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Benedick- English research assignment


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this is a year ten english assignment at Napier Boys' High School

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Benedick- English research assignment

  1. 1. Character: Benedick By Sam Tully
  2. 2. This Shakespeare play is a comedic romance between Beatriceand Benedick and fellow solider Claudio with Hero they meetwhen Benedick and Claudio come back from war and when theget back to leonato’s house Claudio quickly falls in love withHero. Benedick argues and makes witty insults towards Beatriceand she does the same to him. Claudio and Hero decide to marryand while the wait for the wedding they trick Benedick andBeatrice into falling in love. Don John disrupts every bodieshappiness and Hero fakes her death with the help of her family.Benedick and Beratrice finally confess their love for oneanother. Don John fells bad and gets Claudio and Hero backtogether and then Benedick and Beatrice decide to marry withthem in a double wedding.
  3. 3. It was written by William Shakespeare in 1598, itis set in the Italian town of Messina and theprotagonists are Benedick, Hero, Beatrice andClaudio.
  4. 4.  Benedick Beatrice Claudio Hero Leonato Don Pedro Don John Margaret Borachio Conrad Dogberry Verges Antonio Balthasar ursula
  5. 5.  Man vs. Man- he has just got back from battle. Man vs. Self- he says he will not marry. Man vs. Self- he denies his love for Beatrice. Man vs. Man- he has a duel because he is prompted by Beatrice. Man vs. Self- he finally admits his love for Beatrice. Man vs. Society- Beatrice asks him to kill Claudio.
  6. 6. Exposition- Benedick and Claudio arrive backfrom a successful battle and is invited to stay atLeonato, the Governor of Messina estate for amonth.Conflict and Rising action- Benedick andBeatrice carry on their arguments with eachother. Claudio and Hero Fall in love and decideto get married.
  7. 7. Climax-Claudio humiliates Hero and rejects herat the alter but Benedick sides with hero andBeatrice.Turning point- after Claudio and Hero play atrick on Benedick and Beatrice they secretly fallin love with one another. Falling action-Benedick challenges Claudio to aduel for slandering Hero; Leonato proclaimspublically that Hero died of grief at being falselyaccused.
  8. 8. Resolution- Claudio marries a masked womenthe turns out to be Hero.Untangling- Benedick and Beatrice admit theirlove for each other.Dramatic relif- Claudio abandons all his angerand decides to have a double wedding withBeatrice and Benedick.
  9. 9.  He is arrogant and naive and says he will never marry. He is witty and challenges Beatrice to see who can outwit or outsmart each other but Benedick can feel the emotions under the surface He likes to do things in the benefit of others and entertain them.
  10. 10.  He secretly falls in love with Beatrice when Hero and Claudio play a trick on them. He shaves his beard to shock his friends and admits his undying love for Beatrice. When Claudio accuses Hero of being unfaithful Beatrice persuades him to challenge Claudio to a duel. He is now totally in love with Beatrice and has switched sides from best friend Claudio to Beatrice.
  11. 11.  He slowly forgets his statement that he will never marry and when Claudio and Hero make up and forgive each other he and Beatrice decide to marry in a double wedding with them and now he is very happily married by the end of the play and is dancing with joy with everyone else in the play.
  12. 12.  ‘When I said I would die a bachelor I didnt think I would live long enough till I were married.’ ‘A miracle. Heres our own hands against our hearts.’ Serve God, Love me, and mend. ‘I would my horse had the speed of your tongue.’
  13. 13.  chado ut_Nothing Fear No Shakespeare-Much Ado About Nothing. The complete works of Shakespeare-Much Ado About Nothing.