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The Others


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Talks about all the people their to help you even if you do not know them.
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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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The Others

  1. 1. The Others The others that are out their to help you
  2. 2. Problems Problems: everyone has them, but people handle them differently. Some break down, others turn to alcohol and drugs. Still, more then not, others act like nothing is wrong and let it grow and build up. These are the people who convince themselves that no one is there for them, or even worse - they refuse help.
  3. 3. Fellowship There are always people out there to help. This is why we have fellowship. Fellowship can be something simple like a small group or church. Fellowship is not only learning about the bible, but it allows us to know people; to let us know that people are there to care for you. On the next page I will give you a great example of fellowship I did last week.
  4. 4. Men’s Ministry Last Friday I went on a men’s ministry trip with the church. All the men went to a camp and we spent two days talking, learning and showing how even strangers can, and will, be there for one another. Now, if you are a person who knows me, you know I am not the most social person. When I am upset I keep to myself and I do not let people into my world. On this trip, that changed.
  5. 5. Men’s Ministry Page 2 I never felt like people cared too much for me, as a people usually just use me to fix everything. However, people who did not even know me, talked to me. A good friend even took me aside and shared; a daily thing he did with me. It felt so good and I finally realized I was not alone. I really did have people who cared and were just not saying it. I opened up to him and shared a little about my past and it felt even better.
  6. 6. The Point The point of this story is that even when it feels or even seems like you’re alone, you are not. You do not have deal with issues alone. If you were like me and have problems with sharing and opening up, all I can tell you is that it does help when you do. You open up at your own time, with people you feel comfortable with. Peace of mind should never leave you so if you’re hurting, join a small group or just talk to someone. It will make you feel better.
  7. 7. An Email Taylor, I really understand that you probably needed some good rest and I'm glad that you stayed home. I enjoyed having you in our group and that you shared a bit about your life with me. I will be praying for you and asking God to work in your life as you give Him your all. I hope as time goes on you will know that amongst the men you get to know, that you can rest assured, that you are in the company of friends and brothers. I know the Lord will bring guys in your age group as well that are mature in Christ and whom you can connect with. Choose your friends wisely. Proverbs (are) full of God's desire to see us all live a life of joy through righteousness, the friends we choose can help us or hinder us in life's goals. Continue to seek Him and you will do well.  I'm glad you were at the retreat. Have a blessed day in our God.