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Google phone aplication OMR


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Google phone aplication OMR

  1. 1. Is a free application that allows you easy accessto Google Mobile products and quickly searchyour device or on the Web.You can get Google search results by pressingthe search field, then there typing a query or bypressing the microphone and state your request,as you would with a computer.
  2. 2. For now, this feature is only available onmobile Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.
  3. 3. Compatible phones
  4. 4. Features Fast access to Google: Google launch without typing the address Search by voice: state your requests orally instead of enter. My position: no need to indicate your position when you search for shops and local services (eg, "pizza" or "Fnac"). Google Suggestions: as you enter your query, Google suggestions (applications, companies, etc.).. History: easily find recent research.
  5. 5. Google mobile app Having it in your phone, you can have within the same folder all the features of Google that you have on your computer, as well as facebook, twitter and google + on the first screen.