Social media guide : Linkedin for higher education colleges & training providers


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Social media guide to LinkedIn for UK further/higher education colleges & training providers. Use Linked in to connect with employers and groups.

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Social media guide : Linkedin for higher education colleges & training providers

  1. 1. Social media guide for highereducation colleges & trainingproviders on how to use LinkedIneffectively.What is LinkedIn?LinkedIn is a very effective social media toolfor business to business networking. If youwant to market your services to employers andnetwork with local businesses a profile onLinkedIn is a must. Get a linked in companyprofile.How can further education colleges use LinkedIn? • Here are some ways that you can use LinkedIn to promote your college and meet your business goals: • Build a solid and comprehensive company profile. Include your services or any materials that you have produced. • Join several groups and become involved - LinkedIns groups are great for networking with. You can join groups who have similar services as you, network with college alumni as well as business or trade groups. The more networking you do, the more your college gets noticed.web : | call : 07412 139341 | email :
  2. 2. • Events - LinkedIn event allows you to create events. LinkedIn Events correspond to real events, such as conferences, and training events. • Jobs - LinkedIn has job information through partnerships with Dice and SimplyHired. • Ask and answer questions - The Answers service enables you to establish yourself as an industry expert by checking to see if there are any questions being asked in your area of expertise. • Give and ask for recommendations - LinkedIn has a section on your profile for recommendations from colleagues and business partners. Offer recommendations to businesses and • people you have experience with. • Ask for introductions. Is there a business or a person who you would like to network with? LinkedIn is valuable for business to business networking. Benefits Things to consider • Free • Optimise your profile with • Quick easy way to promote your keywords college • Show LinkedIn profiles on • Network with others your blog, website, or • Communicate easily with audiences application. The Profile widget shows the public profile of anyone in LinkedIn.How are higher education colleges & training providersusing Linkedin? • Many universities & colleges are using LinkedIn as a tool to provide students with career resources. • Some colleges are using social media to smooth the transition from being a student to becoming a graduate by helping the two groups connect and collaborate. • Training students to use Social Media for example through Linked in student guideweb : | call : 07412 139341 | email :
  3. 3. • To help students pick a college see Mashables 10 ways to use social media to pick a collegeResourcesLinkedIn BlogLinkedIn SEO tipsAny Questions?Ready to improve your online marketing? Start now contact free to get in touch! We offer in-house training & consultancy for social mediaprojects.www: @webyogifacebook: WebyogidigitalmarketingSupported by :-web : | call : 07412 139341 | email :