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What We Do Pdf


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Social Media converted into specific services to create awareness and generate reach and interest for a client, event, product and/or service.

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What We Do Pdf

  1. 1. R I C H T E R10.2 M EDI A GROUP earth-sha ering results Basic Purpose Richterʼs basic purpose is to build and manage world class new media PR campaigns for our clients that communicates their companies products and services to their target audience while helping them gain interest, want and reach for those products or services. We do this because like our clients, we are business owners and understand the necessity to make a company broadly known and to generate interest in order to improve sales and revenue. We understand how difficult this can be for a business to achieve and that us why we provide our services to alleviate this problem for our clients which helps them expand their company and achieve their goals.
  2. 2. Strategy 1.Campaign Coordination - Using the new media and social media campaign, all actions or coordinated together with the various sites to attract and get in front of our clients target audience. If our client had an event or news or a something they wanted communicated to their audience we would take actions such as post photos and a storyboard on Flickr to show pictures of it, post video on Vimeo and Youtube about it, update status messages and news on Twitter about it, get Facebook friends in discussion about it and starting conversations about it, network with target audience business connections on Linkedin, etc. All of these coordinated efforts push the content out to the target audience and make our client known which then sparks interest, want and reach for their product or services. 2.Communication - Using the various new media and social media tools, content is pushed out directed to our clients target audience to grab interest, spark conversations and generate word of mouth making our client known and increasing interest in their company. 3.Attention - All efforts are geared toward causatively getting our clients “in front” of their target audience whether through blogs, video, photos, status messages or news, personal introductions or direct messages, social media sites etc. The objective is to proactively make our clients known to their target audience and to interest them in their company. 4.Aesthetics and Branding - All key sites are graphically designed to dramatically increase our clients aesthetic value using new media and social media tools. This helps to put a professional image out and increase viewership and attention resulting in an impinging message or communication.
  3. 3. Goals and Results • Content Pushed Out via Massive Amounts of Communication to Target Audience • Increased Traffic to Clients Website • Target Audience Communities Built • Aesthetic and Branding to Dramatically Increase PR Value of Campaign • Client Broadly Made Known to Their Target Audience • Client Made In-Sight and In-Mind of Their Audience • Interest and Reach Generated
  4. 4. DEFINITIONS OF WORDS AND TERMS Wiki - Sites like are considered Wiki sites that allow users to add content about a person or subject Social Media - All sites like Linkedin, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are considered social media sites. They are sites that have communities of people and are interactive Keywords and Tags - This relates to words that are picked up on search engines like “Ohio Dentist” or “Strategic Advertising Firm” vCard - This is a card that has all of your contact info in one spot that can be uploaded into your computerʼs address book Skype - This is the most advanced business instant message and communication tool available which allows phone calls over the computer, video conferences, file transfers and text messages to mobile phones. Many international businesses use this as a communication tool Twitter - This is a social media tool that allows users to put out immediate status messages to update what they are doing like, “in a meeting in new york, send me an email or skype me after 6PM...” which will update instantly and anyone who “follows” you and your status messages on Twitter will get this message. It can also be sent out via text message to anyone who is following you if they have activated their mobile device. Twitter is fast becoming the in demand communication tool Social Bookmarking - Similar to how the bookmark tool on your web browser works, social bookmarking sites are sites that you can add all of your favorite sites to so others can see them and add them to their bookmarks. This helps to gain attention for our clients and build visibility of their sites and the Web PR campaign. RSS - This stands for Really Simple Syndication which is a tool on most blogs and sites that have articles. Others can click on the orange RSS logo and subscribe to articles they like which then arrive in their email inbox. This is a popular article reading tool which is very simple and helps to gain readership of our clientʼs articles to keep our clients “in front” of prospective clients.