Asp.Net difference faqs- 3


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This provides a list of ASP.NET FAQs-3 which are of "Difference between" kind

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Asp.Net difference faqs- 3

  1. 1. 1.Difference between ASP.NET and PHP S.No ASP.NET PHP 1 Technology Availability: Technology Availability: ASP.NET was launched by PHP was launched by Rasmus Lerdorf Microsoft in the year 2002. in the year 1995. 2 Database: Database: ASP.Net uses MS-SQL for For point of database connectivity PHP connecting database but MS-SQL uses MySQL for the purpose of can not be availed free from database connectivitybecasue its Microsoft. highly flexiblilty nature. Another important fact is that it will incurextra expenditure because MySQL can be accessed for free. 3 Cost: Cost: We need to install Internet Linux can be used for running PHP Information Server (IIS)on a programs and Linux is free operating Windows server platformif you system. Therefore,the cost of want to run ASP.Net program. As developing a website in PHP language Windows server platform is not a is remarkably low free product,the cost of production is bounded to be increased. 4 Run Time : Run Time: It has been observed that ASP.Net Whereas inbuilt memory space is used code runs slower than PHP code. by PHP while running. This is becauseASP.Net utilizes server space while running 5 Coding Simplicity: Coding Simplicity: ASP.Net codes are somewhat PHP codes are very simple and a complicated and a web developer programmer does not haveto make a needs to work hard to get the hang diligent effort because it is of it comparatively easier than other types of programming languages. 6 Platform Connectivity Issue : Platform Connectivity Issue: ASP.NET codes are usually run on PHP has a unique advantagein this Windows platforms but if you issue. Its codes can be linked with install ASP-Apache inthe server different types of platforms such than it can run on Linux platform asWindows, Linux and UNIX. as well. 7 Cost of Tools : Cost of Tools :
  2. 2. There is no such free tools are PHP codes are available for free in available for ASP.Net. various forums and blogs as it is a open source software. Furthermore, some useful tools that can be used in PHP are also availablefor free 8 Language Support : Language Support : The syntax of ASP.Net is more or The codes that are used in PHP are less similar to that of Visual basic very much similar to that of C++ syntax and this is all but simple. language and its syntax resembles the syntax used in C and C++. Therefore, if you have a fair knowledge in C++ or C, you will not face any difficulty while coding PHP language. 9 Security : Security : ASP. Net is reputedfor creating Though PHP can offer enough sophisticated techniques to ensure measures for ensuring data security the safety of confidential data.This is the reason why government organizations opt for ASP.Net.2.Difference between ASP and ASP.NET S.No ASP ASP.NET 1 ASP is a request response model. ASP.NET is a programming model that is event driven. 2 ASP code is an interpreted ASP.NET is a compiled CLR code that language that is interpreted by the will be executed on the Server. script engine. 3 HTML and the coding logic are The code and design logic is separated mixed in ASP. in ASP.NET. 4 To develop and debug ASP ASP.NET application can be application, there are very limited developed and debugged using various tools. tools including the leading Visual Studio .NET tool. 5 ASP has limited support to Object ASP.NET is a complete Object Oriented Programming principles. Oriented Programming language. 6 Session management and ASP.NET extends complete support application state management is for session management and
  3. 3. very limited in ASP. application state management. 7 Error handling system is poor in ASP.NET offers complete error ASP. handling and exception handling services. 8 ASP does not offer any in-built In ASP.NET, data exchange is easily support for the XML. performed using XML support. 9 Data source support is not fully Data source support is fully distributed distributed in ASP. in ASP.NET.3.Difference between ASP.NET and VB.NET S.No ASP.NET VB.NET 1 ASP.NET is web technology that VB.NET is a language that is used in is used in building web writing programs that are utilizing the applications and websites. ASP.NET framework. 2 ASP.NET is a server side VB.NET is a .NET programming technology that is language language. VB.NET is used to create independent. Any .NET languages ASP.NET web applications or such as C#, VB.NET can be used windows applications using Visual to develop web applications Studio Windows Forms Designer or through ASP.NET. mobile applications or console applications or applications for variety of other purposes. 3 ASP.NET is included within VB.NET is not part of .NET the .NET framework. framework. For example, ASP.NET contains For example, VB.NET is the code that the text boxes and the controls is written on various events of text that can be dragged and dropped boxes and controls to make them into a web form. function as per the requirement. 4 ASP.NET contains server VB.NET does not include server controls. controls. 5 ASP.NET can support all .NET VB.NET can support only scripting languages. languages.
  4. 4. 4.Difference between Java and .NET S.No Java .NET 1 JAVA is developed by ‘Sun .NET is developed by ‘Microsoft’. Microsystem‘ 2 JAVA is a programming .NET is a framework that supports language many programming languages like C#,ASP,VB. 3 In JAVA, JVM(Java Virtual In .NET CLR(common language Machine) execute the code and Runtime) execute the code with two convert source code to byte code. phase compilation. 4 JAVA can run on any operating .NET can run only on windows/IIS. system 5 But in JAVA it depends upon the Although .NET support both explicit programmer to destroy the and implicit garbage garbage memory. collection,especially,in .NET the garbage collector destroy the garbage value in an efficient manner as compared to JAVA. 6 JDBC is used for database ADO .NET is use for database connection in JAVA connection in .NET. 7 For java many third party IDEs .net has a standard development IDE are available. i.e. Microsoft Visual Studio 8 But web application in java run on Both windows and web applications any operating system. can developed by .net but it will be more better to go for windows application with .NET . you can also go for web application with .NET but it will only hosted on windows server. 9 Exception Handling in Java is Exception Handling in .NET is harder than .NET simpler than JAVA. 10 JAVA uses bootclasspath for .NET uses GAC(Global Assembly completely trusted codes. Cache) and keep trusted assemblies. 11 Java is less secure than .NET JAVA and .NET both have similar while providing security security goals. But .NET is more secure because of its simple and clean designs. 12 Java JDBC which requires .Net due to disconnected data access multiple round trips to data base. through ADO.Net has high level of Hence, performance is lesser performance against Java JDBC than .NET
  5. 5. 13 Development is comparatively Due to Microsoft Visual Studio, slower. development is faster. 14 Java applications development Microsoft Visual Studio installation can be done on even less requires higher configuration system. configuration computer system. 15 Java can only communicate with .Net is the platform itself for a java programs multitude of languages. One can use C, C++ and VB to program upon .net. These programs interact with each other using common methods. these common methods are defined by .Net, and are used by the programs to communicate with each other without worry about that language the program was written in. the machine running the program/s will need the .Net platform to be installed.Please visit my blog @