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Construction project managers australian immigration


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This article is a description of the procedure for getting a visa in Australia for construction project Manager. Settling in Australia permanently is really a good opportunity. However, an applicant under the category of construction project manager must think about few things before applying for visa Australia. An authorized immigration expert can assist you to know all procedure to get visa in Australia.

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Construction project managers australian immigration

  1. 1. Canadian Visa & Migration Consultancy Services in India Australia is one the developed and beautiful country in the world. This is the reason that many people are attracted to the country. People who live and work in the country for a couple of years have decided that it is a good place to stay. You have to be qualified enough to present all necessary credentials to make your house in Australia officially. Australia has requirement for specialized professionals in different fields, particularly more in the field of management, medical and engineering. Below are mentioned the requirement for construction project Manager.
  2. 2. Skill required Applicants under the category of construction project manager should have the ability to plan, organize, manage, coordinate and control the various duties related to Construction projects, dwellings. An applicant should be able to handle all the duties including the human and physical resources required for the building and construction development. The person performing these duties is expected to have skills matching a bachelor degree or even higher qualification. Minimum five years experience in the relevant work field can be taken as substitute in place of formal qualification. However, there are certain jobs where along with the relevant experience formal qualification of ANZSCO Skill Level 1 might be mandatory.
  3. 3. Eligibility required getting visa under this category If you are applying under this category, you can be eligible for obtaining skilled migration visa under various programs such as: 1) Employer Nomination Scheme or ENS, 2) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme or RSMS, 3) Point Based Skilled Migration Visa 4) Temporary Business for Long stay-Subclass 457
  4. 4. Test of skills is thought to be important only in case of certain visa belonging to the subclasses of the skilled migration program. Always make sure the visa subclass under which you are applying requires skills assessment or not. In addition, it is necessary to enquire whether the availability of visa is only for restricted province or territory all entire Australia. Point Assessment It is important that the concerned national assessment authority must assess your skills before you are ready to migrate to Australian land as a skilled migrant. For construction, project manager occupation the concerned assessment authority is Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services (VETASSESS).
  5. 5. Australian immigration visa is given based on your score evaluated through point system. Thus, if you have additional qualification or work experience that can add to your points during assessment. In that case, you can immediately forward all the related documents along with your application for direct nomination to the Citizenship and immigration authority of Australia Depending on the document you have submitted the assessing authority will recommend the Department of Immigration and Citizenship your application. Moreover, on this advice, the department will then award points.
  6. 6. Licensing or Registration from local authority There are few occupations like the construction management engineer where you are expected to get license from the local office in the territory or the state where you are intending to start practicing your occupation. The immigration consultant can preferably provide all such details. Authorized and renowned immigration consultants are in direct contact with the immigration authorities of Australia and provide you with correct guidance for getting the immigration visa.