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7 Important Big Data Trends for 2016


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Which Big Data trends are going to have the biggest impact? Here are 7 Big Data trends that will affect organizations and governments in 2016. Read the complete article here:

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7 Important Big Data Trends for 2016

  1. 1. Mark van Rijmenam Big Data Trends 2016
  2. 2. Mark van Rijmenam Founder Datafloq Big Data Strategist International Public speaker Author Think Bigger
  3. 3. Big Data Trend 1: The Rise of the Algorithms
  4. 4. Big Data Trend 2: Data-Lake-as-a-Service Solutions
  5. 5. Big Data Trend 3: Blockchain Will Become Accepted in Different Industries
  6. 6. Big Data Trend 4: People Analytics to Keep Talent Engaged
  7. 7. Big Data Trend 5: Smart Governments Improving Societies and Citizen’s Experiences
  8. 8. Big Data Trend 6: Increased Big Data Security and Data Breaches
  9. 9. Big Data Trend 7: Fog Analytics Takes Off Due to Smart Machines
  10. 10. Thank you @vanRijmenam For more information: Available via Amazon