Signs of a Singaporean


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Characteristic, behaviour and thinking of a typical Singaporean. Learn about culture of Singapore.

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Signs of a Singaporean

  1. 1. Signs of a Singaporean Brought to you by
  2. 2. # 1: Sign of a Singaporean There's nothing wrong with putting chili sauce on everything you eat.
  3. 3. # 2: Sign of a Singaporean Wait for instructions from people in authority before doing anything. Always.
  4. 4. # 3: Sign of a Singaporean A good night out means having dinner at a hawker Centre and then going to another hawker centre and eating again.
  5. 5. # 4: Sign of a Singaporean It is a no-no to criticise your boss or people in higher positions even if they're wrong.
  6. 6. # 5: Sign of a Singaporean Buys a $20 product (that he don't need) for $10 just to save the money.
  7. 7. # 6: Sign of a Singaporean It's okay to have only one meaningful choice on a ballot.
  8. 8. # 7: Sign of a Singaporean Every task you take on and every group you form is incomplete without a mission statement and a cheesy slogan
  9. 9. # 8: Sign of a Singaporean Most or all of these acronyms make sense to you: NUS; NTU; ERP; SDU; PAP; MRT; LKY; GCT; PRC; TIBS; SBS; SMS; JB; JBJ; AMK; AYE; PIE; ECP; ISD; ISA; 5 C's; CPF; CHIJMES; SPG; CWO.
  10. 10. # 9: Sign of a Singaporean You think that nothing makes a person more attractive than to dress exactly like thousands of other girls and guys who dress exactly like girls and guys in the malls.
  11. 11. # 10: Sign of a Singaporean $100,000 is a reasonable price for a Toyota Corolla and $1 million is a reasonable price for a bungalow, but $5 for a plate of fried noodles is a barbarous outrage.
  12. 12. # 11: Sign of a Singaporean You justify every argument with the phrase "in order for us to be competitive in the 21st century".
  13. 13. # 12: Sign of a Singaporean Everything should be "topped up"
  14. 14. # 13: Sign of a Singaporean Western food is incomplete without baked beans.
  15. 15. # 14: Sign of a Singaporean You see nothing unusual about an organization of trade unions spending more time owning and operating supermarkets, drugstores, amusement parks, and financial services outlets than planning the next strike.
  16. 16. # 15: Sign of a Singaporean Durian and belachan no longer stink to you.
  17. 17. # 16: Sign of a Singaporean You're not confused by a street naming system that locates streets like Clementi Road, Clementi Street, Clementi Crescent, Clementi Lane, Clementi Drive, Clementi Way, and Clementi Avenues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 all within walking distance of each other.
  18. 18. # 17: Sign of a Singaporean You get irritated if you don't see a sign telling you how long your wait's going to be for a bus, a train, or the expressway to take you where you want to go.
  19. 19. # 18: Sign of a Singaporean You think that no vegetable should ever be eaten raw for any reason. Except for cucumbers.
  20. 20. # 19: Sign of a Singaporean You forgot what chewing gum tastes like.
  21. 21. # 20: Sign of a Singaporean You say "handphone", not "cellphone" And you think there's no such thing as a handphone that's too thin.
  22. 22. # 21: Sign of a Singaporean You're not bothered by the fact that government cares whether you know how to use a toilet or urinal correctly.
  23. 23. # 22: Sign of a Singaporean You're sure that the best way to change social behaviour is through consistent and comprehensive government- sponsored campaigns that permeate as many aspects of daily life as possible. And when they don't work, you never speak of them again.
  24. 24. # 23: Sign of a Singaporean You've become a fan of either Arsenal, Man. U., or Liverpool. None of the team is from Singapore.
  25. 25. # 24: Sign of a Singaporean You think a bus is incomplete without a TV.
  26. 26. CTE or CITY I always get puzzled..when the taxi driver says....we go by city??.... i always wonder what he's talking about. This whole country is a city so you mean theres a province????????? Um... just in case you really didn't understand, he's saying CTE (see tee ee), aka the Central Expressway
  27. 27. Thank you for watching! Signs of a Singaporean Brought to you by