Unv 103 week 4 student academic skills assessment worksheet


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Unv 103 week 4 student academic skills assessment worksheet

  1. 1. UNV 103 Week 4 Student Academic Skills Assessment Worksheet PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREStudent Academic Skills Assessment WorksheetAssignment Background:Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are will help you understand stepsyou should take to improve as a student. GCU wants to assist you in improving incertain areas, such as study habits and note taking.Assignment Instructions: Complete the following four sections to assess youracademic skills.Section 1: Complete this survey by highlighting the number that best illustratesyour response to the statements below.1. I have good study habits.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree123452. I know how to take notes in the online classroom.strongly disagreedisagree
  2. 2. neutralagreestrongly agree123453. I rewrite my class notes and review them before completing an assignment.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree123454. I prefer to use a computer to take notes in the online classroom rather thanwriting everything down on paper.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagree
  3. 3. strongly agree123455. I work hard to understand the “big picture” concepts presented in a lecture.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree123456. I often think of how I can apply what I have learned in class to my career oreveryday life.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1
  4. 4. 23457. I tend to get nervous before I take a test.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree123458. I study for a test several days before the actual test date.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1234
  5. 5. 59. I learn best when I rely on my own ideas.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1234510. Listening to soft relaxing music helps me study.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1234511. I prefer to study in a group setting.strongly disagree
  6. 6. disagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1234512. I usually study right before bedtime.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1234513. I only use the Internet for researching topics.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagree
  7. 7. strongly agree1234514. Wikipedia is a great source for researching topics for papers.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1234515. I have used the public library for researching topics for papers.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree12
  8. 8. 34516. I will use the same study techniques in college that I used in high school orcurrently use at work.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1234517. I learn by doing something- trying a process out for myself.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1234
  9. 9. 518. I prefer a highly structured learning environment- even an online learningenvironment.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1234519. I learn by forming pictures in my mind.strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree1234520. When I am learning, I have strong feelings and reactions about things.
  10. 10. strongly disagreedisagreeneutralagreestrongly agree12345Section 2: There are many ways student like to study. Some enjoy listening totheir favorite music while others prefer silence. Some students prefer to study athome alone, while others insist on study groups or a library setting. To evaluateyour study habits, complete the following table.Assessment ofStudy SkillsStrengthsWeaknessesImprovement Ideas and GoalsExample: I have a set time and place to work on assignments.1.2.3.Example: I am easily distracted.1.2.
  11. 11. 3.Example: Put other tasks aside for 1 or 2 hours.1.2.3.Study PreferencesHow do you prefer to study? How often do you study? Why is studying important?Section 3: As a college student, taking notes is essential to understanding a topicand for assignment preparation. To evaluate your note-taking skills, complete thefollowing table.Assessment ofNote-Taking SkillsStrengthsWeaknessesImprovement Ideas and GoalsExample: Drawing diagrams.1.2.3.Example: Outlining important information.1.2.3.Example: Construct concise, to the point outlines.1.2.
  12. 12. 3.Note-Taking PreferencesWhat note-taking method do you prefer and why? How has this method of note-taking helped you as a student in the past? Will you use a different note-takingstrategy for the online environment?Section 4: Review each completed section and reflect on your assessment ofyour academic skills. Write a short summary (100-150 words) of what youlearned from completing this assignment. Did you notice any patterns or learnanything new about your academic skills? How will completing this assignmentassist you in being a successful GCU student? Doyouhaveanyquestions?