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Work Samples


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Work Samples

  1. 1. SAMPLES TJ Williams
  2. 2. WEB DEVELOPMENT & CONTENTMANAGEMENTDirected the work of web designers creating concepts, providing text , images, new functionsand revenue stream. Use web content management system to manage two airport websites.Finished site received recognition winning the 2010 WebAward for Outstanding Website in theTransportation category. Find out more about the Web Award.
  3. 3. 2020 VISION PLANInformational Web Development Project: Click on image to go to siteDirected the work of web designers creating concepts and providing text and images as a one-stop source for 2020Vision Plan Terminal Redevelopment information detailing economic impact and funding plan. Produced Mayor andCommissioner vignettes.
  4. 4. PROJECT PLANNING AND COORDINATIONWorked with film team to coordinate with airlines, concessions, staff and passengers to conductonsite shoot within airport security policy. See the finished project below.
  5. 5. SCRIPT WRITING AND VIRTUAL PRODUCTIONLIT’s New Exit Express In an effort to expand and build its customer service offerings, Little Rock National Airport hasmakes getting home fast installed two new Exit Express pay in terminal stations. The new Exit Express pay service allowsand easy! airport customers to pay for parking inside the terminal for fast exit from parking areas.:75 Found in two convenient locations: one on the lower level of the terminal across from Bag Belt 5 and the other near the escalators at the end of baggage claim, the new stations service all of the airport’s parking lots. Here’s how it works: Upon arriving to the airport you simply take your ticket and bring it with you into the terminal. When you’re ready to leave the terminal, insert your ticket in one of the Exit Express stations. Pay the parking fee using any major credit card and once your ticket is validated, you’ll then receive a receipt. Now you’re ready to exit the airport at any one of the airport’s parking exits. It’s just that simple. Airport Manager of Media and Marketing TJ Williams says, ― The Exit Express pay in terminal solution improves the parking experience by offering shorter transaction times which will address customer requests for faster, more convenient exit from our parking lots. We’re pleased to announce the new system has been installed and is fully operational.‖ For more information on airport parking and to learn more about the new Exit Express stations, visit
  6. 6. As part of a public information campaign, wrote scripts for radio and television notifications to the public LIT Screening Lane Public NotificationLIT’s Plan Ahead. Arrive Flying soon? Make sure you plan ahead and arrive early because startingEarly Public Notification Monday, August twenty third construction begins to expand the security:30 screening area at Little Rock National Airport. The expansion will increase the number of lanes, ease congestion during busy travel times and accommodate future growth! To find out more about the airport’s checkpoint screening area expansion and future airport improvements, please visit twenty twenty vision plan dot net. We’re working hard to make Little Rock National Airport the world class airport you deserve!
  7. 7. As part of a public information campaign, wrote copy points for Commissioner address for Screening Ribbon CuttingTalking PointsTalking Points:Ribbon Cutting/Completion of Security Checkpoint ScreeningOpening thank you…•A firm foundationLittle Rock National Airport was built in 1973 to handle a capacity of about 400,000 annual travelers. There was noqueue.We’ve come a long way since then handling 1.1 million passenger enplanements a year. With so many passengers, amost unpopular visual has been the long lines. No question-- our growth has made it necessary to expand and that’s agood thing!•Building on an already strong foundation:The long-term vision for Little Rock National Airport is focused on meeting the air service demand through the year2020 through the expansion and renovation of Little Rock National Airport.Over the next ten years, our airport will experience incremental growth.Our preparation for that growth began with the April 2010 approval of a $67 Million First Phase Redevelopment planwhich includes a large group of improvements such as a new inline baggage system, upgraded ticketing lobby andenergy upgrades. A high priority in this first phase—the checkpoint expansion, is what we celebrate today.
  8. 8. As part of a public information campaign, wrote copy points for Commissioner address for Screening Ribbon Cutting Talking Points•About the new expansion•The project cost $1.7•Expansion of the new checkpoint increased our screening lanes from 4-5•An additional 3000 square feet will provide space for a new passenger queuing area.•Two AITs designed to enhance security will also be installed•The new space will feature three verification points•Now that airport has provided and improved the space, over the next few days and weeks, TSA will be doing its part of theproject which is to complete the configuration of the area and add the additional checkpoint equipment.•Benefits:•The expansion to five lanes will ease congestion during busy travel times•Accommodate future passenger growth• ConclusionWe are striving to provide our city and state with the best, most modern facility possible and today we are proud to unveiland celebrate our new and improved security checkpoint!
  9. 9. PRESS RELEASES/ANNOUNCEMENTSLittle Rock National Airport Seeks Traveler Input to Attract New Air ServiceLittle Rock National Airport has launched a short survey to gauge potential travel demand from the LIT area to the Gulf Southregion and is seeking input from both business and leisure travelers. The survey period will continue through mid-March.The airport and the Chamber are working together to reach the 3500 Chamber members who receive the Chamber’s e-newsletter. The airport will also seek to survey its travel center membership and visitors to The airport’sSocial media channels including Facebook and Twitter also will be used to distribute the survey. Input from these publics willprovide results that will help the airport demonstrate the strength of the Little Rock market and the demand that exists for thisservice. Results will be shared with a potential air service provider.New airline service provides valuable travel options to passengers who use LIT and makes a huge impact on attracting jobs tothe market. For this reason, since 1996, Little Rock National Airport has maintained constant communication with not onlyexisting carriers but new carriers to sell our city and state in an effort to continue to build a competitive level of air service. Theairport’s efforts have resulted in new service announcements including the November 2011 return of Frontier Airlines service toDenver and service to Reagan National Airport (DCA) effective March 25.Currently, the airport is served by seven airlines to 16 destinations on 158 arrivals and departures a day.Please support your airport by completing the survey. Click below.Thank you in advance for your support.
  10. 10. Little Rock National Airport to Conduct Emergency Preparedness ExerciseResidents should not be alarmed by emergency activity going on at Little Rock National Airport tomorrow, April, 26.The airport is conducting a full-scale, triennial emergency preparedness exercise which is required by the FAA forcertification purposes.Emergency plan exercises are designed to test the effectiveness of the airport’s emergency plan and, in addition,provide training to emergency personnel responding to airport emergency incidents.Represented in the exercise will be local fire, police and other first responders, who will coordinate their response tothe simulated emergency.Normal airport operations will not be affected. Regular flights will operate as scheduled. ###Media interested in observing the exercise may do so by calling TJ Williams at 837-0850. Media should plan to meet atthe Customer Care Center on the second level for escort to the observation area. Terry Hastings of the Little RockPolice Department will be the media escort for the event. To see the full airport media guide, click here
  11. 11. Introduced a proposal to Directors, oversaw the installation of AM station, wrote scripts and manage.Little Rock National Airport Launches Information Radio StationLittle Rock National Airport (LIT) has launched a new radio station that will provide the travelingpublic and airport visitors with airport construction and security information. In an effort to make theairport experience easier and more convenient, the radio station will also provide information onairline and food locations, parking, ground transportation and other services."The new airport radio station frequency, AM 1690, will operate 24 hours a day. The technologywill help us communicate immediately with drivers headed to the airport in the event of a securityor weather emergency. In addition, now that construction is in full swing, we are able to advisecustomers of changes that may affect their travel preparation." said Director of Media andMarketing, TJ Williams. ―We are most excited about the fact that the station will be on air in timefor the busy Thanksgiving holiday travel period.‖The Federal Communications Commission allows a low-powered signal for this type of stationwhich can be heard for 3-5 miles on roads and interstates surrounding the airport.The station will also stream on the airport’s main page at
  12. 12. Runway 18-36 Extension Now OpenWork on Little Rock National Airport’s Runway 18-36 extension project is complete. The runway opened today at 1 p.m.,says TJ Williams, director of media, marketing and public affairs at Little Rock National Airport.The runway is fully operational, but additional asphalt paving adjacent to Central Flying Service will be complete over the nextthree weeks.Work on the $15 million project began in September 2007 with an original 5,124 feet of runway which was extended 1100 feetthis year. The new length as of today is 6224 feet.―The extension of the runway is expected to improve overall management of airfield operations,‖ says Williams. ―Controllersare provided a more efficient flow and there will be a better separation of general aviation and commercial air carriers thatapproach/depart Little Rock. Larger corporate jets and regional jets can be better accommodated.‖The extension was conducted in six phases and was funded by federal and state sources. Ninety –five percent of theproject is funded through the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Project (AIP) grant funds program andwill be matched with five percent in future state grants.As of this year, the runway has been averaging between 3500-4000 itinerant and local general aviation operations per month.ABOUT THE CONTRACTORS:The prime contractors on the project were Redstone Construction Group, Inc., Weaver Bailey Contractors, Inc. and APAC-Tennessee, Inc.WHAT’S NEXT?The next major construction project for Little Rock National Airport will be the $53 million first phase terminal renovationproject. Scheduled for early 2011, the project will include the new inline baggage system, upgraded ticketing lobby andenergy upgrades.
  13. 13. Runway 18-36 Extension Now OpenRUNWAY 18-36 FUN FACTS:Nearly 300,000 cubic yards of dirt was moved62,171 square yards (12.8 acres) of 13‖ thick concrete pavement was used131,000 square feet (3 acres) of pavement markings were installed during the course of constructionInstalled 8,800 linear feet of storm drainage piping and box culverts221 airfield light fixtures were installed
  14. 14. Generated positive and informational mediaMEDIA COVERAGE/Pitches
  16. 16. MEDIA TOURS Planned media tours for airport announcements or to provide public information on airport activities. Media Tour Confirmed Schedule Little Rock for Vision Airlines Service Announcement February 1, 2011 5:30am – 6:45pm Attendees: Clay Meek and Bill Maloney, Vision Airlines/Ron Mathieu, Executive Director, Little Rock National Airport TJ Williams, Director Media, Marketing and Public Affairs, Little Rock National Airport Time Outlet Contact Phone Other5:30a-6:00a KTHV Matthew Carroll 244-4642 mcarroll@kthv.gann et.com6:45a-7:15a KARK John Teddleton 340-4440 479-409-5656 (cell)10:00a-10:45a Clear Channel Tom Wood 217-5124 Public Affairs11:15a-11:45a KATV Noon Show Angela Rachels 324-7760Noon-2:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch5:30p-6:45p City Board Meeting Special Notes: Notify Pro-Video to Capture Make sure all ticket vouchers have been received
  17. 17. PR ACTIVITIES/PARTNERSHIPSLittle Rock National Airport Only Small Hub Airport to Offer Airport-Located Aviation and AeronauticsClassroomEmbry Riddle Aeronautical University will hold classes at Little Rock National Airport beginning August 4. Students enrolled inEmbry Riddle Aviation Degree programs may attend the classes which will be held in the executive conference room of theairport on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm-10pm each night beginning August 4, 2008.Courses offered will apply to the MAS, BSPA and BSTM.Students also can complete some degree requirements by transferring credit from other institutions, gaining credit forexperiential learning or for military and professional training evaluated by the American Council of Education, or by achievingthe Universitys required scores on standardized national testing programsLittle Rock National Airport joins Georgia, California, Ohio, Florida, Hawaii and Illinois in offering airport-located satelliteclassrooms and is the only small hub airport doing so.Executive director, Ron Mathieu said, ―We want to continue to be different and innovative. Offering this additional educationalopportunity to our employees and others speaks to that commitment.‖The close proximity of the airport location would allow reduction in travel time and gas usage for students in the Little Rockarea.―The purpose of the classroom is to meet the needs of the adult working student. The location would capture local aviationemployees and interested students between shifts and after work‖, said Lashanda Owens, director of academic support atEmbry Riddle.Persons interested in enrolling may contact the Embry Riddle Little Rock Campus at 501-987-5550.Embry-Riddle is the worlds oldest, largest, and most prestigious university specializing in aviation and aerospace. Thecurriculum at Embry-Riddle covers the operation, engineering, research, manufacturing, marketing, and management ofmodern aircraft and the systems that support them. The University engages in extensive research, consulting, and relatedactivities that address the unique needs of aviation, aerospace, and related industries.
  18. 18. PR ACTIVITIES/PARTNERSHIPS Media Kit Wrote FAQs, coordinated with architects for new terminal images, worked with construction managers to highlight planning team Groundbreaking Media Advisory Wrote media advisory and designed the look Groundbreaking Press Release Wrote press release and designed the look Groundbreaking EventPlanned and managed the work of airport agency to produce Groundbreaking event marking the $67 million Phase I LIT Terminal Redevelopment Project
  19. 19. Wrote the proclamation, designed the plaque and coordinated with Crenchaw handlers for Black History Month Commission PresentationLittle Rock Municipal Airport Commission to Present Distinguished Service AwardIn honor of Black History Month, the Little Rock National Airport Commission will present a Distinguished Service Award toTuskegee Airman, Milton Pitts Crenchaw, in recognition of his outstanding commitment and exceptional contributions toaviation in Arkansas and beyond. The presentation will take place at 8:30 a.m. in the Commission Conference Room. Theregularly scheduled monthly Commission meeting will follow.Milton Pitts Crenchaw, of the original Tuskegee Airmen, was one of the first African Americans in the country and the first fromArkansas to be successfully trained by the federal government as a civilian licensed pilot. He trained hundreds of cadet pilotswhile at Alabama’s Tuskegee Institute in the 1940s and was the catalyst in starting the first successful flight program atPhilander Smith College in Little Rock (Pulaski County) from 1947 to 1953. His combined service record extends for over fortyyears of federal service from 1941 to 1983 with the U.S. Army (in the Army Air Corps) and eventually the U.S. Air Force. Hewas also the first African-American to work in the capacity that he did at Fort Sill in southwestern Oklahoma in 1953.Ron Mathieu, executive director at Little Rock National Airport says, ―This award is a reflection of Mr. Crenchaw’s lifetimeachievement. His accomplishments in providing a wealth of history about black aviators and their contributions to the militaryand our nation continue to inspire and motivate. We are very pleased to extend this honor.‖Photos may be taken during the presentation and interviews directly following. ###
  20. 20. Wrote the proclamation, designed the plaque and coordinated with Crenchaw handlers for Black History Month Commission PresentationLittle Rock Municipal Airport Commission to Present Distinguished Service Award
  21. 21. COST FREE PROMOTIONUse online tools for providing cost free promotion of the airport and its activities. Click on icon togo to video.