Dear p m .dox


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An Israeli citizen writes to the PM.

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Dear p m .dox

  1. 1. ENGLISH IN THE BOTTOM !! - – – NOTHING – – ––– –--– ––– --– - –– ––
  2. 2. I wish this letter will come to the top !! Government officesHello Mr. Prime MinisterIm Jewish! But secular Jew, you know what, Im not just Jews - I get sick of Jew and a Zionist, Igot up to Torah at the age of 13, and wed to religion of Moses and Israel, and I believe, sir,believe me really believe me.I served in the army, was hit in the army and I’m even disabled veteran 100%, this is reallygreat! A real Jewish Bar Kochba would recruit me into its ranks if I lived in his time.Some statistics to clarify 75% of Israelis are Jews according to the following distribution, 42% ofIsraeli Jews are secular; I am one of them, 25% traditional, 12% Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox8%.20.3% of residents are Arabs, and 4.3% called other .As you can see, Mr. Prime Minister, I belong to the most powerful group in terms of numbers, soplease tell me how the hell Im a minority in this country.How is the most democratic country with “one rule for all”, only the secular members adhere tolike the apple of our eyes?Bedouins in the South are always doing their own thing, recently went on the roads oin theNegev, one cannot help but marvel at the amount of construction (illegal obviously) wanted toname quietly, creating territorial continuity from Gaza to Mount Hebron, a colorful rug alsocame from this region and a canvas is treated monolitic . Crime in South is not a business for notpaying protection, money to this sector, but also the Prime Minister or the Minister of PublicSecurity, or who knows who, unable to deal with them, all those “Kaltchnikim from variousarmy veterans and heroes of my childhood now hold senior positions in the government areafraid scared to death to mess with this region - can you please explain to me why?More on the north hills & mountains of Judea and Samaria, are running around boys withknitted Kipas and tassels swinging from their shirts, are making a pure mockery of the law, andexclaim “so noo noo!! ....The state does nothing, Zero - Zilch NOTHING!Not far from our towns Arabs build whatever they want free, NO building permits, NO buildingrights, NO building inspection, NO there is no such word in the Arab dictionary, buildingviolations and illegal construction is ramped, but our government is NOT acting, why? - Whatare you afraid of???And the Orthodox Jews- have always something to complain about - their religion has long beenused to grind us, no trace of shame and there is no respect for this region, systematically goingthrough all the laws of the Torah, as if to protect her - and the country Well you know, nothing,with nothing “Gurnichit Mitt Gurnichit” .(Yiddish)And I, yes I am a secular citizen part of the majority in this country (once was said that we werethe majority in the states) WE continue to pay the social, economic, civil, security, safety,TAXES and put my childrens future on shaky ground.while @ the end of the day only I who is paying the price - you know, Mr. Prime Minister, thisyear I paid Schools for three children under the compulsory education law, more than ten - yes10,000 shah. Did Feige and Sarah, her and Josel Schumacher Emanuel paid anything @ all???They got Free compulsory education free of cost? Sir, I am tired! I also want to have the samebenefit. I want to live well a bit like the other person, eithout an ax on the head every morning!!- The law should be equal for everyone. This week I paid my property tax bill as a disabled warvet in the sum of 1200 shah for two months, two months! – Did Khalid and Yousef, and YounisAziza and Umm al-Fahm paid property tax bill this week AT ALL? We knows whats going onin the Arab sector councils and municipalities taxes. Im tired. I do not want to pay one extra centTHE LAW SHOULD BE APPLIED EQUALLY FOR ALL.Dear Mr. Prime Minister, I want to build a house for my family in my inlaws yard, well whynot? Ibrahim the Badwi son in-law did, yes, yesterday he finished plastered outside and now
  3. 3. they are tiling the floors, NO he did not pay a surveyor, NOR an engineer, NORan architect,NOR a council NOR any administration, NOR property tax, NOR income tax, and NO MANfrom the inspectors office visit him or Standards Institute - Why the hell do they only come tome –did you send them? Shouldn’t it be the same for everyone?My son is a good boy, a good student, too, yesterday he was bored, I thought "why not send himto the neighbors burn their fields, may be also destroy their mosque across the street" .... at theend I said to myself - "shall we just like throw stones @ the cars, " the police does nothing anyway, then I remembered Im not from the rightwing, I’m the majority but no one protects me andmy children, so in the end we settled for reading books before bedtime.Mr. Prime Minister - you know what we are secular minority of 42%? That to build yourself awonderful coalition, that coalition agreements you signed with the devil, with religious and ultra-Orthodox, and rightists, and Sfaradim and Ashkenazim, and the Russians and the Labor Party -and whom ever, Election day ordinary citizens rushed to vote for one thing and got somethingcompletely different.So Mr. Prime Minister - every member of your coalition Good care of his sector, and you thehead of a secular party, is trained in the secular sector is so big but did not lifted a finger, Iexaggerated a finger, not even a fingernail, and thats a shame.Mr. Prime Minister, we require one law for all, we are all equal before the law, we are all oneunder one rule -And under one rule only!Mr. Prime Minister, pick up the boxing glove and implement immediately Israeli law to all itsinhabitants irrespective of religion, sex, and race, otherwise this beautiful country of ours go toruin.WelcomeAbraham Moshonov