toc theory of constraints inventory retailers supply chain management erp replenishment system constraint distirbution distribution retail project management vector consulting group supply chain management consumer goods automobile logistics applications fmcg logistics lean management constraint. wip multitasking project managers multi-project environment critical chain project management project environments managing projects warehouse manufacturing it product offerings customer experience brands new product development product launch product management consultant tata motors suppliers sales toc replenishment oem conflicts win-win supply and demand profits inventory management fashion design fashion hr human resources managing people conflict management employee management human resource management people management systematic implementation replenishment. supply chain. strategic planning retailer lean manufacturing competitive edge focus buffer penetration bottleneck re-engineering buffer penetration. reverse logistics e-waste. consumer durables green logistics customer service fmcg sector inventory level quality ccpm time e&c projects project lead time designers projects. environment bandwidth epc iterations engineering processes measurement resource productivity error management theory mrpii sku algorithm paradigm
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