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Brochure intumescent air transfer grilles gb

  1. 1. FSS International Fire protection FireStopSystems International Ltd. Spelleweg 3 NL-7475 GV Markelo Tel: +31 (0)547-363519 Fax: +31 (0)547-361465 E-mail: Website: Brochure Intumescent Air transfer grilles
  2. 2. FSS International Fire protection Index 1. LVV40 2. LVH44 3. LVH50 4. LVH54 5. LVV40-S / LVH44-S 6. LVH44-G
  3. 3. Fire protectionFire resistant walls and floors in a building play an important part incontaining the spread of fire and smoke. However, a building alsoneeds to be well ventilated for the health and comfort of itsoccupants. Systems of natural and mechanical ventilation oftenrequire ducting to pass through fire resistant walls and floors, andthis can compromise the fire containment in the building.The FSS Lorient solution is to fit intumescent air transfer grilles atthe point where the fire resistant wall or floor is breached. Undernormal circumstances these grilles allow air to pass freely throughthe building. However, in the event of fire the slats and frame swellto many times their original thickness, fusing together to form anon-combustible mass which provides fire resistance to match thesurrounding construction, and prevents the passage of hot smokeand gases.When combined with automatic smoke control systems, Lorientsintumescent air transfer grilles will also provide protection againstcold smoke. These electrically powered dampers/shutters areconnected to a standard smoke or fire alarm/detection systemwhich, when triggered, causes the dampers/shutters to closethereby preventing the passage of cold smoke. Under normalcircumstances the dampers/shutters remain open allowing the freepassage of air.
  4. 4. Fire protectionType: LVV40GeneralThis products compact form allows for installation in apertures whereother types of damper can not be fitted or accessed after installation.Requiring no commissioning or operation function checks. Theseproducts provide confidence with economy. Available in sizes from98mm square to 598mm square and many height to width ratios in25mm increments.Fire resistance up to 120 minutes. Tested against EN 1634-1SpecificationsMaterials:Intumescent material used in the slat construction is based uponsodium silicate and provides the lowest activation temperature of anyintumescent material at 100 degrees C. It is encapsulated in PVCextrusions with cross section dimensions of 40mm x 6mm and theyare assembled in the form of a matrix.Mortised jointing of the damper slats to the intumescent outercomponents eliminates the need for any metal components aroundthe periphery.Each size of damper is manufactured 2mm less than thecorresponding aperture size to provide clearance during installation.e.g. a 198mm x 198 mm damper is suitable for a 200mm x 200mmaperture.The complete assembly is a robust and easily installed product that iseasy to clean using a vacuum cleaner or brush.Care is taken during manufacture to seal the material from the effectsof moisture, since sodium silicate is by nature hydroscopic. However,in application where high levels of humidity or wetness areanticipated, it is recommended that LVH44 products should be used.Orientation:LVV 40 products should be used in a vertical orientation asillustrated. 1
  5. 5. Fire protectionType: LVH44GeneralThis all-purpose damper can be relied upon to function in extremes ofclimate and environment.It can suffer considerable abuse during and after installation without losingeffectiveness in the control of fire and hot gases.Contaminants do not readily adhere to it and therefore an efficient airflowcan be expected throughout its working life.The LVH44 range dampers can be assembledin multi-modules in order to protect large apertures.Fire resistance upto 120 minutes. Tested against EN 1634-1SpecificationsMaterials:The composite intumescent material selected for the LVH44 range consistsof graphite particles that are contained in a carrier that is impervious to theeffects of water. The material when activated by heat produces a verydurable barrier to the spread of fire and hot gases, whilst providing goodinsulation performance.Intumescent slats are formed by wrapping intumescent material in metalfoil, creating a 4mm thick section. Steel channels, 5.5mm wide, support theouter edges of the slat and are themselves located into notches in both thefront and back steel frames. The two piece outer frame is arranged to givea thermal break between the front and back and is made from 1.00mm.galvanised mild steel.Each damper size is manufactured 2mm less than a nominal aperture sizeto provide clearance when installed in an aperture of the same nominaldimensions. e.g. a 198mm x 198mm nominal size damper will suit a200mm x 200mm aperture.The complete assembly is a rugged damper that is easy to install and willrequire minimal, if any, post installation attention.Orientation:LVH44 dampers can be installed in any orientation.Standard sizes available (mm):All sizes from 68 x 68 mm upto 1.200 x 2.400 mm! Thickness 44 mm 2
  6. 6. Fire protectionType: LVH54Part of Lorient’s LVH range of highperformance intumescent dampers, the LVH54has been specifically developed to meet thetough requirements of ISO 10294 Part 5.During the ISO 10294-5 test, the LVH54 wassuccessfully proven to:form a complete seal within 2 minuteswithstand a 300Pa pressure differential acrossthe dampermaintain its fire integrity for a period of four hoursIn everyday service the LVH54 offers excellent airflowcharacteristics (approx 60% free area), is resistant toclogging, and has no moving parts – so it providesconsistent performance, and requires virtually nomaintenance.SpecificationsManufactured using a zintec steel frame and stainlesssteel slat covering – ideal for use in harsh ductenvironments, including high humidity applications.Graphite-based intumescent material.Width & height: 100mm to 600mm (nominal) in50mm increments. Custom sizes also available.Depth: 54mm. 3
  7. 7. Fire protectionType: LVV40-S / LVH44-SGeneralThe LVV40S and the LVH44S damper types are designed to be linked withsmoke sensors via a fire alarm panel and therefore provide excellent coldand hot smoke containment. The combination of intumescent andelectro-mechanical technologies allows proven fire resistance with verygood insulation properties. Remarkably little current is used by the servomotor when opening or closing the smoke shutter module and none isdrawn when the shutter plates are either closed or open. The units canbe supplied to suit a wide range of wall thickness and aperture sizes.Pressed steel cover grilles can be supplied in a range of colours toenhance the appearance of these reliable products.Fire resistance upto 120 minutes. Tested against EN 1634-1SpecificationsMaterials:The damper casing is manufactured from high grade mineral board and issupplied complete with the fire damper and smoke shutter moduleassembled into it. The LVV40 damper that provides 60 minutes fireresistance and the LVH44 damper that gives 120 minutes fire resistanceare described elsewhere in this publication. Information on the smokeshutter module and damper control system can also to be foundelsewhere in this catalogue.Orientation:These products are designed to be installed in a vertical orientation asshown above. Any departure from this arrangement must be authorisedby the Lorient Technical Department. 4
  8. 8. Fire protectionType: LVH44-GFire resistant window ventilation grille (EW 30 minutes)• This fire resistant window ventilation grille was developed specifically for usedirectly on fire resistant glass in facades.• Under normal conditions, air passes freely through the grille (at a volume of upto 13 litres per second at 1 Pa pressure differential). However, when subjectedto heat the intumescent core will expand and prevent the passage of fire andhot gases during a fire.• The outside of the grille has horizontal ‘louvred’ slats to prevent water ingress• On the inside there is a rotary control to allow the air flow to be increased orreduced as required.• The perimeter of the grille has a thermal break to minimise heat transfer.• The grille is fitted in the same way as a normal glazing ventilation grille.• The intumescent core of the grille (Intumescent damper reference LVH44) istested against British and European standardsBecause materials in a construction can affect each other in a negative wayduring fire conditions, it is necessary to test a complete construction.The LVH44-G fire resistant window ventilation grille has been successfully testedas a complete glazed assembly by Warrington Fire Gent, against the Europeanstandard EN 1364-1.The tested structure was built up as a meranti timber frame of approx.1000x2000 mm, glazed with Pyropelite 12 from AGC Flatglass (total thickness 36mm) The LVH44-G system was placed directly on top of the glazing.The fire-resistance of the tested construction is classified as 30 minutes E andEW according EN 1364-1.The fire test evidence (report WFRG-14097A) applies only to a structure astested. 5