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News bytes mine

  1. 1. NewsBytes By Dhruv Sharma
  2. 2. SAMSUNG’S NEW FLAGSHIP LAUNCH  Samsung Note3 to launch on 4th September in Berlin.  Android 4.3 jelly bean,1.8 GHz exynos processor/snapdragon 800,two variants SM-N900,SM- 9005  specifications: 3gb ram ,13Mp cam with optical image stabilization, full HD super AMOLED 5.68 inch screen  Could be bundled up with „Galaxy Gear‟ to sell more units
  3. 3. TALK VIA FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATES  Facebook has acquired „Mobile Technologies‟, a Pittsburgh based company.  Mobile Technologies launched „Jiggibo‟, a voice recognition app over 251 languages in 2009.  Allows you to update status voicely.  May even introduce voice Graph Search
  4. 4. GOOGLE LAUNCHED ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER  Helps to track a lost device and to remotely wipe off data  For Android 2.2 & above.  Track location on Google maps, if lost indoor „rings the phone at „maximum‟ volume even if it is at “silent” ‟.  Apple , Blackberry, other companies already offering such utilities namely „find my iPhone‟, „Blackberry protect‟ resp.  Go live on manager
  5. 5. APPLE ALL SET AGAIN !!  Expected to announce next gen “iPhone” on september 10, with „ios7‟ release  Specifications : (official yet not out !) Finger print reader under home button o 8-13 megapixel cam o Faster A7 processor o Dual LED flash(white/yellow depending on light conditions)  iPhone 5s expected to be available in a gold color variant .  A „budget‟ iPhone ‘5c’ rumoured to be launched in multicolor variants.
  6. 6. VOLKSWAGON’S NEW CONCEPT: “AQUA”  Aqua: new concept developed by „Yuhan Zhang‟.  Car will be ‘hovercraft’ type with hydrogen fuel cell , rear fans controls the thrust  Steering system runs on individual electric motors  Doozy concept designed to cover diverse landscape around the world.
  7. 7. BATMAN : ARKHAM ORIGINS RELEASE  Developed by WB games montreal, announced in april is going to release on October 25.  Game‟s storyline is set 5 years before 2009 „Batman: Arkham Asylum‟ & follows a less refined ‘Batman’ having bounty over his head.  Launching across all platforms, will not release on Xbox one/ playstation 4
  8. 8. NASA’S NEW ROBOT TO MARTIAN PARTY  Nasa‟s „The Mars Atmosphere and volatile evolution(MAVEN) arrived at Kennedy space center on august 2.  Will launch on november18,2013.  Will reach in september 2014,take 5 weeks adjusting its orbit before one year scientific mission.  Mission includes study of atmosphere, changes occuring ,role of solar wind in it .
  9. 9. ERO: CONCRETE DEMOLITION- RECYCLING ROBO  Designed by Omer Haciomeroglu,project is 2013 IDEA winner.  Use a water jet to crack the concrete surface without any dust, waste or separation, packs the reusable concrete, recycles water back into the system.  Revolutionary in demolition business,prevents “dust blooms, lot of power,machinery,money”.
  10. 10. THE HACKERS CRACKDOWN  Over 30 Pakistani websites were defaced by indian hackers on Independence day.  Indian hacker Godzilla hacked pakistani army website & their facebook fanpages.  In retaliation, Pakistani hackers hacked some part of Eastern India railway website on 14th august, on 18th august Pakistani hackers defaced the MTNL Mumbai website. .
  11. 11. UPCOMING GAME RELEASES  Grand Theft Auto 5 -Septrmber 17,developed by Rockstar North (for pc)  FIFA 14 –September 24,developed by EA Canada  Batman : Arkham origins-October 25,developed by WB games montreal  Battlefield 4-October 29, developedby EA Digital Illusions CE  Call of Duty: Ghosts-November 5,developed by „Infinity Ward‟.  Need for speed : Rivals-November 19, developed by „Ghost games‟ (formely EA Gothenburg)