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Digital Word-of-Mouth: Yelp #SUYelp


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Digital Word-of-Mouth: Yelp #SUYelp

  1. 1. Lindsay Dolak @ledolak; Klout Score: 61 Arielle Franklin @arf521; Klout Score: 59 Dana Kappel @drk91; Klout Score: 44 Heidi Smolevitz @heidi_smolevitz; Klout Score: 61 #SUYelp #SUYelp
  2. 2. Download App Please! #SUYelp
  3. 3. History of Yelp •  Founded in 2004 by Jeremy Stoppelman •  Jeremy found a need •  Began as an email service for exchanging local business recommendations •  Initially launched as a site o  Today on the web and mobile #SUYelp Yelp Headquarters in San Fransico, CA
  4. 4. What is Yelp? ●  Largest online directory ●  Leading listing service for small business reviews ●  Online urban guide / business review site ●  Today, Yelp incorporates social networking features, discounts and advertising on the site and app Yelp’s Purpose: “To connect people with great local businesses” #SUYelp
  5. 5. Before Yelp ●  Prior to Yelp people got their information by word- of-mouth. ○  Places became known by people visiting them and verbally giving recommendations to others. #SUYelp
  6. 6. Word-of-Mouth ●  Revolutionized the nature of word- of-mouth ●  By the end of Q4 2013, Yelpers had written more than 53 million rich, local reviews, making Yelp the leading local guide for real word-of- mouth on everything from boutiques and mechanics to restaurants and dentists -About Yelp #SUYelp
  7. 7. #SUYelp file:///Users/arf521/Downloads/Snapshot_2013_Q4_US.pdf
  8. 8. #SUYelp file:///Users/arf521/Downloads/Snapshot_2013_Q4_US.pdf
  9. 9. #SUYelp file:///Users/arf521/Downloads/Snapshot_2013_Q4_US.pdf
  10. 10. #SUYelp file:///Users/arf521/Downloads/Snapshot_2013_Q4_US.pdf
  11. 11. Interviews Steve Guglielmo - Account Executive at Yelp #SUYelp “Yelp has not really done any advertising yet. All of its success has been natural and through word of mouth, which is awesome.” -Steve Guglielmo - Account Executive at Yelp
  12. 12. Interviews “You have to be very strategic about getting Yelp reviews.” “Be wary of bad reviews on Yelp.” “Your happy customers can give you great reviews, but your unhappy customers can give you reviews that you can’t do anything about.” - Melinda Emerson @SmallBizLady “To live and die by the same sword” #SUYelp
  13. 13. How Businesses Use Yelp #SUYelp
  14. 14. How Businesses Use Yelp #SUYelp
  15. 15. #SUYelp
  16. 16. #SUYelp
  17. 17. #SUYelp
  18. 18. #SUYelp
  19. 19. #SUYelp
  20. 20. Best Companies Using Yelp: Dinosaur BBQ •  Dinosaur is the top-rated restaurant in Syracuse, NY •  When people come to town, they see the great reviews and that Dinosaur is listed at the top of the search on Yelp •  Dino monitors all reviews closely — frequently logs on o  Appreciate and love their good reviews! o  Manager gets in touch with users who posted about less than good experiences in the restaurant o  They do NOT ask people to give reviews, just monitor what other people right •  Although Dinosaur is a destination restaurant (people come from all over - Australia, England, you’d be surprised) Yelp is still a helpful reminder #SUYelp
  21. 21. Bob Baker — @DinosaurBQ; Klout: 44 PR and Social Media Manager for Dinosaur Restaurants (learned everything he knows about Social Media from @DR4WARD) Interview #SUYelp “Yelp is a great way to get us in front of a hungry persons eye” “It absolutely helps drive business, as long as reviews are good! If they start to fall off, it would be a very very bad thing!”
  22. 22. Yelp’s Partnerships •  Yahoo •  Kindle Fire •  YP (Yellow Pages) - strategic partnership o  Largest local ad platform in the US •  Apple (Siri) •  BMW, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Honda •  Microsoft Bing •  Open Table #SUYelp
  23. 23. How To Use — Navigating Yelp ●  Did the app download? Great! ●  Play around on the app or site a little bit - let us know what you think #SUYelp
  24. 24. Navigating Yelp Mobile #SUYelp ●  30% of Yelp’s new reviews are coming from mobile devices
  25. 25. Navigating Yelp Online #SUYelp
  26. 26. Yelp Demo 1.  Search on Yelp app for a Chinese food restaurant in Syracuse 2.  Ask Siri to find a dentist nearby 3.  Yahoo search for a hotel in the area 4.  Use the Monocle feature to see what restaurants are down the street #SUYelp
  27. 27. Monacle — Augmented Reality #SUYelp
  28. 28. Recent News: Yelp Enters the Emoji World ●  Yelp has just updated their mobile app to allow users to use an Emoji to search for things ●  In it’s most recent update, the Yelp mobile app allows users to search local businesses using those puzzling, beaming little character faces #SUYelp
  29. 29. #SUYelp
  30. 30. Yelp + HootSuite •  The new HootSuite Chrome allows you to view geolocated social media message searches on Yelp #SUYelp
  31. 31. What’s Next for Yelp... •  Advertising itself! •  Yelp has not yet paid for advertising •  All of their success has been through natural word of mouth (which is awesome) •  Be prepared to see this in the near future as they prepare to roll out paid advertisements and continue to grow! #SUYelp
  32. 32. Any Questions? #SUYelp