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Whitebikes Open Source weekend - whitebikes bikesharing


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The Bike Kitchen Bratislava (Cyklokuchyňa) and Cyklokoalicia started WhiteBikes in Bratislava after a failed attempt by the city to finance a similar program. At first users shared donated bikes with the same lock code. They needed a system that would work somewhat automatically without the need for manual rentals (e.g. somebody giving out bicycles). From there, smsBikeShare was born. Users registered with a mobile phone number and could send basic SMS commands (RENT, RETURN, FREE, WHERE, etc.). The system used an inexpensive SMS gateway API and a local message-back number to receive and respond to messages. Shared bicycles have a coded U-lock with a four-digit number, and upon renting a bike, users receive a code to unlock the bicycle and another to reset it to once they are done. Send a message, receive the answer, unlock the bike, reset the lock, and you're off pedaling.

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Whitebikes Open Source weekend - whitebikes bikesharing

  1. 1. White – Bikes open source bikesharing startup | succes community story Prezentujú Michal Malý, Tomas Peciar
  2. 2. Zdroj: Peter Netri: Ukážka bike sharing system v Bratislave (September 2013)
  3. 3. požičanie bicykla cez SMS
  4. 4. požičanie bicykla cez web aplikáciu
  5. 5. požičanie bicykla cez web aplikáciu
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