Tee fury shopping concept test v1


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Tee fury shopping concept test v1

  1. 1. 1213Notes:Fixed Shopping InterfaceAs the visitor scrolls down the page, the shopping interfaceshall stay fixed within the page layout, so that the visitorcan scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page andstill have the opportunity to Buy the shirt.2Fixed Shirt Design IndicatorSince the visitor can scroll down very far, this indicatorremains fixed in place so the visitor has constant reminderof which design they are viewing today, as well as the titleand designer name for the shirt. At any time, the visitorcan hover over the shirt preview and click to see thezoomed view of the design.3Proposed Single Size SelectorInstead of giving the visitor a dual selector picking eitherwomans or mens sizes, with added price optionsdisplayed by default, the proposed idea is to place allthese possible options inside a single drop down selector.When opened:5Proposed Change to Cart MetaphorSince the premise of Tee Fury is a single daily deal,perhaps the cart metaphor should be avoided, sinceconceivably, the user would only normally be in a contextof shopping for a single item, the cart metaphor is not veryvaluable to the user and may be distracting.4454Proposed Color SelectorInstead of offering a dual color selector, test the interfacewith a single simple color selector that changes thepreview color in all cases, including the above zoompreview thumbnail.Size Chart to Trigger Modal Display vs. New PageInstead of redirecting the visitor away to another page, thesize charge should be rendered in a modal dialog thatkeeps the visitor on the same page.SmallMediumLargeX-LargeXXL ( + $1 )XXXL ( + $2 )Womens SmallWomens MediumWomens LargeWomens XLWomens XXL ( + $1 )Womens XXXL ( + $2 )6Proposed Elimination of Sidebar ContentSince pages can run very long with additional content suchas comments, the sidebar should be kept clear of content,so that the shopping interface can remain fixed in this areaof the screen as the visitor scrolls down through thecomments.Todays Tee - Proposed Test Concept Page: 1 Tee Fury Proposed Redesign Test ConceptInitial Proposal v1.0RG 6/8/13
  2. 2. Proposed View of Fixed Shopping InterfaceComments may be what push a visitor into buying a shirt.Since the pages can be very long due to so manycomments, the visitor should have constant immediateaccess to start the buy process no matter how far they aredown the screen.Once the top of the shopping interface container reachesthe top of the browser viewport, it should "snap" into placeas a fixed element so that no matter how far you scrolldown the shopping interface will always be fullyaccessible.If the visitor scrolls back up to the top, the shoppinginterface will only remain fixed up until the original locationof the interface has been reach, at which point it willunsnap and return to its original layout position.Notes:Fixed Interface - Scroll comments Page: 2 Tee Fury Proposed Redesign Test ConceptInitial Proposal v1.0RG 6/8/13
  3. 3. Proposed View at Bottom of PageEven as the visitor reaches the bottom of the page theshopping interface shall still be instantly accessible and allthe original functions shall remain available.Since often the comments are about the design, this allowsthe visitor to zoom in the design and return to comments atany time without interrupting their flow within a particularcomment thread.Notes:Fixed Interface - Scroll all the way to end Page: 3 Tee Fury Proposed Redesign Test ConceptInitial Proposal v1.0RG 6/8/13
  4. 4. Proposed Modal Display for Design Zoom ViewThe design is the most important aspect of the customerdecision to buy. The purpose of this design change is toallow the visitor to glance a larger version of the design in acontext that lets them appreciate the design itself withoutany distraction.Notes:Design Zoom Concept Page: 4 Tee Fury Proposed Redesign Test ConceptInitial Proposal v1.0RG 6/8/13
  5. 5. Notes:Proposed Modal Display for Size ChargeThe purpose is to allow the visitor to glance at the sizecharge without having to be navigated away to anotherpage.Size Chart Modal Concept Page: 5 Tee Fury Proposed Redesign Test ConceptInitial Proposal v1.0RG 6/8/13
  6. 6. 1Proposed Buy Action FlowUser clicks Buy Now to start checkout processimmediately instead of reviewing a cart before checkingout.Todays TeeCheckoutChangeSize orQtyCheckoutCart(Bonus Promos)ChangeQtyEditCartAfter Hours TeeBuyNowTodays TeeAfter Hours TeeAddtoCart122Proposed Changes to Checkout FunctionUser can freely change quantity, color, size via checkoutform and changes will live update on the checkout pagewithout navigating the user away to another page.If the user wants to add another shirt color or size for thesame order, the Continue Shopping link will redirect themto the previous page so that they can select another size orcolor to Buy. When the user is taken to checkout pageagain, the checkout summary will contain the additionalrow representing an additional selected size/colorcombination.ContinueShoppingOriginal Checkout FlowFor AB testing purposes, the original shopping cartcheckout flow.Notes:Checkout Flow - Proposed Test Concept Page: 6 Tee Fury Proposed Redesign Test ConceptInitial Proposal v1.0RG 6/8/13
  7. 7. 1Proposed Checkout HeaderSince visitors do not need to access additional content tofinish their transaction, the elimination of header navigationwill not harm the user experience and it may reduce thevisual noise which may distract them from completing atransaction.1Proposed Order Edit FunctionsChanges to the size, color, or quantity should immediatelyupdate the checkout page vs. navigating the visitor awayto another page.If the visitor wants to add shirts in another size to the sameorder22Notes:Proposed Checkout Concept Page: 7 Tee Fury Proposed Redesign Test ConceptInitial Proposal v1.0RG 6/8/13
  8. 8. 1Proposed Checkout Behavior for Handling AdditionalItemsFor cases when visitor wants to order more than one coloror size of a particular shirt, the additional selected color orsize combinations can appear as their own row in thecheckout summary sidebar, each having the functions forupdating the color, size or quantity.1Notes:Proposed Checkout Concept - More Items Added Page: 8 Tee Fury Proposed Redesign Test ConceptInitial Proposal v1.0RG 6/8/13