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How to Write Receptionist Resume


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Complete guide on writing your receptionist resume.

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How to Write Receptionist Resume

  1. 1. Receptionist ResumeHow to Write a Receptionist ResumeCareerEnter.comImage courtesy of Gualberto107 /
  2. 2. Components of Receptionist Resume Name and contact details Objective Skills Professional experience Education Other Skills Signature with date
  3. 3. Resume ObjectivesWhere to Write ReceptionistResume Objective?
  4. 4. Resume Objectives PositionPlace receptionist resume objectivesat the top half of the resume to grabattention of the recruitersImage courtesy of Ambro /
  5. 5. Sample Resume Objectives Seeking a receptionist position where my clerical andcustomer care skills along with front desk operationsmanagement expertise will be fully utilized. Looking for a receptionist position where strongcommunication and other organizational skills gained willhelp the company prosper. A position that would help practice my exceptionalcommunication, computer and PABX machine handlingskills. Eager to use best practices in communication, computerhandling and customer care learned so far to increasethe operational efficiency of a business.
  6. 6. Resume SkillsYour multitasking skills will be put to thetest if the company receives highfootfalls every day.Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /
  7. 7. Sample RN Resume Skills Good communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to think out of the box and never give up spirit. Close attention to details. Superior telephone etiquettes. Fine time management skills. Detailed understanding and experience of front deskoperations. In-depth knowledge about customer service procedures. Amicable in nature and good at greeting guests.
  8. 8. Download Receptionist ResumeSampleYou can download receptionist resume sample from this link:- courtesy of Ambro /