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Dating sites for personal info december 2010


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In her "Online Sources of Information" webinar (March 2011), PI Cynthia Navarro noted that dating sites can be a valuable, if unlikely, source of personal information.

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Dating sites for personal info december 2010

  1. 1. Search dating sites…check them out see who you findSometimes your subject may be lurking around on their local personal onlinedating service. I’ve found a few on Below is a list of someinternational sites I came across. This is only a sample of the 4000+ Europeandating and matchmaking sites available. There has been a 52% increase inmobile access to dating sties in Europe in the last year.Personal online dating sites to check out • (Turkey) • (Turkish top dating site with 3M users) • (Turkish liberal matrimonial site) • (Turkey) • (Jewish dating site) • (dating site that matches based on books read; this should be interesting) • (choose your country, plus there they have a site for gays, • (France) • (France, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Belgium) • eHarmony (UK and US) • MatchAffinity (UK) • DatingDirect (UK) • Zoosk • BadooUS dating sites • (Big in New York) • (now this is interesting. You purchase a deck of cards with various comments. You actually hand this in person to someone that sparks your interest. The card has the site url and a code. They can then go on line and see your profile. The concept I guess is if you are in a coffee shop and a stranger catches your eye…they can walk up and just hand them the card then walk away and see if they here back from them online via the profile) • (While this is a social networking site like myspace, there is a lot of dating and flirting that goes on here!) • (they have been around a long time) • • December 2010 Finnegan’s Way – 22568 Mission Blvd #144, Hayward CA 94541 Office 510-886-5150 Cell: 510-909-4327