2013 syria in ruins


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2013 syria in ruins

  1. 1. Syria in Ruins Apr 5, 2013
  2. 2. A member of the Free Syrian Army sits on a sofa in the middle of a debris-strewn street in Deir al-Zor, Syria, on April , . Reuters/Khalil Ashawi
  3. 3. Damaged buildings in Jouret al-Shayah, Homs, Syria, on February (Reuters/Yazen Homsy
  4. 4. People walking down a street are pictured through a hole in a building in Deir al-Zor, on April , . Reuters/Khalil Ashawi
  5. 5. A Syrian opposition fighter rubs dust from his face in the Jabilleh neighborhood of the eastern city of Deir al-Zor, during clashes with regime forces as they try to retake the area on February Zac Baillie/AFP/Getty Images
  6. 6. A resident inspects the damages at an ancient Souk caused by what activists said was shelling by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Deir al-Zor, on March , . Reuters/Khalil Ashawi
  7. 7. A woman wearing a scarf depicting the Syrian opposition flag walks in the damaged areas in Deir al-Zor on March . Reuters/Khalil Ashawi
  8. 8. A group of Syrian Free Army activists inspect a damaged mosque at the Sheikh Yassine district area in the eastern city of Deir al-Zor on February ( Reuters/Khalil Ashawi
  9. 9. People walk on a street lined with buildings damaged by what activists said were missiles fired by a Syrian Air Force fighter jet loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in Deir Al-Zor, on March ( Reuters/Muhammad Younis/Shaam News Network
  10. 10. A burning tank is in Daraa, on March ( Reuters/Ali Abu-Salah/Shaam News Network
  11. 11. People inspect damaged areas in Deir al-Zor, on March (Reuters/Khalil Ashawi
  12. 12. A Syrian street vendor who sells cigarette boxes, sits in front of destroyed shops which were damaged by the shelling of the Syrian forces, at Maarat al-Nuaman town, in Idlib province, on February . Syrian rebels battled government troops near a landmark th century mosque in the northern city of Aleppo on Tuesday, while fierce clashes raged around a police academy west of the city, activists said (AP Photo/Hussein Malla
  13. 13. Vehicles burn near a crater on a road after an explosion in central Damascus, on February . Syrian state media blamed what it said was a suicide bombing on "terrorists" battling President Bashar al-Assad. Reuters/SANA
  14. 14. from burned cars In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, injured Syrians sit on the ground while flames and smoke rise after a huge explosion that shook Damascus, on February . Photo/SANA AP
  15. 15. A view of a damaged building in Houla, near Homs, on March Network ( Reuters/Maysara Al-Masri/Shaam News
  16. 16. A boy holds a bicycle near debris and damaged buildings in Homs, on March , . Reuters/Yazan Homsy
  17. 17. Destroyed buildings and streets filled with debris in Homs, on February News Network Reuters/Khaled Tellawi/Shaam
  18. 18. Damaged cars are piled up, used as cover from snipers in the Khaldiyeh area of Homs, on February (Reuters/ Yazan Homsy
  19. 19. A boy takes a picture of his friend who gestures from the top of a damaged building in Deir alZor, on April 4, 2013 Reuters/Khalil Ashawi
  20. 20. A mirror stands inside an old damaged house in Homs, on March , . Reuters/Yazen Homsy
  21. 21. Destroyed buildings along streets filled with debris in Homs, on February . Tellawi/Shaam News Network Reuters/Khaled
  22. 22. A view of damaged buildings on Abu al-Hol street, Homs, on February , . Reuters/Yazen Homsy
  23. 23. of Nihal, in the entrance of an underground Roman tomb used as shelter from Syrian government forces shelling and airstrikes, at Jabal al-Zaweya, in Idlib province,on February Across northern Syria, rebels, soldiers, and civilians are making use of the country's wealth of ancient and medieval antiquities to protect themselves from Syria's two-year-old war. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla
  24. 24. of ) Sami center) speaks with his children in an underground Roman tomb which he uses with his family as shelter from Syrian government forces, at Jabal al-Zaweya, in Idlib province, on February The ancient sites are built of thick stone that has already withstood centuries, and are often located in strategi locations overlooking towns and roads (AP Photo/Hussein Malla
  25. 25. of Sobhi al-Hamod, , lives with his family in an underground cave used for shelter from Syrian government forces in Idlib province, on February . AP Photo/Hussein Malla
  26. 26. A painting of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad riddled with bullet holes, on the facade of the police academy in Aleppo, after it was captured by Free Syrian Army fighters, on March Reuters/Mahmoud Hassano
  27. 27. Firefighters attempt to extinguish a fire at a factory after what activists say was shellingby forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad at al-Haidariah area in Aleppo, on February ( Reuters/Malek AlShema
  28. 28. An excavator is used to search for casualties under the rubble at a site hit by what activists said was a Scud missile in Aleppo's Ard al-Hamra neighborhood, on February , . Rockets struck eastern districts of Aleppo, Syria's biggest city, killing at least people and trapping a family of in the ruins of their home,activists in the city said (Reuters/Muzaffar Salman
  29. 29. A damaged car in rubble in Al-Ansari neighborhood after what activists said was a missile attack by Syrian Air Forces in Aleppo, on February . Reuters/Aaref Hretani
  30. 30. Inside a damaged mosque in Aleppo, on March . Reuters/Mahmoud Hassano
  31. 31. A Syrian woman sits on the ruins of her house which was destroyed in an airstrike by government warplanes a few days earlier, killing members of her family in the neighborhood of Ansari, Aleppo, on February AP Photo/Abdullah al-Yassin
  32. 32. The wreckage of a helicopter, belonging to forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad near Menagh military airport in Aleppo, on March , . Reuters/Mahmoud Hassano
  33. 33. Burned and damaged buildings in the Sheikh Maksoud area of Aleppo on April . Reuters/George Ourfalian
  34. 34. Damaged buildings after air force shelling in the Karam Al-Tarrab neighborhood near Aleppo International Airport,on February . Reuters/Malek Al Shemali
  35. 35. A Syrian rebel takes position behind a makeshift barricade during clashes with regime forces in the Salaheddine district of Aleppo, on March JM Lopez/AFP/Getty Images
  36. 36. In this Tuesday March , , citizen journalism image provided by Aleppo Media Center AMC which has been authenticated based on itscontents and other AP reporting,black smoke rises from buildings due to government forces shelling, in Aleppo.AP Photo/Aleppo Media Center, AMC
  37. 37. Damaged buildings in the Jdeideh district of Aleppo, on February . ,Reuters/George Ourfalian
  38. 38. A Syrian man fumigates a street covered with uncollected garbage in the northern city of Aleppo, on March ( Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images
  39. 39. A child stands on the remnants of a destroyed military vehicle in front of a damaged building in Al Inzarat district of Aleppo, on February . euters/Hamid Khatib