Reintegrating Back to Society - Veteran Job Training Program


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How does someone qualify as a veteran? What jobs await these veterans when they return home injured and disabled for life? What benefits does a veteran qualify for? What is Veteran job training and can it help a veteran? These questions may have bothered you while watching that news about soldiers, medics, engineers, and other military personnel going to war and then getting disabled for life.

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Reintegrating Back to Society - Veteran Job Training Program

  1. 1. How does someone qualify as a veteran?What jobs await these veterans when theyreturn home injured and disabled for life?What benefits does a veteran qualify for?What is Veteran job training and can it help aveteran?
  2. 2. These questions may have bothered you whilewatching that news about soldiers, medics,engineers, and other military personnel going towar and then getting disabled for life.You might have pitied their situation and wishedthere was something you could do for them. Thefact is, it is not unusual that a veteran whoreturned from the war would have post-wartrauma. In some cases, because of the traumathat the war causes, the veteran becomeshomeless and sometimes completely disabledphysically and mentally.
  3. 3. The VeteranAny military service member who served thearmy for 180 days during both peace and war-time is entitled to have the veteran status as longhe or she was given an honorable or generaldischarge.Upon receiving the veteran status, this personcan avail of the different benefits that thegovernment offers for this war heroes andheroines.
  4. 4. The BenefitsVeteran benefits vary greatly from oneveteran to another depending on the degreeof disability, time served, number ofdependents and other factors.Here is a list of different benefits that aveteran will receive once he or she returnshome:
  5. 5. • Disability Benefits.A veteran who was injured during active dutyis entitled to receive disability benefits.The amount is tax-free and is dependent onthe degree of disability received by theveteran.
  6. 6. • Health Care.The Department of Veteran Affairs will provideveterans low-cost health care packagesonce they enroll themselves in the VA HealthCare System.The benefit includes free dental treatment,counseling sessions, for post war trauma andother neurological disorder because of thewar, and more.
  7. 7. • Pension.This is usually for veterans who are over 65years old or those who were totally disabledbecause of active duty.The amount may vary on the number of theveterans dependents.
  8. 8. Jobs for VeteransSometimes instead of providing pensions andmonthly stipends, the VA resort to providingVeteran job training.The Veteran job training program is also away to encourage those veterans who werepartly disabled by the war to return to society.
  9. 9. The Veteran job training program wascreated to encourage veterans to try to livetheir lives normally despite of the injury,trauma or disability they have received.The VA focuses on skills that neglect the use ofthe veterans disabled part.Here is a short list of different programs thatthe VA Veteran job training program offers:
  10. 10.  Basic Computer Literacy Computer related courses such computer repair, application, network and computer systems, support, office and administration support and database administrators Culinary Arts Training Program
  11. 11.  Healthcare training programs such EMT basic training, medical support specialists and medical assistant. Specialist for Inventory Control Training Program Basic Website Designs Training Program
  12. 12. After the veteran successfully finished one ora few of these training programs; they will notbe left alone.The VA also promises to help the veteranssearch for jobs and job placement.The VA also ensures that veterans whochoose to reintegrate themselves to thesociety are constantly followed up for the nextnine months.
  13. 13. Want to support our heros?Then hire veterans today and support themand their families!Just go to