Rosie Akenhead: "Online Reviews - a Yelp Case Study"


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  • 4. Applicable anywhere- not just on yelp but other sites as well.
  • Why do people turn online now?
  • Founded 2004- story that connects it.
    All local businesses- not just restaurants.
    One of the world’s largest consumer websites. Serves one purpose.
  • Not a slow lead generator- people are using Yelp to find businesses- and then they are spending money quickly.
  • Recommended reviews count toward your overall star rating. Non recommended ones do not. So why do we have this system? This system helps make sure consumers see the most relevant content.
    Reviews like the ones you see here, or on your own business page, are usually not recommended because of these 3 reasons:
    We don’t know a lot about the user that created them
    The review is an unhelpful rant or rave
    The review is malicious or heavily biased.
    If you wondering why specific reviews are recommended or not recommended, my advice to business owners is not to sweat this out too much. The software is constantly looking at reviews, depending on what new information the software has about a given user, or a specific review. BUSINESS RATINGS can change over time. Reviews can go from recommended to not recommended based on how much we know about the user at any given time.
  • It’s a myth that nothing comes for free. The old legacy sites charged businesses even to list. Yelp is a consumer website, and that means we want as much good quality business information as possible.
  • Rosie Akenhead: "Online Reviews - a Yelp Case Study"

    1. 1. Online Reviews: A Yelp Case Study @rosieakenhead #EdgeManc
    2. 2. 1. The Yelp story 2. Common misconceptions about online reviews 3. Yelp for businesses 4. Tips on responding to reviews Agenda
    3. 3. The Yelp story.
    4. 4. Directories ClassifiedsEncyclopedia Network TV Then vs. Now
    5. 5. Yelp Mobile *from Emarketer study. All other stats from Nielsen Mobile Study August 2013 64% of the UK now owns a Smartphone* 60% of all searches on Yelp come from mobile Every second, a consumer generated directions to or called a business from a Yelp app Yelp is partnered to Apple Maps and provides all local review content
    6. 6. Why Are People Coming To Yelp?
    7. 7. Generation XY and Z: Speedy Spenders
    8. 8. Common Misconceptions About Online Reviews on Yelp.
    9. 9. 1. Reviewers Are All Anonymous 2. Reviewers Are All Students 3. Consumers Only Ever Share Negative Experiences 4. Online Reviews Are Not Reliable
    10. 10. Misconception #1: Reviewers Are All Anonymous
    11. 11. Misconception #2: All Reviewers Are Students
    12. 12. Misconception #3: Consumers Prefer To Share Negative Experiences
    13. 13. Misconception #4: Online Reviews Are Not Reliable
    14. 14. Recommended and Non Recommended Reviews
    15. 15. Yelp for Businesses.
    16. 16. Start here:
    17. 17. Free Tools, User Views & Customer Leads
    18. 18. Optimise Your Listing- all of this is free! Photo s Include (and update) opening hours Add Basic Business Informati on Describe Your Business & Meet The Owner
    19. 19. Check-in Offers
    20. 20. Responding To Reviews: Tips
    21. 21. Don’t Lose Your CoolDon’t Lose Your Cool
    22. 22. First Things First:
    23. 23. What Not To Do!
    24. 24. Be Diplomatic, Be Polite, State Your Policies
    25. 25. Outcome:
    26. 26. But Don’t Ask For
    27. 27. Thank you. Questions? @rosieakenhead #EdgeManc Contact Our User Support Team: Business Owner Log-in: Business Support Center:
    28. 28. Appendix i: Paid Upgrades: Search Advertising & on Business Page Removal of Competitor’s AdsRemoval of Competitor’s Ads