Real Life Israel in 2 Minutes or Less


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Learn all that you need to know about the Jerusalem-Based Real Life Israel Immersion Program in 2 minutes or less!

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Real Life Israel in 2 Minutes or Less

  1. 1. RLI in 2 Minutes  + the Program in a Nutshell Where? When? What? Who? Why?
  2. 2. 5-month immersion program in Israel. Find out what it is really like to live, work, play & enjoy life here. What?
  3. 3. …10 days is not enough… 250,000 participants of Birthright came for 10 days. RLI gives you the chance to get off the bus so you can explore & experience LIFE. Why?
  4. 4. Where? RLI is based in Jerusalem
  5. 5. City Center Old City Nachlaot GanSacher Israel Museum The Knesset Machne Yehuda Where? RLI participants live in the best neighborhood of Jerusalem – Nachlaot!
  6. 6. The Program in a (really small) Nutshell Month 1: Hebrew Ulpan (Hbrw)+Trips Month 2: Hbrw+Intern/volunteer (I/V)+Politics Sem. Month 3: Hbrw+I/V+Business in Israel Seminar Month 4: Hbrw+I/V+Trip to Eilat Month 5: Hbrw+I/V+Army in Society Seminar Throughout the program: Weekly day-trips, cultural activities, workshops and training in “Israel life skills,” Jewish learning, educational sessions on Israeli and Zionist history, meetings with Israeli peers and other successful olim and veteran Israelis …. and lots of fun!  Click to View the Program Calendar | Check Out What You Get 
  7. 7. The Program in a Nutshell Tuition: $6350 (Spring Program Tuition) ***as low as $0 after grants*** Includes: Room, Hebrew language Ulpan, internship/volunteer placements, all seminars, trips and excursions and all other aspects of the program as well as a Jerusalem area bus pass for free transportation and health insurance! MASA Grants To Cover Tuition • Participants under 30 can get $3000! • Many “independent” participants get $4500! Other funding sources/grants: -Your local Jewish Federations, synagogues, Jewish groups, parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances! We’ve seen it all work!
  8. 8. Internships We have people interning at… •Hazon Yeshaya Humanitarian Network •PresenTense Group •Hadassah Hospital, Dept. of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases •Evelina De Rothschild Elementary School •Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs •Akim •Crossroads Jerusalem: Center for English-Speaking At-Risk Youth •Dugma Boys School •The Israel Museum •Hebrew University, Dept. of Medical Neurobiology
  9. 9. Internships Here are what some of our current participants are experience at their internships… Making friends with Israeli co-workers Hearing the Prime Minister at national conferences
  10. 10. Trips & Seminars We’ve taken some amazing trips all over the country, and met with top Israeli officials and leaders! For more photos go to:
  11. 11. Is Eligible? Jewish young adults aged 21-32+ years old Runs RLI? RLI is a program of Sachlav Educational Experience, the fastest growing tour operator of Taglit-Birthright Israel trips. For over 20 years we have been at the forefront of designing and implementing amazing, educational and fun experiences in Israel for all ages. Learn more here. RLI is a Masa-Israel Journey sponsored program. RLI participants are eligible to receive grants and financial aid towards participation on the program. Learn more at Who?
  12. 12. Upcoming Programs SPRING 2011: Feb. 1 2011  June 30 Application Deadline: Dec. 15th When? Apply now! Fall 2011: Aug 31, 2011  end of Jan 2012 Limited Space – Apply Early to ensure your spot!
  13. 13. This Year in Jerusalem Toll Free: 1-888-294-3667 Apply now!