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Green Energy Jobs


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One definition of Green jobs is that they contribute substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality. They impact agriculture, manufacturing, research & development, administrative, and service activities. Green energy jobs are a vital type of green-collar jobs that are growing in number and have a secure future.

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Green Energy Jobs

  1. 1. One definition of Green jobs is that theycontribute substantially to preserving or restoringenvironmental quality.They impact agriculture, manufacturing, research& development, administrative, and serviceactivities.Green energy jobs are a vital type of green-collarjobs that are growing in number and have asecure future.
  2. 2. Green energy can be defined as "Energywhich is replenishable within a human lifetimeand causes no long-term damage to theenvironment."These jobs are divided into two majorareas, Renewable Energy Jobs and jobs thatpromote Energy Efficiency.
  3. 3. Renewable energy Jobs:These are jobs generated in the energysectors like wind, solar, thermal, biomass andgeothermal where these renewable energyresources are used to generate moreenvironmental friendly electricity and heat.
  4. 4. This job category offers jobs inmanufacturing, research anddevelopment, fuelprocessing, installation, operation andmaintenance and many more.
  5. 5. Energy efficiency jobs:These are jobs generated in the sectors wherenew technologies are used, in an effort tosave energy or improve energy efficiency inthe residentialbuildings, industries, transportation etc.
  6. 6. Many equipment, appliances, buildings andvehicles that work on low carbon emissiontechnology and also try to improve theenergy efficiency are considered in thiscategory.Basically, energy efficient technologiesprovide solutions to increase nations energyproductivity in a cost effective way. Thisincludes Green building, transportation andenergy storage.
  7. 7. Green Energy Jobs have a Strong FutureBy 2050, the share of the energy market fromrenewable resources is expected to increaseto approximately 30% and one-fifth more jobswill be created in the energy sector than inthe current energy businesses.Also, the utility industry is experiencing a braindrain.
  8. 8. According to the American Public PowerAssociation, "The loss of critical knowledge andthe inability to find replacements with utility-specific skills are the two biggest challengesfacing public power utilities as a result ofworkforce aging."The most senior people will be retiring soon andthey will be the most difficult to replace.Education and work experience will walk out thedoor with them. Employees are needed at alllevels.
  9. 9. As more and more new technologies forgreen energy are coming into themarket, many new jobs in areas likemanufacturing, installation operations andmaintenance will be created.Also, skilled scientists and engineers willcontinue to remain in great demand forresearch and development purposes.
  10. 10. A good source of current information on thisemerging energy market by state, and cleanenergy trends in 2012 is Clean Edge.--The article was compiled using differentsources found on the net.
  11. 11. We are a non-profit organization whos missionis to give green jobs to military vets.Go to and supportus!Donate and spread the word today!