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Wealth Masters International - Our Vision for Your Future


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Wealth Masters International Shares their companies vision and mission to educate you on wealth building for your future.

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Wealth Masters International - Our Vision for Your Future

  1. 1. Wealth Masters International – A Vision for Your Future OUR VISION Create success and wealth in others—one person at a time—as the world’s premiere wealth creation community. OUR MISSION Provide access to world-class education, tools, experts, experiences and opportunities that empower individuals to create success on their own terms and achieve true freedom in all areas of their lives. We will accomplish this while continuously improving and expanding our product base to deliver the finest in wealth, health and wisdom. OUR OBJECTIVES Create a service-based company whose primary commitment is to exceed the expectations of our Members and Consultants. Design and implement a business strategy that meets the long-term needs of our Members and Consultants. We implement this strategy through powerful in-house solutions and strategic partnerships that offer significant near-term benefits. Positively affect the wealth, health, well-being and long-term prosperity of our Members and Consultants. We will accomplish this by sharing cutting-edge products, services and education through a unique, world-class direct sales organization. Instill confidence in our Consultants with a best-in-class wealth plan that leads the industry in creativity and generosity. The network marketing business model provides long-term and short- term viability, delivering a sustainable home-based business opportunity for every WMI Consultant. Eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional operating, decision-making and communication methods to create a proficient, effective and exciting marketing machine that delivers unprecedented value and growth.
  2. 2. Build Wealth Masters with a long-term perspective, an unwavering commitment to our values, and a sense of dedication, always respecting the views and decisions of our core Executive Committee. Recognize and understand the ideas and concerns of our Members, Consultants, staff and partners in order to build the best attainable direct sales organization. OUR KEYS TO SUCCESS 1. Before any decision, ask, “Is this right for the WMI community?” and “How will this benefit the WMI community?” 2. Use intelligent outsourcing to bring our community the best available education, tools, technologies, services and strategies. This approach allows WMI to combine a relentless pursuit of excellence with zero tolerance for conflicts of interest. 3. Follow Henry Ford’s leadership example by leveraging the talents of key people in our organization. Our company will be healthy and financially successful to the extent that we rely on the input of our team and the decisions made by our Executive Committee. 4. Build an integrity-based company that consistently operates in total harmony with the values we share with our families, friends and neighbors. We monitor our words and actions and always remember that ego and pride come just before the fall. As you continue your journey with Wealth Masters, you will see that all of these statements accurately reflect who we are, what we stand for and how we do business. These guiding principles form the bedrock of every relationship with our alliances, Members and Consultants who all play a vital role in the vision of Wealth Masters International. We strive to become a trusted partner and ally with each Member and Consultant by consistently providing world- class education, cutting-edge strategies, and time-tested solutions that allow our Members to experience the finest in wealth, health and wisdom. Wealth Masters