Allstate BCS National Championship Game


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Allstate BCS National Championship Game

  1. 1. ==== ====Get the Xbox 360 250 GB Kinect Bundle for free! ====While the BCS Standings may have had a mess in determining which teams should play forcollege footballs national championship, it turns out that Ohio State and Louisiana State may havebeen the best possible choice after all.In analyzing the 10 teams that won this years bowl lottery with the highest payouts for the 5 majorBCS bowl games, I created a new system to evaluate the teams involved. Rather than add to thealready flooded opinions about who should or should not have been chosen, I have decided toapply some cold, hard facts that are beyond dispute.My basis is the actual NCAA regular season team statistics for the 5 main offensive and 5 maindefensive categories. These are Scoring Offense, Total Offense, Rushing Offense, PassingOffense, Pass Efficiency Offense, Scoring Defense, Total Defense, Rushing Defense, PassDefense and Pass Efficiency Defense. A numerical value (1 to 5) was then assigned for the 119Division 1A schools. The Top 10 in each category got a "Great" rating of 5, the next 20 got a"Good" rating of 4, the next 59 an "Average" rating of 3, the next 20 a "Poor" rating of 2, and thebottom 10 a "Terrible" rating of 1.The Great and Good ratings represent the top 25% of the schools, the Average rating representsthe middle 50%, and the Poor and Terrible ratings represent the bottom 25% of the schools. Giventhis system, the best quality game (not necessarily the best game) during the bowl season maywell be the Ohio State-Louisiana State (LSU) match-up in the Allstate BCS National ChampionshipGame. Here is why:1) A perfect score in the 5 defensive categories is 25 and Ohio State (11-1) fits the profile with aperfect 25 score. The Buckeyes lead the nation in 4 of the 5 categories: Scoring Defense, TotalDefense, Pass Defense and Pass Efficiency Defense, and rank No. 3 in Rushing Defense. OhioState is, in fact, the best defensive team in the country based on actual results.2) LSU (11-2) is among the Top 10 teams in 3 defensive categories: No. 3 in Total Defense andPass Efficiency Defense, and No. 9 in Pass Defense. The Tigers are Good in the other twocategories for a total score of 23.3) On offense neither team is really good. Ohio State is Good in 2 categories and Average in 3others for a 17 total score, while LSU is Good in 3 categories and Average in 2 others for an 18score.4) Adding up their offensive and defensive totals, Ohio State scores 42 out of a perfect 50, andLSU scores 41. This should be a lower scoring defensive battle with all of the earmarks of a greatnational championship game going down to the final moments. Call it a toss-up.
  2. 2. The Rose Bowl pits Southern California (10-2) and Illinois (9-3) with a distinct advantage forSouthern Cal (USC) because it is the only other team among the 10 BCS bowl contestants thathas a perfect 25 score on the defensive side of the ball. USC, like Ohio State, is in the Top 10nationally in all 5 defensive categories, ranking No. 2 in Total Defense and No. 4 in both RushingDefense and Scoring Defense. Illinois is Good in 2 categories and Average in 3 others for a totalof 17 out of 25.Both USC and Illinois tie for the lowest total score with 15 among the 5 offensive categories. USCis only 1 of 2 teams to rate Average in every offensive category. Illinois is Great in RushingOffense (No. 5 nationally) and Terrible in Passing Offense (No. 114 nationally).The question is "Can USCs top-rated rush defense stop Illinois top-rated rushing offense?" I thinkthe Trojans can. USC has far more experience at this level than Illinois, and a great defensegenerally stops a great offense when the great offense meets better competition.The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl should prove to be an interesting clash between Oklahoma (11-2) andWest Virginia (10-2). Oklahoma scores out a little better on offense (21 to 18) and West Virginiascores a little better on defense (22 to 20). Oklahomas total score is 41, the same as LSUs, andWest Virginias is 40. Another good contest.The Oklahoma Sooners are Great in 4 categories: Scoring Offense (No. 3 nationally), PassEfficiency Offense (No. 2 nationally), Scoring Defense (No. 9 nationally) and Rushing Defense(No. 8 nationally). The West Virginia Mountaineers are Great in 3 categories: Rushing Offense(No. 4 nationally), Total Defense (No. 4 nationally) and Scoring Defense (No. 7 nationally). WestVirginia is Terrible in Passing Offense (No. 113 nationally).Look for West Virginia to run, run, run and Oklahoma to use its great rushing defense to stopthem. While Oklahoma is no Ohio State defensively, they bring much more experience to thetable, having played in 3 national championship games in the past 7 years. The Sooners beatFlorida State 13-2 for the national title in 2000, lost to LSU 21-14 in 2003 and lost to USC 55-19 in2004. West Virginia has yet to play in a national championship game.Oklahoma should win this game. The Sooners have to be smarting after last years humiliating 43-42 loss to Boise State in last years Fiesta Bowl. Oklahoma returns to the same bowl game as lastyears loss and has some unfinished business, like winning against a better team this year.The FedEx Orange Bowl game between Virginia Tech (11-2) and Kansas (11-1) should also beinteresting. Virginia Tech has the 3rd highest total defensive score (24 of 25) among the 10 bowlteams.The Hokies are Great in Scoring Defense (No. 2 nationally), Pass Efficiency Defense (No. 4nationally), Total Defense and Rushing Defense (both No. 5 nationally). Virginia Techs offense isAverage to Poor so the Hokies better be good on defense.Kansas has the best offensive score (23 of 25) among the 10 bowl teams. The Jayhawks areGreat in 3 categories: Scoring Offense (No. 2 nationally), Total Offense (No. 6 nationally) andPass Efficiency Offense (No. 7 nationally).
  3. 3. Kansas is also Great in 3 defensive categories: Scoring Defense (No. 5 nationally), RushingDefense (No. 7 nationally) and Pass Efficiency Defense (No. 10 nationally). The Jayhawks and theonly team among the 10 bowl teams rated Great in 6 categories. Their loss to Missouri hurt abunch; they just might send Virginia Tech home with a loss.The Allstate Sugar Bowl game brings Hawaii (12-0) face-to-face with Georgia (10-2). On paperHawaii has a much better offense, scoring Great in 4 categories: Scoring Offense and PassingOffense (both No. 1 nationally), Total Offense and Pass Efficiency Offense (both No. 3 nationally).The Warriors have Colt Brennan, a quarterback to be feared.Hawaiis defense in not good but neither is Georgias offense; the Bulldogs, like the USC Trojans,are Average across the board. Georgias defense is better but its Pass Efficiency Defense isAverage. Georgia has played much better competition than Hawaii and should win this game, but Ihave seen Colt Brennan pass, and he is THAT good.Copyright © 2007 Ed BagleyEd Bagleys Blog Publishes Original Articles with Analysis and Commentary on 5 Subjects: Sports,Movie Reviews, Lessons in Life, Jobs and Careers, and Internet Marketing. My intention is toinform, educate, delight and motivate you the reader.Read my articles on "How to Predict When Teams Are Overrated and Due for an UnexpectedLoss", "The Sagarin Ratings: What They Are, How to Read Them and What to Do With Them" andmy 14 consecutive weekly wrap-up articles on the 2007 College Football Season.Find my Blog at:[]Article Source: ====
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