, they have been invited to speak at industry events, including BlogWorld and BlogHer. A Thousand Words has also been cited by PRWeek as a top corporate blog and BusinessWeek described Kodak as having “hit on a fresh and clever way to approach blogging.” Kodak received numerous kudos for its blog coverage of the 2008 Olympic games: - Mario Sundar, Community Evangelist & Chief Blogger at LinkedIn ranked Kodak a top Olympics blog on his blog, Marketing Nirvana. - Advertising industry trade publication, Adotas said: “Kodak has been one of the big brands setting the gold standard in the new world of social media and Web 2.0.” - The Word of Mouth Marketing Association also praised Kodak’s coverage of the Olympics, stating “Kodak Olympic Blog Takes the Gold.” • Robust Employee Participation: In addition to appointing a Chief Blogger to lead Kodak’s social media efforts, general demand to post on both communities is very high and increasing steadily. Many people want to participate, and anyone is allowed to, so the content being contributed to each blog is continually getting richer as it simultaneously builds pride in the company and the Kodak brand. The first event I got to attend at the Beijing Olympics was the men’s gymnastics. They took place in the National Indoor Stadium, where it was very colorful inside. There is also a spot where you can pose on the winners podium for a picture. Of course I was up for that because let’s be honest... this is as close to winning a gold as I am going to get. Contact Information: Awareness, Inc. Awareness Canada 880 Winter Street, Suite 300 5050 South Service Road, Suite 100 Waltham, MA 02451 Burlington, ON L7L 5Y7 United States Canada Tel: 1 866 487 5623 Tel: 1 866 487 5623 Fax: 1 781 622 2378 Fax: 1 905 632 4922 5