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Much ado about nothing Ale/Simo


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Much ado about nothing Ale/Simo

  1. 1. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING 1598 William Shakespeare 1564-1616
  2. 2. THE PLOTLeonato and his familyWelcome some friends: Don Pedro, Claudio and BenedickClaudio falls in love with HeroThe lovers and their friends decide to play a gameDon John distrupt everyone’s happinessFake death of HeroDiscovery that Hero is really innocentPunishment of ClaudioDouble wedding
  3. 3. Leonato lives in Messin, with his daughter Hero, his nieceBeatrice and his brother Antonio. At the beginning Leonato prepares to welcome some friends from a war: Don Pedro,claudio, Benedick, Don John. Claudio falls in love with Hero and they decide to be married. Benedick and Beatrice make a war of witty insult. The lovers and their friends want to fall in love Beatrice and Benedick. Beatrice, Leonato and Hero (Act I, scene I)
  4. 4. Claudio sees Borachio and Margaret, who looks like Hero, make love and he thinks Hero is unfaithful and accuses her of lechery. 4. Hero accused by her tricked fiance of having sex the night before their wedding. Hero’s family members pretend that she is died while they wait that the truth come to light.Borachio and Conrad, another of Don John’s followers, are arrested by local police. Everyone laern that she is innocent and Claudio grieves for her.
  5. 5. Claudio, as punishment, must tell everybody that Hero is innocent and he also wants to marry Leonato’s niece. Claudio (Act V, scene iv) Claudio, Pedro and Benedick (Act II, scene III)Claudio goes to marry a mysterious masked woman. Hero reveals herself asthe masked women. Than Benedick asks Beatrice if she will marry him.
  8. 8. ANALYSIS OF CHARACTERS BEATRICE Niece of Leonato and close friends with her cousin Hero, Beatrice keeps up a “merry war” of wits with Benedick Hero describing that Benedick is in love with her, she opens herself to the sensitivities and weaknesses of love. Beatrice is a prime example of strong female characters
  9. 9. BENEDICKBenedick is the willful lord, returned from the war,who swear that he will never marry. He falls in love with Beatrice after the discussion between Don Pedro and Claudio.He is the mosthistrionic characters,entertainer, indulging inwitty hyperbole and hegives a great example It is not easy for us to tell whether heof rethoric. has been in love with Beatrice all along or falls in love with her suddenly during the play.
  10. 10. DON PEDRO He is the noblest character in the social hierarchy of the play Don Pedro has power and manipulates other characters as much as he likes but in the interest of his friends to bring them happiness Don Pedro is sad at the end of a joyous comedyThe text does not give us a conclusive explanation and this helps to make himone of the most thought-provoking characters in the play
  11. 11. A young soldier who fights under Don Pedro. CLAUDIO Claudio falls in love with Hero. His suspicious nature makes him believe evil rumors. LEONATOHe is the governor of Messina and in his housethe play is set. Leonato is the father of Hero andthe uncle of Beatrice. He is second in socialpower only to Don Pedro.DON JOHN The illegitimate brother of Don Pedro; sometimes called “the Bastard.” Don John creates a dark scheme to brake the happiness of Hero and Claudio. He is the bad of the play; his evil actions are motivated by his envy of his brother’s social authority.The beautiful daughter of Leonato and the cousin HEROof Beatrice. Hero is lovely, gentle, and kind. Shefalls in love with Claudio but when Don Johnslanders her, she suffers terribly.
  12. 12. Hero’s serving woman, who helps Borachio and Don MARGARET John deceive Claudio into thinking that Hero is unfaithful. She is honest, but she has some conctacts with the bad world of Don John: her lover is Borachio. Margaret also likes to do jokes and teases.An associate of Don John. Borachio is the lover of Margaret.He conspires with Don John to trick Claudio and Don Pedro.His name means “drunkard” in Italian. BORACHIO One of Don John associates, entirely devoted to him. CONRAD Several recent productions have staged Conrad as Don John’s potential male lover. The chief policeman of Messina. Dogberry is very sincere and takes his job seriously, but he uses the wrong word to convey his meaning. Dogberry is a middle-class characters but his desire to speak formally and elaborately like the noblemen becomes an occasion for parody. DOGBERRY
  13. 13. VERGESThe deputy to Dogberry, chief policeman of Messina.ANTONIO Leonato’s elderly brother, and Hero and Beatrice’s uncle. A waiting man in Leonato’s household and a musician. BALTHASAR Balthasar flirts with Margaret at the masked party and helps Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro trick Benedick into falling in love with Beatrice. One of Hero’s waiting women. URSULA
  14. 14. THE IDEAL OF SOCIAL GRACE The play’s language is strongly laden withCharacters represents the ideal that metaphor and ornamented by rethoric.Renaissance courtiers “His words are very fantastical Benedick, Claudio, and Don Pedro banquet, just so used witty language to draw many strange dishes” attention The play pokes fun at the fanciful language of love that courtiers used
  15. 15. DECEPTION AS A MEANS TO AN END The plot is based upon deliberate deceptions, some malevolent and others benign. Benedick and Beatrice In the play, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between good and bad deception. the social institution of marriage has little to do with love. The masking of Hero and other women.In the end, deceit is neither purely positive nor purely negative
  16. 16. THE IMPORTANCE OF HONORIn Shakespeare’s time, a woman’s honor wasbased upon her virginity and chaste behaviorLeonato speaks of Hero loss of honor as anindelible stain from which he cannot distancehimself Unlike a woman, a man could defend his honor, and that of his family, by fighting in a battle or a due Beatrice urges Benedick to avenge Hero’s honor by dueling to the death with Claudio
  17. 17. The real conflict that is the basis of this “ado aboutMAJOR CONFLICT nothing” Claudio, Don Pedro, and Benedick share a suspicion of marriage as a trap but they also in which husbands are bound to be deeply desire to controlled and deceived, be married.RISING ACTION Claudio falls in love with Hero Don Pedro woos Hero on Claudio’s behalf the perfidious Don John creates the illusion that Hero is a whore. Benedick who at the beginning of theCLIMAX Claudio rejects Hero at the altar play was opposed to women and love sides with Hero and his futere wife Beatrice Leonato proclaims publically that Hero died of grief atFALLING ACTION being falsely accusedRESOLUTION He is rewarded by discovering that his bride is actually Hero.
  18. 18. This project was realized by Ajò Alessandro & Petrò Simone