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Voice – An independent brand and design consultancy. Our union of proven business sense and inspired creativity informs brand, marketing and digital solutions that always work in the real world

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  1. 1. Our union of proven business sense andinspired creativity informs brand,marketing and digital solutions thatalways work in the real worldReal world thinking
  2. 2. Our insight-driven process draws out whatgenuinely matters in your market, to yourcustomers and within your business and hasbeen successfully proven by companies nowacknowledged as leaders in their sectors,as well as by globally established brands.How we do itReal world thinking
  3. 3. Client + agencyexperienceWe have significant experience workingwith overseas clients seeking to access ourknowledge of the UK market as well as ourunique creativity and our expertise in overseasmarketing is strengthened by a close workingpartnership with UK Trade & Investment.Our team is drawn equally from client-side and agencybackgrounds, so we genuinely understand commercialobjectives and corporate processes while retaining thecapacity for pure, unconstrained conceptual thought.Real world thinking
  4. 4. Commercial + creativethinkingOur commercial and creative thinking is unifiedin powerful brand and marketing strategies andcompelling communications, all designed tocontribute to your business success.We have a far greater level of research, planningand project management capability than manymuch larger agencies and we apportion equal weightto business sense and creative thought.Real world thinking
  5. 5. unique + provenprocessDespite our success, we remain pragmatic,agile and realistic at all times in ourlanguage, our management of costs withinyour budget and our control of timescales tomeet business critical deadlines, for the mosttransparent and robust working relationship.Based on our direct, personal experiences, we haveapplied the best practices of both highly creative culturesand demanding corporate environments to develop thehybrid “real world thinking” designed to achieve yourcommercial goals.Real world thinking
  6. 6. We are experts in establishing andevolving brands, creating powerfulmarketingcommunicationsandimageryto achieve commercial objectives.what we doSTRATEGY & PLANNINGDIGITAL MARKETING Product enhancementMARKETING COMMUNICATIONSBrandandmarketingstrategy,brandpositioning,establishingvisionandvalues,marketing&PRplans.Artdirection,brandcreation,marketingcommunications&collateral.Webdesign,e-commerce,emailmarketing,iPhone&iPadapps.Photography,imageretouching,correction,3DCGI,film&animation.We help you to facilitate real businessgrowth by establishing a unique, defined andintelligent commercial position within yoursector. Our externally focused research isimmune to internal politics, habits, historyor misconceptions.We have extensive experience of working forboth UK and international clients, deliveringculturally sensitive, multi-lingual campaignswhich resonate with domestic and globalaudiences.Our intelligent, logical project managementcombines with informed, honest creativeto deliver powerful communications whichengage your clearly defined target marketand meet your commercial objectives.We are experts at developing bespoke andinnovative digital solutions for clientswho require the highest level of creativeexecution and the most secure transactionalservices.Our digital marketing expertise can beapplied independently or as part of yourintegrated marketing strategy. And we offermulti-channel, creative marketing supportmanaged by people with direct and extensiveclient side experience and commercialacumen.We specialise in working with brands forwhom it is essential to present products andservices at their most beautiful to engageand sell to a discerning audience.Our expertise in all aspects of image re-touching for high value brands, includingthose in the aviation, automotive,nautical and luxury lifestyle sectors, hasunderpinned marketing campaigns createdby Voice as well as those of much largeragencies.Real world thinking
  7. 7. Thank you.For more information aboutVoice please get in touch.Tim HarrisonManaging DirectorTel: +44 (0) 116 239 6661Email: tim@realworldthinking.co
  8. 8. theholt,20narboroughwoodpark,desfordrd,enderby,leicestershirele194Xt,unitedkingdomwww.realworldthinking.co+44(0)1162396661 us@realworldthinking.co