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Lilly Pulitzer Strategic Marketing Plan


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Lilly Pulitzer Strategic Marketing Plan

  1. 1. NOTCarla Cassidy, Kelly Costlow, Kevin Flynn, Colleen Ray, Lauren Willis, Johny Walsh
  2. 2. Meeting Objective• Enhance awareness of the Lilly Pulitzer brand• Increase sales of Lilly Pulitzer products• Share key findings from consumer and competitive research Not
  3. 3. Demographic Trends YOUNG AND FREEPopulation• 21.1 million 20-24 yrs old in US College Demographics • 39.6% enrolled in college Not
  4. 4. Social Trends ACCEPTING & EXPERIMENTAL Millennials Uniqueness•Technology Use: 24%•Music/ Pop Culture: 11%•Liberal/ Tolerant: 7%•Smarter: 6%•Clothes: 5% Not
  5. 5. Technology TrendsALWAYS ON AND COMPLETELY CONNECTED Facebook use: • College demographic grew fastest at 74%/yr • 69% of all users are a fan of +1 company page Twitteruse: • 29% of users (18-24) follow their favorite companies Not
  6. 6. Economic Trends FEELING THEPINCHBUT CAN ALWAYS CALL HOME FOR A BAILOUT 55% Watch Spending 36% Financially Dependent Not
  7. 7. Surveying the Target Market Are you familiar with Lilly Pulitzer? 95 % saidYES 5% said NO Do you own Lilly Pulitzer products? 35% Yes 65% No Not
  8. 8. Survey Do you know that Lilly Would you prefer toPulitzer sells accessories? purchase clothing or accessories from Lilly Pulitzer? 29% 71% Yes 41% No 59% Clothing Accessories Not
  9. 9. MEET WHITNEY •Member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority •Lives for Greek Week and sorority functions •Never misses a home football game tailgate •Spends Christmas at her grandparent’s house in Hobe Sound, Florida•Excited to spend her spring break in the Bahamas Not
  10. 10. Positioning Statement Lilly Pulitzer provides resort chic clothing and accessories for the female fashionista who likes to stand out in a crowd and is conscious of the quality of the items she wears. She shops for herself as well as family members and friends. For these consumers, everyday is a luxurious resort. Not
  11. 11. Lilly Pulitzer is the only brand that adds color tomy life while making me feel like I am ready for the resort. From my graduation to the tailgates at my university, and every special event in between, I feel comfortable and at home in Lilly Lilly is my legacy, and I live in Lilly. Not
  12. 12. Live in Lilly Not
  13. 13. Integrated Marketing Print Ads Direct-Mail59% of consumers said they pay Ability to target college students greater attention to magazine who are not current ads than any type of Internet customers by purchasing advertising lists of their addresses Digital In-Store Technology and social Once consumer gets into the networking are extremely store, they are that much important in reaching the target audience closer to converting into a sale Not
  14. 14. Not
  15. 15. Digital Media• Check in with Lilly Pulitzer Not
  16. 16. LillyLilly Not
  17. 17. Twitter Account @LiveInLilly Not
  18. 18. Insert Tweets Not
  19. 19. Not
  20. 20. Listing• Direct Mail – Buy rights to the listing within X miles of a store Live in Lilly We find inspiration everywhere. From traveling to Palm Beach, visiting museums, strolling through gardens and hopefully spending days on the beach...the is Live in Lilly We find inspiration everywhere. From traveling to Palm Beach, visiting museums, strolling through gardens and hopefully spending days on the beach...the print team is constantly exploring and painting. It is unheard of to have a team of artists on-hand...and that is exactly why we do it! We love our prints and treat them like royalty. Not
  21. 21. In-Store Invites you to Leave your LegacyWhitney Lilly Pulitzer offers discounts on accessories with the evidence of your recent success. Live in Lilly Not
  22. 22. Presents Pollyanna PrintsCome celebrate the holiday season in color! Spread the word, bring your friends to our stores, and receive discounts for your Secret Santa. Spread the Love, and give the gift of Lilly! Live in Lilly Not
  23. 23. CelebrityEndorsement ZOOEY DECHANEL Not
  24. 24. Not
  25. 25. Budget Allocation $5 Million Budget Print Ads Direct Marketing Digital In Store Not
  26. 26. Competitor Landscape •Worldwide •Balanced •Strong MarketStrengths market portfolio Share •Increased Profit •Strong margins •Improving Margins margins •Slow Internet •Declining sales •SeasonalWeaknesses sales •Recalls business •Small college •Geographic market dependence Not
  27. 27. Info on: • Target Market: middle age women and college students • Creative, colorful patterns and high quality products. • Different types of bags,Vera Bradley is sold through luggage, and accessories that3,300 specialty stores as well reach a wide range of as 49 Vera Bradley stores consumers. nationwide. Vera Bradley handbags, accessories, and • Offers college and dorm selections.paper & gift and travel itemshave been spotted on recent • Vera Bradley Breast Cancer TV shows, and in over 20 Foundation. feature-length films. Vera Bradleys fiscal 2011 sales were $366 million. Not
  28. 28. Learning from VeraWhat you are doing right What you can improve • Sorority line • Media coverage • Gift able items • Prices What you excel in Timelessness Not
  29. 29. Lilly Pulitzer Attributes & Values Brand built on Core Values• Lifestyle brand • Originality• Luxury• Original artwork and patterns Not
  30. 30. Product Suggestions• Dorm Line- shower shoes, wrap towels• Expand stationary- journals/notebooks, folders Not
  32. 32. Successful because
  33. 33. • USA Today, 2006• Pew Research Center, “Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next” (PDF)• Nielson (2010)• O’Neil, (2007) Is Facebook Advertising Effective? advertising-effective-2007-11• P., Carol (2008)• The U.S. Young Adult Market, 2005 earch%2Fresults.asp%3Fprid%3D811629525%26query%3D20%2Byear%2Bolds%26cmdgo%3DGo&pri d=811629525)• Westwood University (2011) INDEX Not
  34. 34. Live in Lilly