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Mlo History 2008 06 24


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Mlo History 2008 06 24

  1. 1. The history of MLO-AD Erlend Øverby Tore Hoel Scott Wilson Hypatia AS Åsgårdveien 24 1671 Kråkerøy Norway +47 90129642
  2. 2. Hypatia AS In the beginning • In Norway Need for exchange of information about studies offered at Universitites Developed the ESU A XML schema in Norwegian Translated into English and became CDM Another XML schema with • At the same time Sweden - EMIL UK - evaluated the CDM France - had the same needs as Norway Germany - similar projects – PAS 1068 3
  3. 3. Hypatia AS CEN - WS/LT • In 2005 Identified a need for harmonisation of existing initiatives within Europe Project was proposed Number 1 for funding EU - CEN problems with funding • In 2007 New project proposal on harmonisation of European activities Norwegian CDM France CDM Swedish EMIL UK - XCRI German - PAS 1068 4 other needs identified (Spain/Finland/Greece/Italy)
  4. 4. Hypatia AS CDM - refused • The CDM did not get funding by DG Industry (CEN) • CEN WS/LT agreed that the work was important and a group of people agreed to do the work on a unpaid basis 5
  5. 5. Hypatia AS The “Athens Declaration” on Course Descriptions: 1. There is a considerable interest in many countries in Europe in creating specifications for the exchange of information about courses and other learning and training opportunities. 2. There is a clear scope for greater harmonization of these efforts within a European context. 3. All existing national initiatives will benefit from contributing towards harmonization at a European level. 4. There are sufficient clear commonalities across existing national initiatives for future European standards to be developed. 5. Harmonization should balance the benefits of common standardization with the necessity for meeting local contextual needs and infrastructure. 6. Harmonization efforts should focus on small, simple models based upon existing commonalities that can be expanded upon at national or regional level, rather than all-inclusive monolithic standards. 6 Scott Wilson
  6. 6. Hypatia AS MLO - Project • Started December 2007 • Agreed on CDM-Core elements • Changed name to MLO Metadata for Learning Opportunities • Collected business cases and use cases • Focus on Advertising of Learning Opportunities Other areas for later projects 7
  7. 7. Hypatia AS MLO - work process • Extensively use of wiki • On-Line meetings Scypecast Flashmeeting • Face2Face meetings Co-located with CEN WS/LT meetings 8
  8. 8. Hypatia AS MLO-AD – next step • Will be submitted to CEN TC353 for formal standardisation at next WS/LT meeting This Friday • Then each member body of TC353 can comment and suggest improvements • MLO-AD as EN in 2009 9
  9. 9. MLO details