Recipients of Tubman University’s GOOS Scholarship5 employees of William V.S. Tub-man University were on Friday,November 3...
Page 2No twenty-first century higher education institution can effectively producecompetent students without preparing the...
Visiting Professor, Dr. SyrulwaSomah, Associate Professor atNorth Carolina Agricultural andTechnology State University(NCA...
Page 4Associate Justices: Alfred K. Tarblah,Josiah Nagbe, O. Stompee Willie andBobby Zlahn (Committee on StudentsJudicial ...
Page 5Volume II, Issue 3William V.S. Tubman University inducts Faculty SenateOfficers of the faculty Senate of William V.S...
Page 6I firstly want to express exceptionalthanks and appreciation to Dr. Eliza-beth Davis-Russell and her dynamicteam for...
Page 7Volume II, Issue 3In an effort to strengthen Paki-stan-Liberia friendship, Engi-neers of UNMIL PakistaniBattalion (P...
Page 8The Department of AcademicSupport Services, one of thedivisions of the William VSTubman University, on De-cember 7 2...
Transformation for Worthy ServiceWilliam V.S. Tubman University History & FactsChartered: 14 September 2009Vision: TU aspi...
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Tu times

  1. 1. Recipients of Tubman University’s GOOS Scholarship5 employees of William V.S. Tub-man University were on Friday,November 30 awarded scholarshipsto pursue their Masters Degrees atthe University of Ibadan in Lagos,Nigeria, as part of Tubman Univer-sity’s Grow Our Own ScholarshipProgram (GOOSP).The recipients of the scholarshipwere: Mr. J. Philip Augustus The-oway (Guidance & Counseling),Mr. Alexander B. Scere (ElectricalEngineering), Mrs. Christina Miller(Early Childhood Development),Mr. Stephen Browne (Library Sci-ence) and Mrs. Jennifer Dioh(Library Science).The announcement was made dur-ing Tubman University’s generalstaff meeting on Nov. 30, 2012.Applicants for the GOOSP weredrawn from across the universityduring a rigorous process, and inthe end 5 applicants were successfulbased on their interest and commit-ment to higher education; under-standing of the Vision of TubmanUniversity, evidence of need in thesubject matter area of interest to theapplicant; and demonstration ofpotential to contribute in achievingthe University’s mission amongothers.During the awarding process, Dr.Elizabeth Davis-Russell, whohanded the recipients their scholar-ship packages, including their Let-ters of Admission, told the audi-ence that, Tubman University’s“Grow-Our-Own ScholarshipProgram (GOOSP)”, was estab-lished to allow deserving employ-ees to attain their educationalgoals, meet their professionaldevelopment objectives, and suc-ceed in their careers. Additionally,she pointed out that GOOSPseeks to enable employees to takeadvantage of opportunities forcontinuing professional develop-ment, and to serve as a tool toimprove recruitment and subse-quent retention of qualified fac-ulty and professional staff.Speaking on behalf of theawardees, Mr. Stephen Browneapplauded the administration ofTubman University for the ges-ture. He noted that the greatestthreat posed to any institution isthe lack of quality manpower.Mr. Browne concluded that hesees this effort by the university asan opportunity to strengthen hiscareer path and upon his returnto contribute meaningfully to thedevelopment and growth of theinstitution.This group of recipients is thesecond batch benefitting fromthe GOOSP. The first batch offour employees are currentlybenefiting from the GOOS Pro-gram at universities in Ugandaand Liberia, and it is expectedthat upon their return anotherbatch of employees will be dis-patched.Going the extra mile in volunteerism….Inside This IssueRecipients of TU’sGrow-Our–Own Schol-arshipInternational DayVisiting Professors atTUWilliam V.S.TubmanRememberedTU inducts FacultySenateForty (40) days Engi-neering TrainingAcademic Supportservices Donates toEast Harper HighSchoolVolume II, Issue 3Transformation for Worthy ServiceL-R, Mr. Alex Scere, Mrs. Christina Miller, Mr. StephenBrowne and Mr. J. Philip Augustus Theoway.
  2. 2. Page 2No twenty-first century higher education institution can effectively producecompetent students without preparing them to successfully navigate theglobal community and conveying to them quality educational experiencesfrom other cultures and societies. Thus it was that on Thursday, February14, 2013, William V. S. Tubman University held its International Daycelebration with the Theme, Celebrating Oneness: Honoring Differences.The program was graced with the presence of Hon. Nazarene Brewer-Tubman, Superintendent of Maryland County, District Commissioner Al-fred T. Thompson, Chiefs and Elders of surrounding towns and villages,and community based groups.With the celebration of diversity a key focus, Tubman University, has estab-lished a new deanship to lead the process of internationalizing the Univer-sity, while its diverse faculty individually bring their rich cultural and profes-sional backgrounds to the campus.According to Ms. Barbara Simmons, Dean for International Education atTubman University, International Education is defined in many ways butseveral elements are considered essential aspects of it. Among these are: 1)knowledge of other world regions and cultures; 2) familiarity with international and global issues; 3) skills in working effectively inglobal or cross-cultural environments, and in using information from different sources around the world; 4) ability to communi-cate in multiple languages; and 5) disposition towards respect and concern for other cultures and peoples.Dean Simmons said that it is her hope that TU will increasingly become a university which is immersed in providing its students,faculty, staff and surrounding community with the knowledge, experiences and skills to be effective global citizens with the aim ofcreating a process which causes students, faculty, staff, and the larger community to understand and experience global perspectives.This, she continued will provide entrepreneurial innovations through interdisciplinary programs that result in their being compe-tent global citizens as well as producing an internationalized campus and neighboring community.Speaking during the program, Hon. Nazarene Brewer-Tubman, Supt. of Maryland County urged Marylanders to focus more ontogetherness and also on common goals while appreciating the differences of their individual sub-groups.Hon. Alfred T. Thompson, District Commissioner of Harper City, for his part hoped that the essence and spirit of the celebrationtranscends the celebration of just another day and should have far reaching consequences for the development of the county andnation.Many inspirational speakers spoke during the ceremony, but one speaker will be well remembered for conveying the true pictureof the meaning of celebrating oneness. Dr. Anthony G. Dioh, TU’s Vice President for Students Affairs, in his presentation of theAllegory of the Colors symbolized the day to day individual and cultural struggle for supremacy and stressed how true supremacyonly comes about by the celebration of diversity and the honoring of differences.Making her remarks at the close of the ceremony, Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell cautioned Liberians to look at adaptation in orderto be able to live in harmonious existence. Dr. Davis-Russell said that it is her hope that Liberians move forward toward an intel-lectual and emotional engagement in understanding who they are, and how they deal with one another. She further urged every-one to respect other perspectives even though they may disagree with those perspectives.The International Celebration Committee had its first campus-wide activity which was a contest to select a theme for the interna-tional celebrations. Students, faculty, staff and administrators participated in the contest. The ICC selected the top three votegetters from the anonymous list of suggestions. The winners were: third place, Satta Gankpala (student); second place, KayibandaDoe (faculty); and first place, Barbara A. Simmons (administrator).Internationalization Comes to Tubman UniversityDean Barbara Simmons, J.DDean for International Education
  3. 3. Visiting Professor, Dr. SyrulwaSomah, Associate Professor atNorth Carolina Agricultural andTechnology State University(NCAT), delivered a dynamicpresentation on “EnvironmentalProtection and Safety” on Thurs-day, 17 January 2013, that pro-pelled participants to sign up forthe 18 scholastic slots allotted byNCA&T for an upcoming course.Participants had never heard suchelucidating information on theearth and the effects of man’s useof the earth and its resources asthey heard.As a visiting professor to TU, Dr.Somah’s task is to begin laying thefoundation for North CarolinaA&T University’s strong presencein Liberia, including conductingan assessment to determine howNCA&T Sate University fits intoTU instructional structures. Addi-tionally, he is to review TU’s envi-ronmental curriculum and otherprograms; establish a study abroadprogram, Distance Learning PilotProgram, and help TU take thelead in a possible Liberian Gov-ernment funded Occupational &Safety Curriculum for workforcetraining for the mining and petro-leum industries in Liberia. Futureprojects between NCA&T StateUniversity and Tubman Univer-sity, is to include holding of jointinternational conferences to en-able both universities faculty topresent their research; co-publications of textbooks andgrant proposals.While Dr. Somah’s initial trip isa fact finding trip, he is expectedto return in May of 2013.Another Visiting Professor, Dr.Natalie Porter, Professor at AlliantUniversity, arrived in January2013. Dr. Porter held a seminaron “Violence, Trauma and Peace-building on February 20, 2013and also facilitated a ResearchColloquium with faculty on Feb-ruary 22, 2013.Dr. Somah and Dr. Porter’s visitto Tubman University (TU) repre-sents the third in a series of Visit-ing Professors at Tubman Univer-sity. In February 2012, Dr. T.Edwin Freeman, Sr. Scientist fromthe Coca Cola Corporation, lec-tured on “Reduce, Reuse, Recy-cle” of plastics and byproducts, inthe context of TU’s Rubber Sci-ence and Technology Institutethat is scheduled to begin pro-grams later in the year.In May 2012, Dr. ChristineSundberg, Professor at the Univer-sity of Denver, taught a course on“Africa in Novel and Film” whichresulted in the participating stu-dents’ published book, “WhenElephants Fight”.The Visiting Professors programhighlights the University’s com-mitment to providing qualityeducational experiences that trans-form lives for worthy service.Page 3Volume II, Issue 3Visiting Professors at Tubman UniversityDr. Syrulwah Somah (second from left) in adiscussion with Deans and Directors of TubmanUniversityDr . Somah presenting a lecture onenvironmental friendlinessDr. Natalie PorterProfessor at Alliant UniversityThe Visiting Profes-sors program high-lights the University’scommitment to pro-viding quality educa-tional experiences thattransform lives forworthy service.
  4. 4. Page 4Associate Justices: Alfred K. Tarblah,Josiah Nagbe, O. Stompee Willie andBobby Zlahn (Committee on StudentsJudicial Affairs) and Mr. Cassius B.Cooper (Internal Auditor).Meanwhile, the Senate is expected toforward to the office of the Presidentthe list of those confirmed or denied.Appointments are still being made inthe SGA. The senate is expected tohold additional confirmation on Wed.February 20, 2013.The Senate of Tubman Univer-sity Student Government Associa-tion (SGA), held its confirmationhearing of appointed officers ofgovernment on Friday February15, 2013.The confirmation hearing is partof the duties and responsibilitiesof the Student Senate. The con-firmation was held in an openforum at the Students palaverhut, with a cross-section of stu-dents in attendance. The session,according to the Speaker of thestudent senate, was a special one,basically to confirm or deny ap-pointed officers based on their“qualifications; track records andtheir willingness to work”.Officials that appeared beforethe Senate for confirmation were:Mr. Emmanuel O. Hanson( Secretary General)Mr. James Wheder ( FinancialSecretary)Mr. John Kollie ( Chairman;committee on Technical Services)Mr. Henry Howe (Chairman;committee on Intellectual Dis-course)Mr. Ben K. Collins (Chairman;committee on Planning)Mr. Jonathan F. Kaydee(Chairman; Committee on WaysMeans and Finance)Mr. Karcee Kesselly & Mr. MayaKaikai (Chair & Co-chair; Com-mittee on Sports and Athletics)Going the extra mile in volunteerismThe Tubman University Vol-unteer Movement has em-barked on a bench project onthe campus of Tubman Uni-versity.According to the Chairman,Mr. Stephen Karly, Jr., “theproject is intended to bringup the spirit of volunteerismin students, thereby creatingoutdoor seating opportunitiesfor students and employees ofTubman University duringtheir lunch break. Mr. StevenKarly Jr. also underscored theneed for commitment to ser-vice .Meanwhile, Dr. Davis-Russelllauded the effort of the volun-teers on Saturday February 16,2013 when she stopped by toassess the initiative undertakenby the student volunteers.The benches are being builtaround strategic trees on cam-at the cost of $US 75.00 perTree.The bench project is the first in aseries of projects lined up to beundertaken by the Tubman Uni-versity Volunteer Movement(TUVM).From left to right: Hon Harris D.Sarweah (Speaker of the Sen-ate), Hon. Scearis Doe (DeputySpeaker), Hon. Emmanuel I.Kiawu (Dormitory Representa-Special points ofinterest:“ OFFICERS WILL BE CON-FIRMED OR DENIED BASED ONTHEIR QUALIFICATION; TRACKRECORDS AND THEIR WILLING-NESS TO WORK”.“THE PROJECT IS INTENDED TOBRING UP THE SPIRIT OFVOLUNTEERISM IN STUDENTS,THEREBY CREATING OUTDOORSEATING OPPORTUNITIES FORSTUDENTS AND EMPLOYEESDURING THEIR LEISURE TIME”.I N S I D E T H E S T U D E N T G OV E R N M E N TB Y : P R I N C E J . C . M O R R I SStudent Senate Holds Confirmation. What Next?Members of TUVM withDr. Davis RussellPartial view of the students confirmation
  5. 5. Page 5Volume II, Issue 3William V.S. Tubman University inducts Faculty SenateOfficers of the faculty Senate of William V.S. Tubman Uni-versity were inducted to a 2 year term of office on November27, 2012 in the academic complex of the university. Officersinducted were Dr. Nathaniel Gbessagee, President; Mr. Mel-ville Harding, Vice President and Mr. Kayibanda Doe (K.Doe), as General Secretary respectively. The 25 member’s fac-ulty senate representing each college of the university is to actas advocate and arbiter of faculty concerns as well as workingalongside the university administration on the issue of sharedgovernance.Dr. Gbessagee, in his induction speech thanked the faculty forthe support and maturity exhibited during the elections ofofficers of the faculty senate. He also thanked the Faculty senate steering committee for chairing thestate of affairs prior to the election. He promised the faculty that he will work hard to address theirconcerns in relation to academic, curriculum, course content and other issues with the university ad-ministration. He also called on the administration to open its arms to the faculty senate since indeedthe university is all about shared governance with the faculty senate in every aspect of the universityactivities. He outlined the below listed items to be top priority on his leadership agenda:Faculty lounge that will house recreation facility, offices, reading room etc.Reviewing & establishing faculty standing committeesFaculty survey to address faculty concernsDeveloping a standardized academic curriculum, course content, faculty hiring processReviewing university budgettextbooks, preparatory courses,university policies & procedures among others.In her remarks while inducting the officers-elect into office, the President of Tubman University,Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell called on the elected officers to work alongside the administration indeveloping and recommending continuous improvement ideas that will move the university for-ward. She mentioned that she was happy that the faculty senate was structured for the very firsttime and as such she called on the leadership to put in place those working committees that arevital to the smooth operations of the university. She also mentioned that the leadership shouldthink about including women on the leadership team as well as on other working committees ofthe faculty senate. She also thanked the faculty senate steering committee for working hard tobring a new leadership team into office.Dr. Nat GbessageePresident of the Faculty Senate
  6. 6. Page 6I firstly want to express exceptionalthanks and appreciation to Dr. Eliza-beth Davis-Russell and her dynamicteam for their efforts in making Tub-man University a Center of Qualityand Excellence.I must first commend the administra-tion for the level of competent facultybase in the six colleges of the univer-sity, most especially the colleges ofHealth Sciences and Technology.However, I wish to call on the univer-sity to organize student-based pro-grams so that students from the col-leges of Health Sciences andTechnology will be able to perform prac-tical before their internships.Furthermore, it is my wish that the uni-versity allows political, social and reli-gious debates on campus so as to pre-pare students who are interested in thatarea. This ,I believe ,will also encouragestudents to exchange ideas on the innerworkings of government and the chal-lenges in the Liberian political environ-ment.Finally, I want the university to increasethe computers in the computer lab toensure that students have access to themfor research and other purposes.Students Say-SoName: Omega AllisonMajor: EconomicsAmbition: EconomistThe College of Health Sciences on February15, 2013 celebrated Dental Health AwarenessDay. The awareness event began with a pres-entation on the importance of dental healthand dental screening facilitated by Major Dr.Muhammad Abzal, PAKMEDs Chief DentalSurgeon.According to Professor Iona Thomas-Connor,the central idea of the day was to raiseand tooth decay.A total of 87 participants includingfaculty, staff and students participatedin the Dental Screening exercise with 26being forwarded to the PAKMED Level 2Hospital in Harper for Dental treatment.awareness about the importance of oralhealth.During his presentation, Dr. MuhammadAbzal told participants that developinggood dental habits and scheduling regu-lar dental visits help individuals get agood start on a lifetime of healthy teethand gums. He also added that by adopt-ing healthy dental habits, individuals canfight plaque and prevent gum diseaseCollege of Health Sciences Celebrates Dental Health Awareness DayDr. Abzal delivering a presentation on Dental Health Dental Screening being performed on a participant
  7. 7. Page 7Volume II, Issue 3In an effort to strengthen Paki-stan-Liberia friendship, Engi-neers of UNMIL PakistaniBattalion (PAKBATT-17) as-signed in Harper, extendedtheir support to Tubman Uni-versity through a forty (40) daysseminar in various aspects ofField Placement & ExperientialLearning.The purpose of the seminar,according to Mr. Alexander B.Scere, Field Placement & Ser-vice Learning Officer of theCollege of Engineering &Technology, is to make partici-pants to understand the practi-cal manifestation of engineer-ing applications in present dayenvironment and to get aglimpse of the future in thefields of telecommunicationsand mechanical engineering.Speaking further, Mr. Sceresaid that it is anticipated thatthe seminar will help tobroaden the students engi-neering horizons that theyme be transformed and beable to avail themselves forworthy service once they stepin their professional careersThe facilitators of the semi-nar are: Major KhurranWaqar and Major ImranKhattak.Major Khurran presented onthe basic principles of auto-motive vehicles and bestworkshop practices, whileMajor khattak will be dis-cussing topics in telecommu-nications, Engineering andvolunteerism.The engineering seminar isthe second in a series oftraining sponsored by thePakistani Battalion at Tub-man University.It can be recalled that inNovember 2011, twenty em-ployees of Tubman Univer-sity participated in a one-daytraining in Cardio Pulmo-nary Resuscitation (CPR)sponsored by Dr. AssadKhan, Medical Specialist atthe Pakistani Level II Hospi-tal in Harper.The engineering seminar ispart of the Field Placementand Service Learning Pro-gram at Tubman Universityand is organized and coordi-nated by Mr. AlexanderBlotey Scere.Forty (40) Days Field Placement Seminar for Students of the College of Engineering & TechnologyStudents performing their practical during the training Major Khurran delivering a lecture at the seminar“The engineeringseminar is part ofthe Field Place-ment and ServiceLearning Programat Tubman Univer-sity”
  8. 8. Page 8The Department of AcademicSupport Services, one of thedivisions of the William VSTubman University, on De-cember 7 2012 donatedseven (7) desks, with seatingcapacity of three pupils each,to the East Harper Elemen-tary and Junior high Schoolas a Christmas Gift.According to the Administra-tive Assistant to the AssociateVice President for AcademicSupport Services, Mr.Stephen S. Browne, the deci-sion was reached at a regularstaff meeting. According tohim, each staff member ofthe division, which com-prised the offices of the AVPfor Academic Support Ser-vices, Academic Computing,Admissions, Office of theRegistrar, etc., made a per-sonal contribution towardsthis enterprise.Mr. Browne said the dona-tion was in line with the Uni-versity’s Core Values whichamong other things call forservice to the community.During the presentation Dr.Beaumont told the jubilantstudents that it was her Divi-sion’s way of sharing Christ-mas with them. She decriedthe appalling conditions stu-dents are going through toacquire basic primary educa-tion. Dr. Beaumont prom-ised the students that herdivision will continue toidentify with them and otherschools with similar needs.It has been observed thatmany of the elementaryschools in Harper and itsenvirons are poorly attendedwith some students sitting onthe bare floor and even oth-ers taking along stools fromhome to sit on due to low seat-ing capacity.Dr. Beaumont called on politi-cians and policy makers not toabandon the needs of the stu-dents who are expected to be-come future leaders of Liberia.For his part, Mr. Ambrose Nol-len, Principal of the EastHarper Elementary & JuniorHigh School, thanked Dr.Beaumont and her team fortheir gesture and called onother well meaning Liberians,government officials andNGO’s to emulate this exam-ple.Academic Support Services Donates to East Harper SchoolThe College of Arts & Sciences ofthe William V. S. Tubman Univer-sity is proud to introduce the pro-totype of the multi-purpose locallymade liquid soap, TU SPARKLE.TU Sparkle is conceived out of theneed to provide numerous users ofsoap with locally made qualityliquid soap that can wash deep,sparkle clean and leave behind asweet fragrance.Mrs. Olusola Dawodu, Lab.Technologist said that it hasbeen observed that most soapused in every day wash andlaundry in and around Harperand most especially the Tub-man University campus lacksthe ability to wash deep, thor-oughly and sparkling clean.Mrs. Dawodu contended thatend users complained thatthey are too gritty, hard, in-adequate foaming and so on;hence, it takes more energy,time and more quantity to geta clean wash. Moreover, it wasnoticeable that they are corro-sive, and harsh, non-ladyfriendly.Tubman University as part ofher corporate responsibilityservice to the community istherefore pleased to intro-duce TU SPARKLE. Thissoap is borne out of years oftraining and research. It istherefore both environmentaland human friendly.It protects your fingers; it is veryfoamy and washes deep. Hence,requires very little to wash more.It saves money, time and energy.It comes in two fragrances:lemon and strawberry that leavesa healthy fragrance behind longafter use. It is carefully preparedbearing in mind TU’s foremostmission to be a “caring commu-nity”.TU Sparkle (A brand new detergent Liquid Soap)Mrs. Olusola DawoduLab. TechnologistDr. Jennifer J. BeaumontAssociate Vice President forAcademic Support Services
  10. 10. Transformation for Worthy ServiceWilliam V.S. Tubman University History & FactsChartered: 14 September 2009Vision: TU aspires to be a center of quality and excellenceMission: Provide quality educational experiences that transform the livesof individuals for worthy service6 Colleges:Agriculture & Food SciencesArts & SciencesEducationEngineering &TechnologyHealth SciencesManagement & Public AdministrationWe’re on the web! Events:TU Times NewsletterFor inquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact:Rev. Rita Townsend, VPIA, or Mr. Ambrose T. WrehDivision for Institutional AdvancementWilliam V. S. Tubman UniversityEmail: !!TU Times is a quarterly Newsletter from the Division of Institutional Advancement of the William V. S. Tubman University.If you wish to discontinue receiving emailed copies of this Newsletter, please email to: