Proposed School House Community Garden


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  • Proposed School House Community Garden

    1. 1. Calaveras Hills Community ParkproposedCommunity Garden
    2. 2. CCGCCommunity GardenDevelopment Minimal Standards Garden Design & Operation
    3. 3. CCGC garden design  The majority of a proposed garden site should have a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight at all times of the year.  Gardens perimeters should be fenced, preferably to a height of 6 feet, with an edging or underground barrier to reduce rodent access.  All gardens should offer relaxation areas with seating and shade.  Sites should be located in areas which are observable by nearby residents. Visibility adds security.  Restroom facilities should be located within a reasonable distance from the garden  Adequate parking should be located within reasonable distance from the garden.  A portion of each garden should provide for access and use by individuals with mobility limitations.  All sites must have potable water for use in growing crops. Reclaimed water maybe used for growing fruit trees where fruit is outside the spray perimeter of the water.  All gardens should encourage composting, preferable in a group maintained location.  All gardens should offer growing space to share with the community and community partners (i.e., gleaning groves, beds for educational classes, areas for growing crops for donation to those in need).
    4. 4. CCGC garden operation  The recommended distribution of plots shall be as follows: o 50% to residents within the zip code where the garden is developed o 50% to the prioritized waiting list maintained by the city  Operation of gardens should be assisted by a garden committee selected by the garden’s plot holders  All gardens should have annual events to share the garden with the greater community.  All gardens should provide, in some format, education about gardening and environmentally sound use of resources (i.e., efficient use of water, limited use of pesticides and herbicides.)
    5. 5. CCGCcommunity garden conceptoverview notes Overall Site Design, Materials
    6. 6. CCGC overall site design  The proposed site is to be terraced with retaining walls to create level areas for garden beds.  Parking for the gardeners will be accommodated in the existing parking lot on the upper portion of the park and along Glasglow Drive.  Restroom facilities for gardeners are available at the existing community center.  Portable water lines will need to be extended to the site for growing food crops.  Potable water lines are to be located along paths providing a spigot at end of each bed.  Two entry points are proposed for the garden: a north entrance from the existing stairs and a northeast entrance along a newly installed entry walk which is to be designed to provide for handicapped access.  A 6’ high fence with a two gates is proposed to enclose the site to provide security for the garden and reduce intrusions by unwanted animals.  The garden is proposed to accommodate a minimum of 27 plot holders.  Standard beds shall be 3’ wide x 16’ long x 24” tall.  A minimum of three handicap-accessible beds are proposed for the garden.  The garden is to have a programmable space for group events and activities.  The garden is to have seating areas in both sun and shade for relaxation.  A sitting terrace is proposed at the stairway entrance to the garden. The terrace is approximately 18 (E-W) by 40 (N-S). It provides a space for sitting and shade where gardeners and visitors can overlook the site. It also provides a programmable space for group events and activities.  A fruit tree grove (“Gleaning Grove”) is proposed for the lower steeper portion of the site. The grove provides a source of produce to share and give back to the community.
    7. 7. CCGC materials  The proposed fence is to be constructed of redwood posts with woven wooden slat panels.  Retaining wall materials should be consistent with the existing materials used in other areas of Calavera Hills Park.  All standard beds are to be constructed of 1” x 12” x 16’ redwood. Hardware cloth can be attached to the bottom of the beds to further limit possible rodent invasions to growing areas.  Handicap accessible beds are to be constructed of similar materials as the standard beds but are to be elevated to a minimum height of 36" either as taller standard beds or as standard-beds elevated on piers to accommodate use by gardeners in wheelchairs.  Mini-beds are proposed at the lower side of proposed retaining walls. They may be constructed of wall block materials in combination with timbers to maintain a simple materials palette for the garden. Mini-beds may be leased to plot holders and/or maintained by groups interested in participating in the garden.  Umbrellas are shown on the concept design plan to provide shade on the terrace. Preferably shade could be provided by construction of an arbor built overhanging from pillars on wall corners.
    8. 8. CCGC concept plan Plot layouts
    9. 9. Proposed plot layouts