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Newsletter 2


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Published in: Business, Automotive
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Newsletter 2

  1. 1. Emerging Europe GREAT team partners Top Gear Live, MIRA, the Motor Industry Trust, Orlen and VERVA Street Racing to stage the GREATEST ever live motoring event in the region. Last weekend Poland’s National Stadium in Warsaw hosted iconic global motoring theater Top Gear Live with all 3 presenters in Central Europe for the first time at the GREATEST motoring event ever staged in the region. Under the GREAT leadership of the British Embassy Warsaw, the Motor Industry Trust, MIRA, UKTI and a host of the GREATEST British automotive brands teamed up to stage a weekend of GREAT British motoring heritage, innovation and technology to help show Britain leading the way in global automotive industry development. Friday 20th September - a ‘Business is GREAT’ start to the weekend The weekend started on Friday with a unique automotive seminar and GREAT Vintage Car Exhibition at the British Embassy in Warsaw. Automotive is a GREAT bilateral business opportunity – to see for yourself click here to see keynote presentations from our Automotive seminar and webinar
  2. 2. Download: Automotive Supply Chain Proposition GREAT branding PDF Emerging Europe AUTOMOTIVE in context PDF Emerging Europe a GREAT Business Destination PDF Also, go to Saturday 20th September - A GREAT Top Gear Live Vintage Car Parade around Poland’s Capital City On Saturday Warsaw played host to a GREAT Vintage Car Parade around the City Centre. Top and tailed by two GREAT Minis the unique parade around the City Centre was led in GREAT style by HMA Robin Barnett in a superb gold and brown 1957 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud - a GREAT testament to GREAT British heritage. The parade made a pitstop for a GREAT British breakfast at the famous Bristol Hotel before heading off down Warsaw’s longest shopping street on its way to the National stadium. Click here to see the GREAT Top Gear Live Vintage Car Parade The GREATEST ever show of British cars in Emerging Europe Warsaw’s National Stadium hosted the GREATEST ever exhibition of GREAT British heritage icons and supercars. The Top Gear Live Verva Street Racing Pit Party provided a unique occasion for Great British motoring icons to meet global supercars. Great British Minis met dancing JCBs alongside a historic motoring photograph collection kindly provided by the British Motor Industry Trust, the world's largest museum and archive dedicated to the motor industry in Britain. Leading edge MIRA bridged timeless history with innovation and technology. Top Gear Live – the GREATEST Motoring Theatre of all time underscores GREAT
  3. 3. business opportunity in Emerging Europe Top Gear Live – the GREATEST Motoring Theatre of all time underscores GREAT business opportunity in Emerging Europe. Playing to an audience of 60 000 people the show highlighted the best of the last 10 years plus the Automotive Olympics, GREAT Car Curling, the Lambojump, a GREAT Automotive Beauty Parade and a GREAT Automotive Football match which we lost – but the roof was shut and it wasn’t raining. Morgans, Astons, Triumphs, Caterhams, Minis, F type Jaguars, the very latest from Jaguar Landrover and Red Bull’s F1 car topped by the GREATEST British Motoring TV export on earth Top Gear Live. LOOKING TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS IN THE REGION? We are fully geared up to support your company access GREAT automotive opportunities in Poland and get your business moving quickly in this exciting market: - Business Development with UK Trade and Investment? Contact - Rapid Growth business start up services at the British Business Centre, Poland? Contact