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  • PuzzleYe Storyboard

    1. 1. Storyboard <ul><li>Samuel is a 6-year old boys with AS who lives in the USA. His family is going to Egypt for traveling. </li></ul>
    2. 2. Citadel On the Plane… Samuel is on the plane to Egypt. He is previewing the pictures and videos of Egypt, as well as some local Egyptian music, which has been preloaded in his PuzzleYe by his parents. His parents have been sharing with him of their family travel plan and schedule in the past week. He is anticipating to take pictures of the buildings that he saw in his Puzzleye
    3. 3. Citadel Previewing images and video… He could experience the streets and scenes of Egypt: hearing the sound recording from the environment and seeing how the local people dress and how the streets look like. These are completely different to his hometown in Nebraska.
    4. 4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/khalid-almasoud/537125291/sizes/o/
    5. 5. Citadel Arriving at Cairo. Taking pictures… While visiting Citadel, Samuel sees an object that he likes, he takes a picture of it. He sees from the screen that he is taking the picture at Citadel. The device verifies the information from his GPS location.
    6. 6. Citadel Expressing his mood and like… Samuel marks that he likes that object
    7. 7. Citadel In a stressful situation.. In the dinner time, he has to be in a crowd. He is not happy. He takes a picture and noted it.
    8. 8. Cairo Waiting in the crowd, he turns Puzzleye to playback mode and previews the pictures he takes that afternoon. Communicating and sharing with parents
    9. 9. Cairo Shake to roll to the next picture He shakes the Puzzleye to see more pictures and reflects about his trips today. He collected lots of pictures. His parents look at his pictures with him and ask him why he dislikes some of the scenes.
    10. 10. Cairo Game credits He sees that he has three game credits, he decides to play some puzzles.
    11. 11. Citadel Picture puzzle! The pictures that he took has turned into a puzzle!
    12. 12. Scramble Citadel
    13. 13. Incentive to take more pictures After playing a few games, Samuel used up all his game credits. He was encouraged to take more pictures to play build more of his customized puzzles. Citadel Get pictures to build more Puzzle!