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Recent changes IPG/MTR


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As a wise Chinese man once said: "Man who not know rules/policy updates, not make good judge decision. Man who not make good judge decision, not be good judge". In honor of this famous saying, we're going to make sure everyone's up to date on the latest and greatest. See you there!

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Recent changes IPG/MTR

  1. 1. Approach of the MTR And how recent changes make you closer to eternal reward
  2. 2. What are we going to talk about? • Brief rundown on general changes to the policy. • The new shortcuts. • The new fix for players leaving a draft mid-way.
  3. 3. Updates for Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules
  4. 4. Actual important stuff: • "Free Information" rules updated. • Shortcuts have been changed: • Combat Shortcut. • End-of-turn shortcut. • Planeswalker redirection shortcut. • "Counterspell target" rule.
  5. 5. •Why? Split damage. •New targeting restrictions. •Nothing really changed. Section 4.2 (Tournament Shortcuts): “A player who chooses an opponent’s planeswalker as the target of a spell or ability that cannot normally target a planeswalker is assumed to be targeting that opponent and redirecting the damage on resolution. The player must adhere to that choice unless an opponent responds” The updated planeswalker redirection shortcut
  6. 6. •Why? Disallow. •Targets the last spell on the stack. •Works as intended. Section 4.2 (Tournament Shortcuts):“A player who casts a spell or activates an ability that targets an object on the stack is assumed to target the legal spell closest to the top of the stack unless the player specifies otherwise. “ The updated “Counterspell Target” rule
  7. 7. •Why? Triggers. •Works like the old shortcut. •Plays as intended. Section 4.2 (Tournament Shortcuts): “If the active player passes priority during their first main phase, the non- active player is assumed to be acting in beginning of combat unless they are affecting how or whether a beginning of combat ability triggers. However, if the non-active player takes no action, the active player has priority at the beginning of combat. Beginning of combat triggered abilities (even ones that target) may be announced after any non-active player action has resolved.” The updated combat shortcut
  8. 8. Two ways to think of this: 1. AP Still in the main phase, but can’t play sorceries. 2. Move to beginning of combat (unless NAP interrupts triggers), triggers happen when AP has priority and empty stack.
  9. 9. Let’s take a look at some examples: Simple: A: "Combat" N: "OK" A: "Attack with Grizzly Bears“ A Little More Complicated: A: "Combat" N: "OK" A: "Attack with Grizzly Bears" N: "Wait, before you declare attacks, I want to Doom Blade it"
  10. 10. • NAP should interrupt quickly before attackers. • Can’t look at attacks then think about it. The Technically Accurate Approach: A: "Combat" N: "OK" A: "Declare attackers?" N: "OK" A: "Attack with Grizzly Bears“
  11. 11. A: "Combat" N: "Doom Blade your Grizzly Bear" A: "Play a Ball Lightning. Attack with it“ • The active player can’t play Ball Lightning.
  12. 12. Triggers Make It a Little More Complicated… Triggers are not missed with the new shortcut!
  13. 13. Of course, the non-active player can still interrupt: A: "Combat" N: "OK" A: "Give this Grizzly Bear +2/+0. Attack with everything" N: "Hang on. Tap down your pumped Bear." Or: A: "Combat" N: "OK" A: "Give this Grizzly Bear +2/+0. Attacks?" N: "Tap your bear" A: "OK. Attacks" N: "Go for it" A: "Attack with everything"
  14. 14. Back to the Rabblemaster: A: "Combat" N: "Kill your Rabblemaster“ Can the active player play Ball Lightning? Yes!
  15. 15. • If you’re worried about that Ball Lightning, this is still possible: A: "Combat" N: "In Beginning of Combat, kill your Rabblemaster" A: OK, Rabblemaster trigger resolves. I have a token. • or, more likely: A: "Combat" N: "OK" A: "Make a token" N: "Kill your Rabblemaster“ • Declare attackers -> Missed trigger.
  16. 16. The Cryptic Command Problem • Problem with new shortcut. • Protection for NAP that’s been removed (Fishing). • Example: AP has a two Grizzly Bears and a Mutavault. NAP is at 5 life, AP tries to check if NAP has cryptic command.
  17. 17. •Why? Similar to combat shortcut. •Works the same way. •Still need to call out targeted triggers. Section 4.2 (Tournament Shortcuts): “If the active player passes priority during their second main phase, or uses a phrase such as “Go” or “Your Turn” at any time, the non-active player is assumed to be acting in the end of turn step unless they are affecting how or whether an end of turn ability triggers. End of turn triggered abilities that do not target resolve after the non-active player passes priority”. The updated end of turn shortcut
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. How to handle a player leaving in the middle of the draft? • Picks are skipped (no longer random). • Not applicable if dropping from the draft. Section 7.7 (Booster Draft Procedure):“If a player is unable or unwilling to continue drafting, but wishes to remain in the tournament, he or she is suspended from drafting and must construct a deck from whatever cards he or she has drafted thus far. For the remainder of the draft, their picks are skipped and the draft continues with one fewer player.”
  20. 20. Q&A: • Q: For subsequent packs, what happens to the unopened boosters that would have been opened by the player that left? • A: They remain unopened. • Q: Can a player still register a deck with the cards he already drafted? • A: Yes. Add basic lands until minimum deck size requirement is made. • Q: Can a player keep any unopened boosters? • A: Up to the TO. • Can a player later return and use any remaining boosters to build his deck? • A: No.
  21. 21. Brief rundown on general changes to the MTR: • Different place, same meaning. • Outside Assistance in the MTR. • Nationals. • Obvious things are permitted.
  22. 22. • Card identification rules updated. • Number of rounds for 4-7 teams added. • B&R list + DCI process updated.
  23. 23. Questions?
  24. 24. New IPG Perspectives
  25. 25. Updates for Magic: The Gathering Infraction procedure guide
  26. 26. • Two penalties: Decklist Problems (warning) and Deck Problems (Game Loss). • Very similar to previous policy. • Discovering sideboard cards in your opening hand is an automatic mulligan. Deck & Decklist problems:
  27. 27. • Auras that work like a spell were fixed. • Does not expire. Section 2.1 (Game Play Error — Missed Trigger): “An enters-the-battlefield trigger of an Aura that affects only the enchanted permanent and causes a visible change to that permanent.” Missed trigger updates:
  28. 28. HCE updates: • Added section for repeating necessary actions. • Only when cards were not revealed. • If a set can’t be recreated, leave the card. Section 2.3 (Game Play Error — Hidden Card Error):“You take the card(s) chosen by the opponent and put them back with the old set (which may involve recreating the old set) and do it again. “
  29. 29. Questions?
  30. 30. You win the game!