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Darknet - Is this the future of Internet?

  1. DarkNet Is this the future of Internet? Meherun Nesa Faruque Mail:
  2. Darknet by Definition • A darknet is a variation on a virtual private network (VPN) with additional measures in place to ensure that the network and IP addresses of members are not discoverable. • Such networks are typically decentralized, routing traffic through a wide-spread system of servers, which are often provided by volunteers. The complex routing system makes it difficult to trace communications.
  3. Darknet - Behind the scene • Onion Routing • Garlic routing
  4. Dark web • The Surface Web or clearnet is the internet that we know - anything that can be crawled and indexed by a typical search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. • Deep web is the portion of the internet which is not indexed thoroughly. • Dark web vs Deep web
  5. Darknet – enter into the abyss • TOR • I2P • FAI (Free Anonymous Internet) • FreeNet • ZeroNet
  6. Internet – the white world • Mainly consisting of IP Networking Infrastructure • On top of IP Networking runs DNS Systems • Root DNS Systems controlled by ICANN Committee/IANA • Changing in the Root DNS Systems requires permission from US Department of Commerce • At the end the white world is controlled by the governments of one or more countries • Most of the countries have central system to control what users are allowed to view
  7. Where the worlds converge • Technically there is no converging point • Darknet is not accessible from within Internet; although an internet connectivity is required as access to those services are based connectivity to another darknet node • Clearnet/Internet is available from certain part of Darknet using different Proxy technologies • Once someone is in the darknet all her/is digital footprint is covered up with untraceable information
  8. Comparative Analysis - Domain Naming • Internet/Clearnet uses ICANN controlled DNS system to map hostname to IP address and vice versa • Darknet uses a floating database of unique base64 addresses of the nodes mapping to human readable URLs within darknet
  9. Comparative Analysis - Mail • While using internet/Clearnet it is quite impossible to remain unidentified while sending a mail • In darknet it is quiet easily possible to send a mail anonymously without revealing IP addresses/ISP/Locations
  10. Comparative Analysis – e-Commerce • In internet we use different means of electronic transactions like Credit Card/Paypal or other electronic means which takes place through a Bank leaving behind a footprint either in the consumers bank or in Sellers Bank • In darknet bitcoin or other cryptography based money is being used to keep the digital footprint anonymous
  11. why online privacy is a myth now? • Make no mistake about it – the web is listening every time you use it! It’s important that you understand what you’re leaving behind when you visit a website.
  12. Footprints on Internet • Every day, whether we want to or not, most of us contribute to a growing portrait of who we are online; a portrait that is probably more public than we assume. • Websites And Online Shopping • Social Media. • Mobile Phones, Tablets, or Laptops
  13. Footprints on Internet • Big data analysis projects • Customized profiles • Government censorshipssniffers
  14. Footprint on Darknet • Primarily none • There is always risk if sites of clearnet is used without caution from darknet • Password, credentials, social security numbers from clearnet is used as identification inside Darknet
  15. Darknet Contents • Darknet is primarily infamous for ▫ Arms Dealing ▫ Child Porn ▫ Drugs Dealing ▫ Mercenary/Assassin on hire
  16. Darknet Contents • The other side of the coin: ▫ Whistle blowers ▫ Revolutionaries ▫ Hacktivist
  17. Is Darknet is the new internet? • The increasing concern about privacy and all our communication being always tracked, growing number of population are interested in being anonymous. • The power of anonymity brings people from various interest to the opaque market of lawless Darknet.
  18. Summery • Internet or the clearnet being under censorship and scrutiny is violating the privacy rights of people but still provides the security of government agencies against the criminals. On the other hand despite being the last resort for free thinkers , political activists and whistle blowers, it is a safe heaven for illegal markets.
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