eBook reader: Kindle and iBook


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A general introduction on Kindle and iBook, and simple way to create your ebook

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eBook reader: Kindle and iBook

  1. 1. eBook: Kindle and iBook General Introduction Vincent Hung LTTC
  2. 2. Why eBook• On the one hand, the broad move from the now centuries- long dominance of writing to the new dominance of the image and, on the other hand, the move from the dominance of the medium of the book to the dominance of the medium of the screen. (Kress, p.1, 2003)• With the introduction of Kindle and iBook, our reading habit is shifting from reading books to viewing screen• While reading ebook, can we highlight points, and make notes as in reading printed materials?• Can we produce our own eBook?
  3. 3. Sharing• Viewing eBook with • kindle in iPad • iBook in iPad• How to create eBook with • Mac • PC
  4. 4. Kindle e-reading• Kindle is a ebook reading device created by Amazon for reading eBook sold by Amazon• You can view the Amazon eBook by Kindle device, by Kindle reader app for iPod Touch/ iPhone/iPad, or by Kindle for PC• one eBook can be downloaded to six computing devices such as Kindle for PC, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad• While reading, you can have dictionary, google search and wikipedia, note and highlight
  5. 5. My iPad Kindle App and library
  6. 6. While reading Kindle, you canhighlight, make note and share to Facebook or Twitter SearchDictionary, Google or Wikipedia
  7. 7. Kindle e-reading• All highlights, notes and bookmarks can be synchronized to all your other computing/ mobile devices installed with Kindle reader• You can download all your highlights and notes on specific device with Kindle reader
  8. 8. iBook• An Apple App: ebook reader, that can be downloaded to iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad• You can purchase a lot of eBooks provided by iTunes Store, and read the eBook via iBook in iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad
  9. 9. My iPad iBook library
  10. 10. While reading iBook, you can Highlight with different coloursCopy, Define, Highlight, Make note ,and Search Dictionary, Google and Wikipedia
  11. 11. Create your own eBook• With Kindle device, you can convert pdf file into eBook format stored in Kindle library• For iBook, it is easy to create eBook by Pages in Mac environment, or Calibre in PC• Calibre is a freeware that can convert pdf file to ePub, a common eBook format
  12. 12. My new reading experience• first, download Journal paper in pdf format• copy the content of the pdf and paste to Pages at MacBook• output Pages file to ePub file• email ePub file to yourself• open the ePub file at iPad with iBook• highlight and make note while reading
  13. 13. Conclusion• eBook gives you a new experience of reading