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These are individuals that help fight against wrongs and uplift the oppress.
Being a hero or a coward is easy, just determine which way you will run.

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Hbd, Llc. Master Profile

  1. 1. STA RL IGH T Real Name: Natasha Irons Affiliation: John Henry Irons
  2. 2. STEEL IV Real Name: Natasha Irons Affiliation: Superman
  3. 3. THUNDER R eal Name: Annisa Pierce Af filiation: The Outsiders
  4. 4. VIXEN Real Name: Mari Jiwe Macabe Affiliation: Action Comics No. 521
  5. 5. SABRIN A Real Name: Sa manth a Greene Affiliation: Captain Marvel
  6. 6. CATWOMAN Real Name: Patience Price Affiliation: Gotham City P.D.
  7. 7. NUBIA Appearance: Wonder W oman No. 14 Affiliation: Aphrodite’s Daughter
  8. 8. PANTHA Reference: Subject X-24 Affiliation: The Teen Titans
  9. 9. EMPRESS Real Name: Anita Fite Affiliation: Young Justice
  10. 10. BUMBLEBEE Real Name: Karen Beecher-Duncan Affiliation: The Teen Titans
  11. 11. ONYX Real Name: Onyx Adams Affiliation: League of Assassins
  12. 12. LOIS LANE-KENT Appea rance: Action Comics No. 1 Affiliation: Daily Planet
  13. 13. AMANDA WALLER Appearance: Legends No. 1 Affiliation: Suicide Squad
  14. 14. SANDRA HAWKE Appearance: Green Arrow No. 1 Affiliation: Mother of Connor Hawke
  15. 15. FATALITY Real Name: Cyrra Cynril Affiliation: Injustice Gang
  16. 16. PEEK-A- BOO Real Na me: LaShawn Baez Affiliation: The Flash and Cyborg
  17. 17. XS Real N am e: Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes
  18. 18. KID QU ANTUM II Real Na m e: Jazmin Cullen Affiliation: Uncanny A mazers
  19. 19. STORM Real Name: Orro Munroe Affili ation: Giant-Size X-Men No. 1
  20. 20. SHARD Real Na me: S hard Bish op Affiliation: The X-Men
  21. 21. Ruth Kirsten Porter -Ogada Appear ance: X -Men 2099 N o. 1 Affiliation: X-Men 2099
  22. 22. MAJEST RIX SH’IAR Real Na me : Aliyah Bis hop Affiliation: The X-Men
  23. 23. TEMPES T Real Na me : A ngel Salva dore Affiliation: New Warriors
  24. 24. BLING Real Na me : R oxanne Washington Affiliation: Gambit’s Squad
  25. 25. M Real Na me: Monet St. Croi x Affiliation: Uncanny X-Men No. 316
  26. 26. FLINT Real Na me : V ictoria S antin i Affiliation: Stormwatch
  27. 27. TORREN T Appeara nce: What If N o . 114 Affiliation: Wolverine and Storm
  28. 28. DEBRII Appearan ce: N ew Warri or No. 4 Affiliation: Secret Avengers
  29. 29. VENUS DEE MILO Real Na me: Dee Milo Affiliation: Static- X
  30. 30. KENDRA YOUNG Affiliation: Watcher Council Classification: Slayer
  31. 31. ALICI A MAST ERS Occupa tio n: Sculptor Affiliation: The P uppet Master
  32. 32. CALYPSO Title: Voodoo Princess Affiliation: Kraven The Hunter
  33. 33. MISTY KNIGHT Appearance: X-Men No. 1 Affiliation: Heroes For Hire
  34. 34. PANDA Appearance: Body Bags No. 1 Affiliation: Assassins For Hire
  35. 35. P HOTON Real Name : Mo n ica Rambeau Affiliation: Captain Mar-Vell
  36. 36. BLACKLIGHT Real Name: Lina Juarez Affiliation: Daughter of Photon
  37. 37. AEGIS Real Name: Lady of Sorrows Affiliation:
  38. 51. WHITE TIGER Real Name: Kasper Cole Affiliation: The Crew
  39. 52. CLAYFACE Real Name: Detective Ethan Bennett Affiliation: Gotham City P. D.
  40. 53. RAGMAN Real Name: Rory Regan Affiliation: Sentinels of Magic
  41. 54. LILY Occupation: Freedom Fighter Affiliation: Zefram Cochran
  42. 55. BENJAMIN SISKO Rank: Captain, Deep Space Nine Affiliation: Starfleet
  43. 56. GEORDI LaFORGE Rank: Lieutenant Command Affiliation: Starfleet
  44. 57. WORF Rank: Lieutenant Command Affiliation: USS Defiant ( )
  45. 58. GUINAN Home: El Auria Affiliation: Q and The Borg
  46. 59. NYOTA UHARA Rank: Lieutenant, Department Head Affiliation: Starfleet
  47. 60. LIZ PALMER Rank: Lieutenant, Engineer Affiliation: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701D)
  48. 61. TRAVIS MAYWEATHER Rank: Ensign, Navigator Affiliation: USS Enterprise (NX-01)
  49. 62. TYR ANASZASI Rank: Security Chief Affiliation: Adromeda (CMX-10-284)
  50. 63. CAPTAIN EO Real Name: Classified Affiliation: Supreme Leader
  51. 64. DARKSEID Real Name: Uxas Affiliation: Legion of Doom
  52. 65. EN SABAH NUR Real Name: Huitzilopochti First: X-Factor No. 5
  53. 66. BLACK LIGHTNING Re al Name: Jefferson Pierce Affili ation: The Outsi ders
  54. 67. STATIC SHOCK Re al Name: Virgil Hawkins Affili ation: Justice L eague
  55. 68. ICON Appearance: MOS No. 206 Affiliation: Blood Syndicate
  56. 69. HARDWARE Appearance: MOS No. 206 Affiliation: Milestone Universe
  57. 70. STEEL Real Name: John Henry Irons Affiliation: Adventures of … No. 500
  58. 71. CYBORG Real Name: Victor Stone Affiliation: DC Presents No. 25
  59. 72. TECHNOCRAT Real Name: Geoffrey Barron Affiliation: The Outsiders
  60. 73. AMAZING MAN Real Name: Markcus Clay Affiliation: All-Star Squadron No. 23
  61. 74. JOHN HENRY IRONS Rank: Captain, R&D Department Affiliation: United States Army
  62. 75. JAMES RHODES Rank: Major, F/A 18 Hornet Affiliation: United States Air Force
  63. 76. NI CK FURY Rank: General (Ultimate) Affiliation: Ultimate Team-Up No. 15
  64. 77. GABRIEL JONES Rank: Private, United States Army Appearance: SGT. Fury No. 1
  65. 78. PATRIOT Real Name: Elijah Bradley First: Young Avengers No. 1 s
  66. 79. BATTLESTAR Real Name: Lemar Hopkins First: Captain America No. 323
  67. 80. B. A. BARACUS Rank: Command Master Sergeant Affiliation: U.S. Army, The A-Team
  68. 81. ROADBLOCK Real Name: Marvin F. Hinton Affiliation: U. S. Army, G. I. Joes
  69. 82. G. W. BRIDGE Appearance: X-Force No. 1 Affiliation: S.H.I.E.L.D.
  70. 83. JOSIAH BRADLEY Appearance: The Crew No. 1 Affiliation: War Machine
  71. 84. RAGE Real Name: Elvin Haliday Affiliation: Psionex
  72. 85. BLACK GOLIATH Real Name: Thomas Foster Affiliation: The Mighty Avengers
  73. 86. DEATHLOK Appearance: Michael Collins Affiliation: United States Army
  74. 87. DEATHLOCK Real Name: Luther Manning Affiliation: United States Army
  75. 88. C ARD IAC Real Name: Eli as Wir tham Appearance: Am azing Spidey No. 344
  76. 89. ROCKET RACE R Real Name: Affiliation:
  77. 90. T HE PROWLE R Rea l Name: H obie Br own Affiliation: Spid er-M an
  78. 91. RO BB IE ROBERT SO N App e arance: T AS No. Affiliation: Dail y Bu gle, New York
  79. 92. NIGHT THRASHER Real Name: Dwayne Taylor Affiliation: New Warrior Vol. 1 No. 1
  80. 93. BLACK VULCAN AKA: Juice Affiliation: Super Friends & Ultimen
  81. 94. BLACK MANTA Real Name: DeVil Ray Affiliation: Legion of Doom
  82. 95. BRONZE TIGER Real Name: Benjamin Turner Affiliation: Suicide Squad
  83. 96. COLDCAST Real Name: Nathan C. Jones Affiliation: Justice League Elite
  84. 97. DREADLOCKS Appearance: Classified Affiliation: Unknown
  85. 98. COTTONMOUTH Real Name: Quincy McIver Affiliation: Serpent Society
  86. 99. THUNDERBALL Real Name: Dr. Elliot Franklin Affiliation: The Wrecking Crew
  87. 100. MUHA MMA D ALI Real Name: Cassius Clay Affiliation: U.S. Olympic Team
  88. 101. THE ‘SLY FOX’ Re a l Name: Luscious Fox Affiliation: Waynetech, Inc.
  89. 102. THE B LACK SPI DER Real Name: Eric Needham Affiliation: The Injustice Gang
  90. 103. FOXXY Real Name: Foxxy Cleopatra Affiliation: United States F.B.I.
  91. 104. UNDERCOVER BROTHER Real Name: Anton Jackson Affiliation: B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D
  92. 105. PRODIG Y Real Na me: D avid Alle yne Affiliation: The New Mutants
  93. 106. ANCHA RTI ST Real Na m e: T ike Alica r Appearance: Static-X No. 116
  94. 107. DARWI N Real Na me: A rmando Mun oz Affiliation: The X-Men
  95. 108. GATEW AY Origin: Unk nown Affiliation: The X-Men
  96. 109. LUCAS BIS HOP Appearan ce : U ncanny X- Men No. 282 Affiliation: Interpol, NYPD, & etc .
  97. 110. SYNCH Real Na me: E verett Th omas Affiliation: The X-Men No. 36
  98. 111. SPYKE Appeara nce: T he Anim ated X-Men Affiliation: The Uncanny X-Men
  99. 112. MAGG OTT Real Na me: J apheth Affiliation: Uncanny X-Men No. 345
  100. 113. GREEN ARROW Real Name: Connor Hawke Affiliation: Justice League Unlimited
  101. 114. BLOODWYND Real Name: Mark Bloodwynd Affiliation: JLA, JLE, JLU
  102. 115. DARKSTAAR Real Name: John Stewart Affiliation: Justice League of America
  103. 116. SPAWN Real Name: Al Simmons Affiliation: New York City, P.D.
  104. 117. B R O W N H O R N E T Voiced: Bill Cosby Affiliation: Fat Albert’s Gang
  105. 118. AUGUST G ORMAN Occupation: Com p uter Hacker Affiliation: Webscoe Industries
  106. 119. HONK KONG PHOOEY Voiced: Scatman Crothers Affiliation: Hanna Barber Productions
  107. 120. DARTH VADER Real Name: Akin Skywalker Affiliation: The Dark Side
  108. 121. LANDO CALRISSIAN Actor: Billy Dee Williams Affiliation: Rebellion
  109. 122. M.A.N.T.I.S. Real Name: Miles Hawkins Affiliation: Unknown
  110. 123. METEOR MAN Real Name: Jefferso n R eed Affiliation: Justice League Beyond
  111. 124. INVISIBLE BOY Actor: Kel Thomas Affiliation: The Mystery Men
  112. 125. WINSTON Z EDDEMORE Actor: E rnie Hu dso n Affiliation: Ghostbusters
  113. 126. THE CRYING MAN Real Name: Rembrandt Lee Brown Affiliation: S.L.I.D.E.R.S.
  114. 127. CHANDLER JARRELL Actor: Eddie Murphy Affiliation: Missing Children
  115. 128. ARINA Actress: Marjean Holden Affiliation: The Beastmaster
  116. 129. T-SAINT Actor: Tracy Lauren Marrow Affiliation: Tank Girl
  117. 130. BLANKMAN Real Name: Darryl Affiliation: Kevin, The Other Guy
  118. 131. SHREDDER Voiced: James Avery Affiliation: Foot Clan
  119. 132. FROZONE Real Name: Lucious Best Affiliation: The Incredibles
  120. 133. AIR JORDAN Real Name: Michael Jordan Affiliation: The Chicago Bulls
  121. 134. PETE ROSS Appearance: Smallville No. 1 Affiliation: Clark Kent, Ka-El
  122. 135. BAERN Actor: Shad Gregory Moss Affiliation: Phantom Zone
  123. 136. DR. STEVEN HAMILTON Specialty: Meteorologist Affiliation: LEXCORP, Inc.
  124. 137. CYBORG Actor: Lee Thompson Affiliation: JUSTICE
  125. 138. FREEDOM BEAST Real Name: Dominic Mndawe Affiliation: Global Guardians
  126. 139. BLACK PANTHER Real Name: T’Challa Affiliation: Fantastic Four No. 52
  127. 140. POWER MAN Real Name: Luke Cage Affiliation: Heroes For Hire No. 1
  128. 141. BLADE Real Name: Eric Brooks Affiliation: Tomb of Dracula No. 10
  129. 142. MORPHEUS Rank: Captain, Nebuchadnezzar Affiliation: M.A.T.R.I.X.
  130. 143. NORTHWIND Appearance: Infinity, Inc. No. 12 Affiliation: Justice Society of America
  131. 144. THE HERALD Real Name: Mal Duncan Affiliation: The Teen Titans No. 26
  132. 145. THE FALCON Real Name: Samuel Wilson Affiliation: Captain America No. 117
  133. 146. CLOAK Real Name: Tyrone Johnson Affiliation: Spectacular Spider-Man No. 14
  134. 147. ORPHEUS Real Name: Gavin King Affiliation: Orpheus Rising No. 1
  135. 148. BROTHER VOODOO Real Name: Jerome Drumm Affiliation: Strange Tales No. 169
  136. 149. KINGPIN Real Name: Wilson Fisk Affiliation: Doctor Doom & Bullseye
  137. 150. SORCERER Actor: Mario Van Peeples Affiliation: The Highlander
  138. 151. DOCTOR MIST Appearance: Global Guardians No. 1 Affiliation: JLA, JLU. & JSA
  139. 152. BLOODSPORT Real Name: Robert Dubois Affiliation: Legion of Doom
  140. 153. STAR -BO Y Real Nam e: Th om Keller Affiliation: Le gion of Super-Heroes
  141. 154. STAR MA N Real N am e: T hom Keller Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes
  142. 155. BLACK RACER Appearance: The S.S.O.V. No. 6 Affiliation: Darkseid
  143. 156. SHANGO Appearance: The Spectre No. 0 Affiliation: The Spectre
  144. 157. PANT HRO Special ty: W eapon ry and Council Affiliation: The Thundercats
  145. 158. MAC ELLIOT Rank: Sergeant, Special Operations Affiliation: United States Army
  146. 159. BENJAMIN MARCO Rank: Major, Executive Officer Affiliation: U.S. Army JAG Co rps
  147. 160. DARIUS STONE Rank: Petty Officer First Class Affiliation: United States Navy Seals
  148. 161. X Real Name: Classified Affiliation: United States F.B.I.
  149. 162. STEVEN HILLER Rank: Captain, F/A 18 Hornet Affiliation: United States Marine Corps
  150. 163. APONE Rank: Master Sergeant Affiliation: US Colonial Marines
  151. 164. SAUL TIGH Rank: Colonel, Executive Officer Affiliation: Battlestar Galactica
  152. 165. BOOMER Rank: Lieutenant, Viper Pilot Affiliation: Battlestar Galactica
  153. 166. TEAL’C Home: Jaffa Affiliation: Stargate SG-1
  154. 167. AIDEN FORD Rank: Lieutenant Affiliation: Stargate Atlantis
  155. 168. JONATHAN FORD Rank: Commander, Executive Officer Affiliation: United States Navy
  156. 169. DR. PERRY Title: Senior Medical Officer Affiliation: United States Navy
  157. 170. DR. RALIEGH H. YOUNG Specialty : En vironmental Studies Affiliation: SEAQUEST DV
  158. 171. THE BRONZE SOLDIERS Ranks: Private and Corporals Affiliation: United States Army
  159. 172. GRAVEDIGGER Real Name: Captain Carl Walters Affiliation: United States Army
  160. 173. ALL-NEGRO COMICS President: Orrin C. Evans Est.: June 1947, Philadelphia