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  1. 1. Foreign Minister calls for More Budgetary Allotment to TU . The Foreign Minister of Liberia, H.E. Augustine Kphehe Ngafuan has called for continual financial support to the William V. S. Tubman Univer- sity. Delivering the keynote speech at the just-ended Career/Job Fair held on August 21,2013 at the University, the Foreign Minister said that ―government is getting the necessary bang for its bucks at Tubman Univer- sity, so let‘s continue to support the institution financially and otherwise so that the Agenda for Transforma- tion can take firmer roots at the insti- tution.‖ He told the administration, faculty and students, as well as corpo- rate executives and local government officials congregated at the Job Fair, that his presence at Tubman Univer- sity brings him personal joy because as then Minister of Finance they (government) started to take the giant and bold steps to reopen the institution. Speaking of the be- ginning days of the of University Hon. Ngafuan said that due to the depth of destruction that even- tually caused closure of the Institu- tion when it was the College of Technology during the Liberian Civil War, some described the opening of the University in 2009 as a risky concept to dedicate government money to an institu- tion located in a remote and far away region. He then continued, ―…like a deep leap of faith and with the support of The President, H.E. Madame Ellen Johnson Sir- leaf, the Maryland Legislative Cau- cus and other important stake- holders, seed money for the open- ing of the institution was provided through the national budget.‖ In the midst of battle cries and a roaring round of applause, the Foreign Minister and Dean of the Cabinet told his addressees “from the level of transformation I see on this campus, I can boldly and loudly proclaim that the Administration of this insti- tution has more than justi- fied whatever funds that have been provided for the operation of this institution and are deserving of more Government support.” He then lifted a special thanks to the President of the Univer- sity, Dr. Elizabeth Davis- Russell and many other ad- ministrators and faculty mem- bers who left their comfort of high-paying jobs in the United States to come to this remote part of Liberia in patriotic quest to spread the light of education to some young men and women of Maryland County, River Gee County, Grand Gedeh County, or Liberia and the world. This, he said, is patri- otism, selflessness, and dedi- cation to humanity par excel- lence. Volume II, Issue 6 Inside This Issue  Foreign Minister calls for More Budgetary Allotment to TU  Kwazaye Wameker Takes TU To Havard Conference  Ambassador Barnes & Hon. Vohiri speak at TU’s Speakers’ Bureau  Keynote Speaker Urges Students To Keep Steady  TUSDI Gives TU A Facelift  College of Health Sciences Joins Others In Fundraiser  Student Clubs & Activities Holds Intellectual Debate  TU Phoenix Flies In LFA Tournament  Students Say-So  Tubman University Ode  TU Phoenix Flies In LFA Tournament Volume II, Issue 6 Transformation for Worthy Service H.E. Augustine Kphehe Ngafuan
  2. 2. February 13, 2014 was an historic day. On that day, Kwazaye Wameker (KW) began his representation as the inaugural (first) William V.S. Tubman University delegate to the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUM) Conference. The Con- ference lasted through February 16, 2014. This year marked the Sixtieth Session of the HNMUM. The goal of the HNMUN is to recreate the spirit of diplomacy upon which the United Nations was founded. The Harvard National Model United Nations represents itself as the oldest, largest, and most diverse student-run Model United Nations conference in the world. Participants in the Conference engage in activities similar to those in which UN delegates are involved. Both at the UN and at the Confer- ence, delegates work to convince others to support their positions on various issues in order to get resolutions adopted. In his role as delegate, Kwazaye Wameker represented TU in a manner which makes us all proud. But how did TU gain entrance to this prestigious program? On his own initiative, Kwazaye Wameker, a final year College of Engineering and Technology student, successfully applied to have Tubman University accepted to participate in the Conference. He actually obtained Tubman‘s acceptance a year ago but insufficient funding made participation impossible. Harvard granted TU permission to participate this year but funding was still an issue. Through the Division of Institutional Advancement, the situation was brought to the attention of Barbara A. Simmons, J.D., Dean of International Education, who was determined not to let the efforts of the student go unrewarded. After presenting the situation to others, the following persons answered the call for help. Contributors were: Dean Simmons, Dr. R. Deborah Davis, Mr. Gerald Cooper (WVSTU Board Member), Dr. Davis-Russell, Professor Iona Thomas-Connor, Dr. Richard Nisbett, Profes- sors Patricia and Robert Jones, Dean Gerald Coleman and Dr. Florence Chenoweth (Minister of Agriculture). These contribu- tions were supplemented by funds which were raised during International Education events last year. Kwazaye expresses his deepest gratitude to all who made the trip possible. According to Dean Simmons, those who contributed can be assured that their investment in KwazayeWameker is an investment which will contribute to the cadre of future Liberian leaders who are grounded in honesty, commitment to others and dedication to the highest principles of public service. Serving in the role of faculty advisor to the Harvard National Model United Nations, Dean Simmons worked with Mr. Wameker to review the posi- tion papers he was required to submit prior to the Conference. He was selected to represent Dominica Continue on page 3 Page 2 Volume II, Issue 6 Kwazaye Wameker Takes TU To Harvard Conference
  3. 3. Page 3 Volume II, Issue 6 “International Education is honored to have contributed to the grooming of a future Libe- rian leader and looks forward to assisting more students as they become world citizens”. Dean Babarra Simmons , JD Based on documents he reviewed pertaining to that country, he wrote position papers which incor- porated the likely views of that country. Dean Simmons welcomed Mr. Wameker at the airport in Boston and accompanied him to the sessions of the Conference for the first two days. While at the Conference, she and Mr. Wameker sent appreciation messages to United Nations Peace Keep- ers. This may become a project of the International Society which is being formed. Dean Simmons was able to observe KW and the proceedings. In the delegation room, he sat in a section with the ―Dominca‖ sign which he had to raise in order to address the group. He was assigned to the His- torical General Assembly which focused on a number of issues resulting in a position paper. Mr. Wameker was recognized to speak before the Assembly multiple times during the Conference. During those times, he effectively expressed the position of Dominica. The Conference had over 73 countries represented. Liberia was represented by a U.S. University. Other African students included a university from Kenya which had 24 student delegates while a Ghanaian university brought 6 students. Kwayzaye was revered by the others because he had the courage to be the sole representative for his University. It was also learned that there is an African Model UN. This year it takes place in March. International Education will be reviewing the viabil- ity of having students participate in this and other opportunities abroad. Kwazaye Wameker says this was a life-changing experience which he will carry with him always. He has made contacts that will last him a lifetime. Also, the initiative he took in bringing William V.S. Tubman University to the 2014 Harvard National Model United Nations has resulted in his being hired to represent a company in the U.S. in Liberia. This was arranged by Mr. Gerald Cooper a generous contributor to Mr. Wameker‘s travel expenses and now, he has connected him to a U.S. employer. Mr. Wame- ker will share his experience with the TU community at 12:30 pm on March 5th in the Academic Complex Gallery. This will be the one of the pre-launching activities of the International Society. International Education is honored to have contributed to the grooming of a future Liberian leader and looks forward to assisting more students as they become world citizens.
  4. 4. Page 4 Volume II, Issue 6 Ambassador Barnes and Hon. Vohiri Speak at TU’s Speakers’ Bureau Ambassador Nathaniel Barnes and Hon. Vohiri were guests of the Tubman University‘s prestigious and intellectual Speakers‘ Bureau on November 28, 2013 and December 6, 2013 respectively. Speaking on the topic ―Advanced Considerations in Foreign Policy‖, Ambassador Barnes said that within the concept of global- ization, Liberia‘s foreign policy should be focused in four strategic areas, namely strategic geopolitical considerations, domestic/ national agenda, global dynamics, and critical strategic considerations as areas where Liberia could advance its foreign policy. Speaking of the Liberia‘s strategic geopolitical location, Ambassador Barnes highlighted the need for Liberia to package solid policies and laws with the fundamental goal of making positive impact on the lives of Liberians. With oil on the horizon, he said that Liberia should join the global fight against piracy and terrorism. He also said that in order for Liberia to be globally competent, there is a need to build its human capital. Investment should be made in higher education and vocational training and teachers should be paid higher than a minister of government or legisla- tors. Speaking about religion, he said that though Christianity and Islam have been tolerant in Liberia, there is a need to look at the commonalities and extreme groups within these religions. Making a SWOT analysis on Liberia, he then asked the questions ―who are Liberia‘s allies? ―The Chinese or Americans? How does this serve the interest of Liberia?‖ In conclusion, Ambassador Barnes underscored the need for Liberia to use its current global influence as chip for bargaining. These questions then set the pace for discussion between Ambassador Barnes and the listening audience. Speaking at the Speakers‘ Bureau on December 6, 2013, the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Hon. Anyaa Vohiri told her audience that Liberian EPA is the principal authority for implementing the national environmental policy and sustainable management law for the protection of natural resources in Liberia. She said that entity was established in 2003 under the EPA ACT. She continued, ―the Environmental Protection Agency Act (EPA Act) and the Environmental Protection and Management Law (EPML) provide the legal framework for the EPA and give the agency its enforcement powers.‖ As a regulatory agency in charge of ensuring protection of the environment and Liberia‘s natural resources, she said that the Agency continues to work closely with other government ministries and fosters cooperation with the private sector to ensure compliance with environmental laws of Liberia. She told the students, faculty and staff at the Speakers‘ Bureau that during her tenure, in 2011 her administration began a re- structuring process of the various departments of the Agency. This process deemed it prudent to re-classify EPA personnel ac- cording to the newly instituted Professional Grading System (PGS). The PGS she said resulted in right-sizing personnel to ensure that employees were placed in the proper positions according to their specific qualifications and experience. Following the re- organization she disclosed that the EPA now has five departments (Administration, Planning and Policy, Inter-sectorial, Compli- ance and enforcement and Finance) and one stand-alone unit (MEAs). The Speakers‘ Bureau is designed to bring to the University and the community qualified speakers with a message of relevance to provoke a positive. Continue on page 5
  5. 5. Page 5 Volume II, Issue 6 Hon. Anyaa Vohiri Executive Director of the Environ- mental Protection Agency (EPA), Ambassador Nathaniel Barnes Eminent Citizen of Liberia To become a guest at TU‘s Speakers‘ Bureau please contact publicrelations@tubmanu.edu.lr or by calling Solo O. Gaye at +231 886 709 726. Audience at the Speakers‘ Bureau
  6. 6. The keynote speaker of the first Career/Job Fair held on February 21, 2014 at the William V.S. Tubman University, Foreign Minis- ter, Hon. Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan urged students to keep their eyes on their goals, objectives and dreams. He said success is a combination of handwork, hard preparedness in dominated courage mixed with the grace of God. In reference to the biblical story of Peter who kept his eyes fixed on Jesus while walking on the water, the keynote speaker said the moral of the story is that no mat- ter one‘s circumstances, no matter the difficulty of today or tomorrow, one should keep his or her eyes on his or her dream. ―If your dream is to be a medical doctor, or a pilot, or a Minister of Foreign Affairs, or the Governor of a the Central Bank, or a future President of Tubman University, keep focused on that dream regardless whether you are going to bed today with an empty stom- ach‖,. Speaking of national interest, Foreign Minister Ngafuan cautioned students never to put personal interest above national interest. ―… We cannot afford to log out Liberia; we cannot afford to become indifferent to the future of our country. A good fu- ture for Liberia will most likely lead to a good future for Liberians. So we should never pursue our personal ambition or objectives to the detriment of national ambition. We should make our dreams and our visions to be in sync with the national vision-a vision for national development and prosperity, a vision for peace and security within our border and sub-region and in our world‖, he stated. Classifying time as the most valuable wealth for students, the keynote speaker said that one of the advantages of being young is your future is still ahead. ―It is an advantage of being young because you have not reached the point where you would reminisce on the past and, as reflected in Robert Frost‘s famous poem ―Regret the Road Not Taken‖. ―In your ledger of life there has not been much debiting and crediting done yet. Time is your greatest asset which you must not squander‖ he concluded. Also speaking at the Career/Job Fair, Dr. Laurence K. Bropleh, Corporate Executive of Lonestar Cell MTN urged students to choose their careers based on what he described as ‗contextual relevance‘, he then noted that job opportunities in Liberia of today and tomorrow are opening up more in the technical areas, so students who take the emerging trend in the job market into consid- eration will be giving themselves a significant advantage. For her part, the Vice President of Academic Affair and Acting President, Dr. Elizabeth E.Q. Carbajosa said that the University is producing new breed of graduates that are not only degree holders but graduates that are employable. ―We are producing a new breed of graduates who are intelligent, competent, and passionate in their chosen career. We have ensured that they will be mar- ketable graduates because we designed competency-based curriculum reflective of the needs of the industries and responsive to the sentiments of the Liberian people‖, she said. Dr. Carbajosa then added that she was proud of the 4 years of existence of the Univer- sity and that the University will soon let out students from the cocoon who have wings and ready to fly to their dreams. Dr. Carba- josa also assured the Cooperate Executives and other employers that the products of TU are ready and are of real substance with rich experiential and service learning. She then told students not be mere students but Tubmanites, soon to graduate and soon to be hired because the University is successfully providing knowledge, skills, and quality experience that will transform them( stu- dents) into new men and women who need to serve not only their employers but humanity. ―I shall not say good luck my dear stu- dents, but I say, may you find the right and the most fitting work place for your character and skills, you have not graduated yet but we in this University are already shinning with pride and honor for what you will become‖, she concluded. Page 4 Volume II, Issue 6 Keynote Speaker Urges Students to Keep Steady
  7. 7. Page 7 Volume II, Issue 6 Mr. Benoni Tarr Grimes , Director of Career Planning Hon. Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Liberia CRC, GVL, & LONESTAR CELL Executives at the Program Rev. Dr. Anthony Dioh Vice President for Student Affairs/W.V.S.T.U Dr. Elizabeth E. Q. Carbajosa Vice President for Academic Affairs/W.V.S.T.U Students and Guest interacting with a repre- sentative of Lone Star Cell at the program Student interacting with representatives of Institutions at the Fair Students and Faculty of TU at the Program A cross section of participants at the Career Day fair
  8. 8. Page 8 Volume II, Issue 6 The Tubman University student Development Initiative ( TUSDI) has given the campus a facelift for the year 2014. The organization which is headed by its Executive Director Stu- dent Prince J.C. Morris on the 23 and 24 of December 2013 undertook a massive paint- ing exercise on campus. According to our correspondent, the students painted the fence, the entrance gates and other facilities at the cost of $300 USD. Mr. Morris disclosed that the funding for the project was raised amongst students in the spirit of volunteerism. He also invited other students to become members of TUSDI. ―As we strive to achieve higher education, let us commit ourselves to volunteerism that will lead us to becoming true leaders to build our country Liberia ―, Mr. Morris empha- sized in an interview with our correspondent. Stunned by surprise and impressed with the level of Volunteerism by TUSDI, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement Rev. Rita Townsend said ―I have never seen Tubman University Students doing this before.‖ The main focus of TUSDI includes environmental protection, development, community outreach and sports. The organization was established in 2010 currently has 50 registered members in all colleges of the University. In November 2013, the organization embarked on cleaning the drainage near the Academic Annex. TUSDI Gives TU a Facelift ―As we strive to achieve higher educa- tion, let us commit ourselves to volunteer- ism that will lead us to becoming true leaders to build our country Liberia ―, Mr. Prince Morris TUSDI At Work Rev. TownsendpPoses with members of TUSDI Mr. Prince Morris
  9. 9. College of Health Sciences Joins Others In Fundraiser Page 9 Volume II, Issue 6 The College of Health Sciences of the William V.S. Tubman University in collaboration with the Friends if JJ Dossen Hospital hosted a free concert/fundraiser at the Harper City Hall in the quest to raise $10,000.00USD for the hospital. The concert/ fundraiser which was held on February 11,2014, brought together market, women, staff of JJ Dossen Hospital, as well as Tubman University's Staff and Faculty and the community of Harper at large. According to the Chairperson of the organizing committee, Professor Iona Thomas–Connor, the fundraiser was the beginning of several fundraising events which will be held by the group. She added that the funds raised will be used to complement the efforts of national government in providing good hygiene and nutritional needs at the hospital. She told our reporter, ―JJ Dossen Hospi- tal is the only hospital, the one that must take care of those who reside in Maryland County; it requires our immediate and ongo- ing support for its nutrition program, and to maintain the facility in sanitary and environmentally health condition.‖ To meet these needs, the Friends of JJ Dossen, the William V.S. Tubman University College of Health Sciences , and the County Health Team invited Madam Miatta Fuhnbullah, Liberia‘s Goodwill Ambassador for Maternal and Child Health to launch the first of many fundraising activities in a free concert. Speaking at the concert, Madam Fahnbulleh said that she was happy to be in her maternal home for the first time and pledged her continual support in any activity that will enable the organizing committee achieve its goal. For her part, Dr. Odel Kumeh, County Health Officer of Maryland County thanked the organizers and said that she was very much happy to see members of the community take a bold step in complimenting the efforts of national government. Professor Iona Thomas–Connor in a statement told our correspondent that the community can no longer afford to look away from the health condition in the County. She continued, ― we find ourselves at a point in our lives when we are quite aware of the realities of healthcare in Maryland County which requires our immediate and ongoing support.‖ She then revealed that the com- mittee was able to raise the total amount of $3,000.00 USD in both pledges and cash. The JJ Dosen Hospital is the only referral hospital in Maryland and Grand Kru Counties. Senator Ballout of Maryland poses with Madam Miatta Fahnbulleh after the fundraiser Dr. Lucky O. Ehigiator Dean of the College of Health Sciences speaking at the program
  10. 10. Page 10 Volume II, Issue 6 Mr. Thomas N. Williams Director, Student Clubs & Activities The Office of Student Clubs & Activities in partnership with the Student Government Association (SGA) of Tubman University held its first intellectual debate on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at the Student Palava Hut under the theme ―Awakening students‘ consciousness for society building‖. The first topic which asks ―Should there be 30% female representation in the National Legislature (House of Representative & Senate) of the Republic of Liberia as proposed?‖ was debated by six stu- dents from the Engineering, Management & Administration, Agriculture & Food Sciences and Edu- cation colleges. The teams (pros and cons) debate was guided by a student moderator and a panel of judges consisting of three, namely: Dr. Elliott Wreh-Wilson - Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Nathaniel Gbassagee – President, Faculty Senate, and Mrs. Patricia Jones – Faculty, College of Edu- cation. The judges provided the outcome of the debate based on the indicated categories of evalua- tion: organization, comprehension/use of factual information, delivery, use of grammar and appro- priate diction, and rebuttal. The ―Pros‖ headed by student Stephen Karly obtained fifty-one (51) points while the ―Cons‖ headed by student James H. Wheeder obtained forty-three (43) points respectively from the men- tioned categories designed by the panel of judges thereby declaring ―Pros‖ as a team winner of the debate based on the points earned. Participants did not get cash prizes, but were promised certifi- cates at a later date. Meanwhile, the Director of Student Clubs & Activities, Mr. Thomas N. Wil- liams thanked the participants, audience and the panel of judges for their contributions to the pro- gram and emphasized that students should take advantage of the opportunities that extra-curricular activities offered. Additionally, he declared that there are more events/activities coming up for students ranging from symposiums, workshops/ trainings, etc., before semester II, AY 2013/2014 expires. He also told TU Times that the planned Miss TU pageant under the theme ―Beauty with purpose emanating from aca- demic excellence”, is slated for Friday, April 25, 2014 at the Harper City Hall, but was quick to note that there are challenges in the recruitment process of contestants/representatives from the various colleges since it is perceived to be expensive. However, he promised to work along with the pageant committee headed by Ms. Janice W. George (Queen emeritus) to ensure the success of the event. Student Clubs & Activities Holds Intellectual Debate From left-right shows the pro team headed by Steven M. Karly, Jr., and the panel of judges Audience at the debate session focused atten- tively.
  11. 11. Page 11 Volume II, Issue 6 TU Phoenix Flies In LFA Tournament The William V. S. Tubman University (TU) male soccer team (Phoenix) topped Zone Two (2) in the just ended first round of the inter-university tournament played in Sanniquellie, Nimba County from January 16, to 18th , 2014.The tournament which was organized by the Academicals Committee of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) is aimed at bringing higher institutions to- gether to compete through sports. TU Phoenix was placed in Zone Two (2) along with African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), Cuttington University (CU), and the African Bible College University (ABCU). During the tournament, TU defeated AMEU by one goal to zero, held a draw with CU, and unmercifully defeated ABCU two goals to zero. Currently, TU Phoenix is topping Zone Two (2) with seven points and four goals. The team is scheduled to play the runner-up from Zone One (1) in a semi final match at the end of the quali- fying rounds in Monrovia. Phase two (2) of the tournament begins in Monrovia after the comple- tion of the Zone one (1) games scheduled to begin from January 18, to 20, 2014. The tournament resumes February 27, 2014 through March 1, 2014 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia. Tubman University delegation to the tournament is headed by Mr. David H. Erskine, Director for Athletics & Recreation, and Male Soccer Team Coach Emmanuel E. Baffoe. Other student officials include Team Manager, Amos T. Karwell, Medic Emmanuel Dob- boe, and student representative Karcee T. Kerzelee. A total number of twenty-five (25) student athletes were selected from across colleges to make the team. Meanwhile, Director Erskine extended thanks and appreciation to the support given to the team. He called for more support as the team prepares for the semi-final and possible final games in Monrovia. TU Phoenix participated in the first tournament to be organized by the LFA in 2011, came fourth in the competition and named the Most Discipline team of the tournament.
  12. 12. Page 12 Volume II, Issue 6 ―Hunted by the bitter memories of the 14 year civil war, and wasted my precious years, I am determined to achieve higher education to help rebuild Liberia. On Saturday, April 27, 2013, I was one of the 148 young Liberians who graduated from the Grand Bassa Com- munity College (GBCC) in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County with an Associate of Arts De- gree in Mass Communication. With the cumulative grade point average from GBCC of 3.230, and a vision of positive change, in August 2013, I matriculated at the William V.S. Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County, where I was a transfer stu- dent in the College of Education, majoring in secondary education with emphasis in Eng- lish. I was accepted under a scholarship program of the Ministry of Education which covers tuition, housing and meals. Since I was admitted on August 26, 2013, the Ministry of Education has allegedly reneged on its scholarship which places me in a severe condition in Harper. Ad- ditionally, on December 4, 2013, I received a letter from the University that I will be obliged to start paying for my college expenses from semester I , 2014/2015 academic year if the Ministry of Education fails to clear up its arrears with the University. With a poor family background and one of the very few college graduates in my community, this poses a great challenge to me. Having slept on the porch of one Mr. Jerry Daye and many nights, gone to bed without food when I first arrived in Harper to attend the University, I will continue to strive to graduate from the Tubman University and push ahead to my Master. Though temporarily I am staying at the dormi- tory, I will not leave Harper City without achieving a Bachelor Degree. You can help make my dream come true for a better Liberia. Sun or rain, health or sickness, I will overcome some days‖. ―I WILL NOT LEAVE WITHOUT A BACHELOR DEGREE‖ Students Say-So Name: Amos F. Gibson College of Education Ambition: Journalist
  14. 14. Transformation for Worthy Service William V.S. Tubman University History & Facts Chartered: 14 September 2009 Vision: TU aspires to be a center of quality and excellence Mission: Provide quality educational experiences that transform the lives of individuals for worthy service  TU has 6 Colleges:  Agriculture & Food Sciences  Arts & Sciences  Education  Engineering &Technology  Health Sciences  Management & Public Administration We’re on the web! www.tubmanu.edu.lr Upcoming Events:  01 March 2014 Film Show , Academic Gallery, TU Campus, 6:30 pm  05 March 2014 Presentation by Kazaye Wameker, Academic Gallery 12:30-1:30 pm  06 March 2014 Great Books Project , Student Palava Hut, 2:00pm-4:00pm  09—13March 2014 Ebrary participants will visit TU including architectural students from Howard, Morgan and Tuskegee Universities Collaboration Initiative Launch  12 March 2014 Architectural Students‘ TU Ebrary Presentations, Academic Gallery, 12:00pm  14 March2014 Annual International Film Festival , Academic Gallery, 6:30 pm  June 2014 Graduation Ceremonies TU Times Newsletter For inquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact: Rev. Rita Townsend, VPIA, or Mr. Solo Otto Gaye Division for Institutional Advancement William V. S. Tubman University Email: rtownsend@tubmanu.edu.lr sgaye@tubmanu.edu.lr publicrelations@tubmanu.edu.lr Disclaimer !! TU Times is a monthly Newsletter from the Division of Institutional Advancement of the William V. S. Tubman University. If you wish to discontinue receiving emailed copies of this Newsletter, please email to: publicrelations@tubmanu.edu.lr or sgaye@tubmanu.edu.lr