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2012 Beginning of Year Faculty Survey


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Published in: Education
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2012 Beginning of Year Faculty Survey

  1. 1. School Counseling Program
  2. 2.  Thank you to the 55 faculty members who completed the survey during the Faculty Inservice on Friday, August 10th. Your honest responses to all questions assist us in reviewing our School Counseling program. If you need clarification on any of the questions or results, contact Shannon Fortenberry.
  3. 3. Almost two0 -1 years2 - 5 years thirds of our faculty have6 - 10 years been teaching at11-20 years for 11 or21 + years more years.
  4. 4. DailyWeekly Two thirds of our faculty haveMonthly weekly contact with the schoolYearly counselors.We havecounselors?
  5. 5. Stronglydisagree At least fourDisagree out of everyNeither five surveyedagree nor understand thedisagreeagree Counselors’ roles.StronglyAgree
  6. 6. strongly 86% feel that thedisagreedisagree counselors work cooperativelyneitheragree nor with thedisagreeagree administrators and teachers.stronglyagree
  7. 7. strongly 87% of teachersdisagree will go to thedisagree schoolneither agree counselors when they havenor disagree concerns aboutagreestrongly agree students.
  8. 8. stronglydisagree 77% believedisagree that the counselorsneither agreenor disagree help students to developagree socially andstrongly agree emotionally.
  9. 9. stronglydisagree 89% disagreedisagree with the idea that counselorsneither agreenor disagree aren’t helpingagree enhance the students’strongly agree academic achievement.
  10. 10. stronglydisagree 61% feel that the counselors havedisagree the necessaryneitheragree nor resources to dodisagree their jobsagree effectively.stronglyagree
  11. 11. stronglydisagree 98% believedisagree that the counselorsneither provideagree nordisagree importantagree services to the students.stronglyagree
  12. 12. stronglydisagree 89% do not agree with the statement:disagreeneither “School counselorsagree nor do not helpdisagreeagree students explore their career goals.stronglyagree
  13. 13. stronglydisagreedisagree 76% believe that students feelneither comfortableagree nordisagree meeting with theagree school counselors.stronglyagree
  14. 14. stronglydisagree 96% feel that thedisagree school counselors are providingneither students with theagree nordisagree information to helpagree them understand graduation andstronglyagree TOPS requirements.
  15. 15. stronglydisagree 76% do not agreedisagree that the school counselors areneitheragree nor not available todisagree students whenagree there is an immediate need.stronglyagree
  16. 16. stronglydisagree 55% feel that thedisagree teachers, parents, and communityneitheragree nor are informeddisagreeagree about the school counselingstrongly program.agree
  17. 17. stronglydisagree 66% believe thatdisagree the parents feel satisfied with theneither work that schoolagree nordisagree counselors areagree doing.stronglyagree
  18. 18. stronglydisagree 69% do not agreedisagree that the school counselors do notneitheragree nor work with teachersdisagree to provideagree classroom guidancestrongly curriculum.agree
  19. 19. stronglydisagree 74% feel that thedisagree school counselors provide importantneitheragree nor information todisagree parents and students aboutagreestrongly outside services.agree
  20. 20. strongly 90% feel that thedisagreedisagree school counselors work as a liaison between all partiesneitheragree nordisagreeagree involved in students’ education.stronglyagree
  21. 21. stronglydisagree 90% do not agreedisagree that the school counselors are notneither viewed as an integral part of studentsagree nordisagreeagree educational experience.stronglyagree
  22. 22. stronglydisagreedisagree 93% feel that the school counselorsneitheragree nor are effectivedisagree advocates for students.agreestronglyagree
  23. 23. Thank you for takingthe time to complete this survey. We appreciate your opinions