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Chinese social network


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Chinese social network

  1. 1. Social Network In ChinaHuman 1.0+ + =?
  2. 2. The Great Firewall of China• Launched during 2003, Officially known as the Golden Shield Project• Censorship and surveillances project operated by the Government of the PRC• Access to possible sensitive and enharmonic contents have been denied• ALL popular social network sties
  3. 3. Creation of Chinese Social Network
  4. 4. Internet police and 50 cents• Internet police is responsible for monitoring and deleting sensitive comments online to enforce harmony• 50 cent is responsible for leaving harmonic comments and getting paid 50 cents each
  5. 5. Intellectual propertyBootlegging “Cloning” has becoming a common phenomenon.
  6. 6. Tencent• Tencent is the largest social media provider in China• Its flagship product QQ has 160 million regular users.• And over 50 featured products raging from typing methods to online gaming.
  7. 7. Tencent VS the Rest of China
  8. 8. TIC:This Is China• Blocking of western social media site• Establishment of its own monitored social network sites.• Cloning of western social media site Raising of Tencent .