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  • I know that you have all heard about Photoshop before, but few – if any – have probably used it. Photoshop is a wonderful, powerful application that will allow you to do just about anything. Simple text editing to photo manipulation to turning black and white photographs into color photographs to graphic design and much, much more. There is unlimited number of uses for photoshop.
  • Everyone has had those family pictures where one person is not looking at the camera, or they blinked, so you have to take another one. And in that second one, something else went wrong. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fix those in a few minutes to have the perfect family portrait? Photoshop can easily do that with a tool called the “Clone Stamp Tool.” Even a simple copy from one picture and paste onto the other will suffice with a few quick swipes of the “Blending Tool.” Even if you’re not going into anything having to deal with graphic design, it is still to play round with – maybe you can wow your boss at a presentation with some very cool effects. Graphic design can be anything from photo manipulation to starting from scratch to editing texts. Here, I put the beach into the word PROCRASTINATE and it took all of two minutes.
  • This photo, which I found on a high school website, took out the golfer and just left the clothes and accessories. This is not a beginner’s skill, but with a little help, anyone could do it. It just goes to show that this type of effect is not limited to just professionals.
  • This photo was found on the same high school’s website.
  • If you are struggling to think of something that you want to do with Photoshop, just Googlephotoshop tutorials. Thousands of different web pages come up linking you to the “50 Best Photoshop Effects!” Even when you don’t know what you want to do, there are tutorials that can even inspire you. For example, I was looking for a specific photo manipulation tutorial, and I found this tutorial: an Elephant Sundae.
  • Here is another example of a tutorial that I was not necessarily looking for. You can easily turn photographs into cartoon-ish type images.
  • There are certain tutorial authors, such as Stephen Petrany from, that will give you every little detail in order to have you understand as much as possible. On certain websites, there will be ratings for each author. In this way, you can determine the credibility of each author. Petrany received 4.5/5 stars as an author. Each website also enables users of the tutorials to write comments in order for you to be able to see what others thought of the tutorials before you start.
  • Here are more of my other products of tutorials. The first one, is also by the same author of the Elephant Sundae, Stephen Petrany. The second one was by another 4.5/5 star author – Rose, also from
  • There are many things wrong with his picture. Mainly so, the splashes. What they editors should have done was take any number of splash effects found on Google images and manipulated it in such a way to make a realistic splash. Second, the two women are not cut out well at all and could have been avoided with some of Photoshop’s selection tools. Also with the women, there are no shadows – they are just pasted on. Now these people know how to avoid the sunlight. Finally, these people are massive compared to the pool that they are jumping in.
  • There are some clearly massive mistakes in this picture: look at here hands and feet. They are clearly resting on something in the original picture of the girl. The editors could have easily put another bowling pin under her hands and feet to make this more realistic.
  • At first glance, this picture is fine, but when you look closely, you can see that there are two of the exact same people in this picture…right next to one another.
  • Next time this company advertises, they should make sure that they have a complete animal in the picture. Clearly something went wrong here.
  • There is no way that the man in the front with the two kids was included in this group picture. The lighting is different and there are no shadows – it looks like they are floating above the ground.
  • Photoshop

    1. 1. Reasons to Learn• Family portraits • Fun• Graphic Design • Procrastination Image from:
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    3. 3. Image from:
    4. 4. Online Tutorials• Google: photoshop tutorials• Hundreds of tutorials• You can find anything
    5. 5. Online Tutorials cont. Tutorial from:Image from: basic-vexel-image/
    6. 6. Online Tutorials cont.Tutorial pictures from:
    7. 7. Image from: Image from:
    8. 8. Photoshop Faux PasImage from:
    9. 9. Photoshop Faux PasImage from:
    10. 10. Photoshop Faux Pas Image from:
    11. 11. Photoshop Faux PasImage from:
    12. 12. Photoshop Faux PasImage from:
    13. 13. Photoshop Faux Pas• Adding without subtracting• Not blending edges• Non-realistic effects